2019 NZ DevOps Forum

Aligning DevOps to Business Growth

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Welcome from the Chair
BMK Lakshiminarayanan, Solutions Architect, BNZ
Overview: The technology trends that are shaping the industry – disruption or innovation?
  • Examining the latest business disruptors including AR and AI and how they will impact your role
  • What does it mean to be “digital” – building the digital mindset across the organisation, not just in the technology team
  • When disruption becomes innovation – how can DevOps motivate internal innovation?
  • The “as a service” mentality and how you can harness this for growth and agility
Tom Cully, Founder, BlackRaven
CIO Address: Enabling transformation – aligning goals, culture and technology
Sonia Coupe, Head of Global Services, Serko
Morning break
Harnessing automation to boost DevOps
  • Automating DevOps – how will this increase productivity and business capacity
  • Reducing deployment failure through automated process
Jeff Johnston, Tech Area Lead, Westpac
Quality Engineering - an ever evolving journey
Abhijeet Singh, Quality Engineer, Westpac
Changing the status quo – delivering culture change
  • The principals and practices that will enable a DevOps receptive culture
  • Leading through transitions – creating a resilient culture for growth and change
  • How do we adopt DevOps culture? Challenging legacy processes and initiating change
Raffaella Del Prete, Head of Architecture and Capacity Planning, Vodafone NZ
Case study: Using a just-in-time methodology for continual learning at BNZ
  • Maximising the efficiency of learning and making continual learning more effective
  • Helping new developers cross the lack-of-experience gap
  • Coordinating OpenShift training at BNZ and improving fluency across the board with their in-house upskilling app Learning Tracks
Charles Munat, Engineering Coach, BNZ
Case study: Release Train to Release Pipeline
  • How the automation test strategy changes to achieve On-demand release cadence
  • Challenges in shifting tester mindset from individual ownership of testing
  • Implementation of the collaborative process to improve the dev/test relationship
Ankit Tarway, Testing Coach, BNZ
Afternoon break
Descaling an agile organisation
  • Achieving this through DevOps automation and the right balance between the Release based and Tribe based Agile frameworks
  • Looking at the formation of end to end teams (descaling) enabling a custom delivery model comprising flavours of both Releases and Tribes 
  • Empowering the teams through DevOps automation in the areas of Testing and Environment
Kiran Kanchan, Delivery Enabler - Enterprise Agile / Transition Coach, Spark NZ
Rohit Satija, Chapter Area Lead (Technology Change), Spark NZ
Adventures in DevSecOps

DevSecOps attempts to build on the movements of Continuous Delivery and DevOps by adding security to iterative and collaborative approaches prescribed it’s predecessors.

Implementing these approaches together in the large enterprise can be confusing, complex and challenging.

This talk will cover the journey, experiences and lessons learned, of one Security Architect over the last three years in bringing DevSecOps to life in the world of financial services.

Crispin Wright, Security Architect, IAG
Summary remarks from the Chair and end of forum
BMK Lakshiminarayanan, Solutions Architect, BNZ
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