2019 NZ DevOps Forum

Aligning DevOps to Business Growth

11 Sep 2019Hilton, Auckland
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Welcome and registration
Welcome from the Chair
Overview: The technology trends that are shaping the industry – disruption or innovation?
  • Examining the latest business disruptors including AR and AI and how they will impact your role
  • What does it mean to be “digital” – building the digital mindset across the organisation, not just in the technology team
  • When disruption becomes innovation – how can DevOps motivate internal innovation?
  • The “as a service” mentality and how you can harness this for growth and agility
Tom Cully, Founder, BlackRaven
CIO Address: Enabling transformation – aligning goals, culture and technology
Sonia Coupe, Head of Global Services, Serko
Morning break
Assessing capability – moving towards automation and scalability
  • Examining tools, processes and platforms that can lead to a greater level of DevOps automation
  • Acknowledging skills gaps and how we can encourage growth within IT departments
Harnessing automation to boost DevOps
  • Automating DevOps – how will this increase productivity and business capacity
  • Reducing deployment failure through automated process
  • Improving DevOps efficiency through Machine Learning
Jeff Johnston, Tech Area Lead, Westpac
Testing, checks and balances – getting your ducks in a row
  • Data science and analysis to identify threats before they arise
Kristine Everett, Portfolio Test Manager, Westpac
Changing the status quo – delivering culture change
  • The principals and practices that will enable a DevOps receptive culture
  • Leading through transitions – creating a resilient culture for growth and change
  • How do we adopt DevOps culture? Challenging legacy processes and initiating change
Raffaella Del Prete, Head of Architecture and Capacity Planning, Vodafone NZ
Case study: Using a just-in-time methodology for continual learning at BNZ
  • Maximising the efficiency of learning and making continual learning more effective
  • Helping new developers cross the lack-of-experience gap
  • Coordinating OpenShift training at BNZ and improving fluency across the board with their in-house upskilling app Learning Tracks
Charles Munat, Engineering Coach, BNZ
Case study: Release Train to Release Pipeline
  • How the automation test strategy changes to achieve On-demand release cadence
  • Challenges in shifting tester mindset from individual ownership of testing
  • Implementation of the collaborative process to improve the dev/test relationship
Ankit Tarway, Testing Coach, BNZ
Afternoon break
Descaling an agile organisation
  • Achieving this through DevOps automation and the right balance between the Release based and Tribe based Agile frameworks
  • Looking at the formation of end to end teams (descaling) enabling a custom delivery model comprising flavours of both Releases and Tribes 
  • Empowering the teams through DevOps automation in the areas of Testing and Environment
Kiran Kanchan, Delivery Enabler - Enterprise Agile / Transition Coach, Spark NZ
Rohit Satija, Chapter Area Lead (Technology Change), Spark NZ
DevOps and security best practice – integration, automation and risk management
  • Evaluating organisational vulnerabilities and detection during DevOps deployment
  • Standardising process and automating threat response protocols
  • Integrating security awareness throughout teams – ensuring application integrity is at the forefront of development
Summary remarks from the Chair and end of forum
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