2019 NZ DevOps Forum

Aligning DevOps to Business Growth

11 Sep 2019Hilton, Auckland
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Tom Cully



Tom Cully has a 20+ year career in software engineering as a coder, architect, teacher, mentor, CTO and business owner ranging from tiny startups to SMEs, national business, international corporate and government work. Tom owns BlackRaven, a bespoke SkunkWorks-as-a-service software consultancy. Today, he specialises in scalable architecture, distributed systems and frameworks, teaching and advising the next generation of technical disruptors on how to blend incredible new technologies with old-school craftspersonship

Sonia Coupe

Head of Global Services


Sonia Coupe is a high-energy, senior executive with over 20 years of experience in Global Operations, Consulting, Business Strategy, CIO and CMO Roles. Handling Franchise Networks, New Zealand businesses, as well as Operations for Multinational Companies; and Managing & Consulting for top-tier corporate clientele and government organisations. A visionary leader, holding a vast level of knowledge and a significant Management background, today she Heads the Global Client Services function at Serko looking at innovative approaches to the Client Experience.

Ankit Tarway

Test Coach


Ankit Tarway is a Test Coach at BNZ who works with leadership teams and engineers to grow the software testing capability. He loves challenges and bringing the right outcomes for the teams that follow agile values and engineering practices. After spending over a decade working in different areas of the IT industry, he knows that a collaborative team who believe in Quality Engineering will deliver a high-quality product. He has worked with reputable banks including BNZ, ANZ, ASB and Deutsche bank and manufacturing industry including Reckon, Schneider Electric. Ankit is on a mission to help the organisation uplift their game in software and security testing. Ankit likes to watch cricket and loves to play squash. You can contact Ankit at ankit_tarway@hotmail.com

Kiran Kanchan

Delivery Enabler - Enterprise Agile/Transition Coach


Kiran Kanchan is an experienced process improvement and transformation specialist with more than 15 years of enterprise level experience in coaching teams along with defining IT organisation frameworks, methods, policies and standards. Kiran has worked in various capacities such as an Enterprise Agile Coach, Trainer, Auditor, Process Consultant, Transition and Ways of Working enabler, to list a few. Kiran is currently working in Spark New Zealand enabling the Agile transition within the organisation by coaching and mentoring tribes to form high performing end to end squads.

Charles Munat

Engineering Coach


Charles Munat teaches; develops curricula; formulates pedagogies; consults on immersive, just-in-time learning; and coaches and mentors. He is the creator of a methodology for fully immersive, just-in-time learning: a set of techniques and principles designed to maximize learning efficiency and enjoyment. He has been programming since punch cards were a thing, and teaching for nearly as long.
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