2019 Corporate Affairs and Communication Leaders' Summit

Leading the voice of an organisation in the digital, complex & politicised world

19 - 20 Aug 2019Crowne Plaza, Auckland
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separately bookable workshop
Structuring flexible crisis communications strategies for the digital and automated age
21 August 2019 | 9am-5pm

As we are all aware, every crisis is different and requires a tailored response on the nature and level of the event. While it is impossible to prepare a strategy for all eventualities, it is possible to create a strategy structure flexible and adaptable enough to build upon for most eventualities.


Whether it be a natural disaster, a business interruption or something else, how an organisation reacts following a crisis can have a wide-ranging effect on both its business and the public’s perception of it.

This workshop will help your team and you:

  • Realise the impact that being caught unprepared and without a prepared strategy and response can have for an organisation
  • Understand the different types of crisis and what kind of events are in each
  • Create strategies that will help see you through the first few days of each type of crisis
  • Achieving organisational leadership input and commitment to crisis strategies
  • Focus on factors that are in your control and how to mitigate those that aren’t
  • Identify and prioritise the communication channels that will have the widest impact on public perception
  • Planning for whom the most appropriate spokespeople will be for each type of crisis

Paul Brislen


Brislen Communications

Paul has worked as a journalist and in corporate communications for most of the past 25 years. Formerly an editor and tech columnist, Paul has worked for Vodafone New Zealand as Head of Corporate Communications, was CEO of the Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand and currently runs his own consultancy where he's often called in to help coordinate crisis communications, help develop corporate communications strategies and to comment in the media on issues ranging from social media to the latest tech offering.

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