2019 Marketing to the Rural Sector Australia

Reaching and influencing the decision makers to drive stronger engagement and increase market share in the rural sector

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Opening remarks from the Chair
Adam Arndell, Co-founder and Director , C7EVEN Communications
The lay of the Land

Building an understanding of the current challenges and next steps for rural Australia

  • Exploring commodity prices, economic indicators, consumption trends
  • Building connections between technological advancements in the industry and opportunity for rural marketers
  • Understanding communities preparing for drought and climate change. Supporting current rural challenges with marketing opportunities
Robert Poole, Partner; National Lead Agribusiness – Management Consulting, KPMG
Big Bank Case Study: Helping communities to change and grow

Explore a case study around how a Big Bank became THE bank for rural and regional Australia

  • The importance of acknowledging rural opportunities through your marketing strategy
  • Building collaborations with communities to value add and build relationships
  • Building content ‘for farmers’ and ‘for everyone’
Brock Pinner, Head of Marketing , Rural Bank, a division of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Morning break
Agronomists intuitions and influence: Interactive panel discussion

Understand and learn to leverage the power and influence of agronomists on the buying behaviour of the rural sector. This interactive panel discussion builds on your understanding, whilst giving you practical behind the scenes tips!

Larissa Hofstede, Agronomist, Coolmore Stud
Peter Yelland, Director and Consulting Agronomist, PY AG
Stephen Wentworth, Principal Consultant, Feeding the Future
It’s everyone’s problem! The importance of positive communications in tough times

How can we build drought resilience and positivity through our industry marketing?

  • Building your brand through inspiration and motivational messages when faced with a sector wide challenge
  • Driving loyalty and encouraging consumer interaction
  • Exploring the psychology behind inspirational marketing
  • Managing the mainstream media’s mixed messages: “It’s not all doom and gloom!”
Dean Kinlyside, Communications Manager, Delta Agribusiness
Table talk: What are the challenges marketers in agribusiness are facing in the current landscape?
Lunch break
Case study: Driving growth in regional Australia | Optus
  • Understanding your Customer: Segmenting based on Demographics, buying behaviour and product choices
  • Creating Compelling Propositions: Using competitive intelligence and data analytics to understand customer needs
  • Effectively marketing your brand: Using alternate marketing medium to reach geographically dispersed audience
  • Building customer loyalty: Learning from new customers and rewarding existing customers to drive growth
  • Staying agile: Tracking sales and revenue performance to seek trends that inform necessary pivots


Parag Pajwani, Director, Sales Planning and Performance (Non-Metro Markets), Optus
Leveraging Big Data: Data as a catalyst for modern day marketing

Consumers connect with brands across multiple platforms, leverage your data to deliver personalised messages.

  • Embracing data-centric marketing tools to ensure success in a hyper-competitive global economy
  • Minimizing technical complexities, to create an environment that supports greater data integration
  • Finding the right balance of data and creativity to capture, inspire and convert audiences
Kshira Saagar, Director of Data Science and Analytics, The Iconic & Global Fashion Group
Table talk: Discuss the growth opportunities that are available due to technology for agribusinesses
Afternoon break
From early adopters to frustrated farmers: Building rural relationships through your marketing and technology

Hear how best to connect and build relationships from a Grazier and Co-Founder of this is Aus Ag

  • Staying ahead of the omni-channel curve and aiding in the acceleration of technology adoption
  • Using your marketing strategy and tools to ensure digital adoption through your consumer base
  • Giving more than you receive: providing information and insights, along with innovative products and services
Tamara Hogan, Creative Director, Cockatoo House
Tegan Hogan-Smith, Co-Founder & Grazier (Beef Industry), This is Aus Ag (A National Farmers Federation Talking 2030 Leaders Program Initiative) & Board Member, Food & Agribusiness G21 Region
Case Study: Parma for a farmer

Exploring a community outreach marketing strategy to leverage brand loyalty

Georgina Bullock, Events and Fundraising Manager, Rural Aid
Summary remarks from the Chair & networking drinks
Adam Arndell, Co-founder and Director , C7EVEN Communications
Welcome back from the Chair
Adam Arndell, Co-founder and Director , C7EVEN Communications
Destination Rural: New research to shape the way we attract key audiences to the farm gate

If you want people to buy, visit, move to or actively support rural organisations, then you have to know how to capture the attention of audiences in rural, regional and urban areas. This presentation will release new research insights into ways to engage two key audiences – young people and international students – in rural careers and destinations.

  • Snapshot of what makes rural destination marketing effective
  • What makes people visit and stay in rural areas as opposed to regional?
  • What drives people, and how can we engage them to study and work in rural areas?
Tim Winkler, Director, TWIG Marketing
Understanding and utilising the psychology of an industry under extreme pressure

Increasing your marketing power, by understanding not only the customer, but what they are going through

  • Client-centred strategic planning for an industry affected by drought
  • What is the essential basic unit of your customer? What does your customer see as important?
  • How does your customer see you?
  • The need to meet customer needs first
  • The crucial, obvious missing linke that no one else can see
  • Building an understanding of the right message through psychology
  • Identifying customer emotions and behaviours to help shape customer strategy
Guy Vicars, Psychotherapist & Consultant, Former Board Member; NSW Farmers Rural & Remote Mental Health Network; Delegate to the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA); past President Australian College of Relationship Counsellors (ACRC)
Morning break
Avoiding the activism rabbit hole

An interactive learning session!
Activism is just part of life for many rural businesses – agriculture, mining, manufacturing – none of them are immune. For a long time the standard approach was to ignore the activists and wait till they went away; avoid pouring fuel on the flames. Lately there’s been a shift towards getting out in front.

  • How do you do that without letting activists set the agenda?
  • How do you avoid being dragged in whichever direction activists want to take you?
  • Plus bonus mini-case study: From media storm to promoting your own messages:

See how The Australian Meat Industry Council leveraged an opportunity from vegan activists in Melbourne who broke into farms and processing facilities across the country, stopping traffic in Melbourne; to talk about its own messages

Sue Hardman, Managing Director, Hardman Communications
Kendi Burness-Cowan, Strategy and Content Director, Hardman Communications
Farmer’s Insights: Ensuring the gate stays open

Back by popular demand, this year’s Farmer’s Insights Panel is an opportunity to directly engage with rural consumers, hear their challenges and understand their priorities

Tamara Hogan, Creative Director, Cockatoo House
Tegan Hogan-Smith, Grazier & Co-Founder, This is Aus Ag
Robert Hoddle, Director, Gunnible Pastoral Company
Lunch break
Our role in positive story telling

Droughts. Floods. Animal Welfare. Global Warming. Mental Health. Land Usage. How can we stop constant negative conversations about regional and rural Australia?

  • The importance and power of positive story telling
  • How to seize control of the conversation being led by others
  • How to lead and influence perceptions
Adam Arndell, Co-founder and Director , C7EVEN Communications
Case study: Communities of practice

The rate of change in the industry has never been higher – this session focusses on how to harness these changes and extend your content through a community of practice approach, that targets engagement and building relationships

  • “Together we can achieve more” – Understand how a community practice can connect experts with each other and clients across “boarders”
  • Why everyone benefits from building professional networks in rural industries
  • Taking a blended “suite” approach to digital online engagement that adds value to traditional approaches
  • Helping your consumers gain 1 degree of separation from the experts
  • Leveraging your technology, by helping people learn to work in new ways in online environments
Gavin Beever, Extension AUS Relationship Manager, AgriFutures
Afternoon break
Straight from the source: Creators vs Influencers
  • The difference between Creators and Influencers – and why your strategy should revolve around the former
  • Building up the rural community voices allowing you to reach GenZ and millennial consumers at scale
  • Building profitable and sustainable partnerships with the new leaders
  • Breaking up with your influencer! What to do to protect your brand if they are not working out!
Sam Johnston, Co-founder, Thank A Farmer For Your Next Meal @thankafarmerforyournextmeal
The Future of the rural market

Will the rural market follow other industry trends into the digital sphere, or is bricks and mortar still the answer?

  • Understanding why an omni-channel strategy is crucial in the rural market of Australia
  • Building on the trends, what can we expect for the future?
  • Pulling all the strands together for the best practice tips and tricks
Dave Henry, Research Leader, CSIRO
Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference
Adam Arndell, Co-founder and Director , C7EVEN Communications
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