2019 National Health & Safety Leaders’ Summit

The Future of Health and Safety: Leadership, Culture and Innovation

Event Details

The National Health & Safety Leaders’ Summit returns as the premiere event at Safety 360, bringing together New Zealand’s health and safety leaders from throughout the country to discuss culture, case studies and innovation to ensure best practice leadership and engagement.

Featuring international keynotes from innovative safety leaders delivering inspiration and insight, this is THE event for safety leaders throughout the country.

Get insight into:

  • Proactive health and safety strategy
  • Safety II and staff engagement
  • Risk, relationships and resourcing
  • Case studies of health and safety leadership in high risk industries
  • Safety throughout the supply chain
  • Developing a strategy for managing long term illness
  • The future of work and implications for the safety leader


  • CEOs, Directors and Managing Directors 
  • National HSE/HS/HSEQ Managers 
  • GM of Risk 
  • Operations Managers 
  • People and Culture Managers 
  • Regional and Functional Leads 
  • GM, Director of H&S 
  • H&S Managers 

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