2020 Business Intelligence Summit

Embracing BI as an integral part of business success

30 - 31 Mar 2020Heritage, Auckland
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separately bookable workshops
Setting up a data-driven business strategy
Wednesday, 1 April 2020 | 9:00-12:30 | Auckland CBD

Acquire in-depth knowledge on how to formulate and adhere to your unique data-driven strategy. Strategic planning is of high importance in order to allocate your resources efficiently and achieving your goals within the set time frame. 

  • Obtaining a clear understanding of complex interrelations between processes, decisions and data 
  • Correct prioritisation and selection of processes and decisions that can be automated 
  • Understanding and applying an individualised metric tree around your business model 
  • Looking into the skills and resources needed: Leadership, Training, Change Management 
  • Learning to set up your KPIs based on data-driven decisions 
  • Managing how to trace the data origins of data-driven decisions 
  • Aligning your IT procedures with your business strategies and vision

Tristin King



Kowhai – Contract Project Lead

TANZ eCampus

Tristin believes that technology teams (be they permanent or project teams) are frequently guilty of losing sight of why they exist and also, what is the value (to the business) of the service they provide. In a business context, the technology unit does not exist to be a gatekeeper, nor does it exist to wrap layers of automation around “broken” processes. He thinks for a technology unit to be successful it must: -Understand not only what the business does but why they do it -Provide a right-size level of governance that facilitates delivery of business objectives without hindrance -Have a strategic vision with a horizon more distant than the business itself, IT must anticipate and not react -Be built on a foundation of like-minded and business-focused individuals with a common set of goals and values -Communicate with the business in a language that the business understands, IT facilitates business decisions but should not make decisions for the business. Tristin builds teams around the above in order to ensure successful delivery of key technology initiatives and transformation.

How to design and build an effective dashboard in a day
Wednesday, 1 April 2020 | 13:30-17:00 | Auckland CBD

Dashboards are essential tools for interactive communication as well as for visualising business-relevant data. In this workshop, you will learn the most recent trends, challenges, fundamentals and best practices to design your dashboard.

  • How to retrieve & visualise unobvious data and to decide on the most relevant data for end user
  • Understanding the features of different visualisation types and subsequently conclude the most suitable type
  • Exploring ways of designing dashboards to enhance overall communication of information
  • Establishing a dashboard that is self-servicing
  • Ensuring that the built dashboard is showing useful and business-critical data

Kitty Ling

Senior Manager Analytics Transformation

Woolworths NZ

Kitty Ling is a passionate and customer focused retailer specialising in retail analytics and business enablement. She has a blend of experiences in all business functions from Buy, Move to Sell and strategy development. Her current role in Woolworths NZ involves developing and leading the Analytics Transformation Roadmap to support capability build, driving end to end business decisions by embedding analytics products and toolkits. She also leads the Master Data enablement functions and Woolworths attribute strategy. Kitty’s expertise includes leading the business through change and transformation to new technologies, unlocking values by embedding new toolkits and analytics products into the business core trading rhythm. Process improvement and efficiency gain through the optimisation of analytics and insights. She has a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Accounting and Operation Management from the University of Auckland.

Roopali Dhingra

Business Insights Analyst

Woolworths NZ

Roopali Dhingra, Business Insights Analyst for Woolworths NZ, with an experience of over 7 years as an analyst across different industries. She has been involved with analysis and insights for planning and strategy departments to help the business make effective decisions. Her roles involved a lot of insights, reporting and dashboarding. She initially started with different tools for reporting and insights however, dashboarding involved excel for her 7 years ago and now after all these years she is working with multiple Business Intelligence tools to make dashboards and reports that gives the business a visibility of their key performance indicators. She started off as an analyst with a consulting firm catering to various multinational banks, insurance and retail companies. Prior to joining Woolworths, she has worked with companies like American Express, Honda and briefly with Foodstuffs. Roopali holds a Bachelor’s Degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management with key subjects as Computers, Management Accounting and Statistics.

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