2019 Business Intelligence Summit

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Registration and Coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair
Murray Browne, Enterprise Business Analyst, IAG
The future of analytics - Are we heading for Excel spreadsheets 2.0?
  • Is the trend towards the widespread adoption of self-service tools going to continue?
  • What are the next big technology bets for analytics?
  • How do you control the quality of the outputs from self-service users?
  • What’s the future of predictive analytics, AI and ML when it comes to self-service?
Gary Blumgart, Head of Theta Analytics, Theta
Augmenting business intelligence with advanced analytics
  • Changing the digital landscape, and the need for advanced analytics to solve business problems with greater performance and productivity
  • Designing a coexisting architecture for BI & Advanced Analytics
  • Practicalities of implementing advanced analytics into BI solutions


Ganesh Selvaraj, Advanced Analytics Consultant, All in All Analytics Limited
Morning Break
Taking the robot out of the human

•             A new workplace culture designed by BI and RPA

•             Opportunities and Challenges

•             Path Ahead... Intelligent Automation and AI

Dnyanesh Prabhu, Head of Data, TOWER Insurance
Augmenting real-time reporting with Predictive analysis

-              From prototype to production –lifecycle of a Machine Learning model

-              Leveraging cloud to streamline your production pipeline

-              Running real time predictions at scale

Vikash Kumar, AI Lead, CTO, Contactbot Ltd
Table Talks

Delegates will be asked to discuss important issues they are facing surrounding business intelligence

  • TOPIC ONE: What technology trends will impact you the most?
  • TOPIC TWO: How can we include NLP, AI and RPA into BI functions?
Lunch Break
Advancing technology and integrating services in future models of the health sector
  • Mobile technology and patient wearables that will predict future events before they happen
  • Identifying the intelligent technologies that will change including AI and in-memory analytics
  • Securing private data and fully utilising cloud systems
Dr. Ibrahim Shafiu, Business Intelligence Services Coordinator, Waikato District Health Board
CASE STUDY: Using data to create self-service solutions
  • Using GIS and open source data to create comprehensive maps and tools
  • The journey to a self-supported application
  • Value-adding services that delight the end users
Nikki Donaldson, BI and Information Manager, Christchurch City Council
James Gunn, Spatial Champion, Christchurch City Council
Afternoon Break
CASE STUDY: Transitioning from legacy BI systems to future proof your business decision making
  • Creating agile business solutions by using new cloud systems comprehensively
  • Bringing siloed information together – enabling agility and better decision making
  • Being proactive in understanding setbacks and not overcomplicating platforms
Parul Matta, Business Intelligence Technical Lead, SkyCity Entertainment
Daniel Menary, Technical Lead, SkyCity Entertainment
Accelerating AI Adoption
  • Balancing risk and reward of AI Strategy
  • Building your organisations AI case for change 
  • Five focus areas to speed up your organisations deployment of AI
Kari Jones, Manager of Data Science & Analytics, Air New Zealand
Panel: The Business Intelligence Manager of the future
  • The next five steps of career progression for a BI specialist
  • Implementing a strong strategic plan, using data analytics, architecture and technology to its fullest potential
  • How to develop analytic capability in-house and developing BI champions across sectors
Paul Kelland, Business Intelligence Director, Vend
Dr. Ibrahim Shafiu, Business Intelligence Services Coordinator, Waikato District Health Board
Scott Brooker, Head of Business Intelligence, Yellow
Summary remarks from the Chair and networking drinks
The revolution of data sets and the data science used to bring strong results
  • Looking into new data sets, efficient and alternative data storages and end solutions
  • How BI solutions work for different team environments and how they work best for your organisation
  • How lack of automation will impact on decision-making processes
Dr. David Duan, Principal Data Scientist, Fraedom
CASE STUDY: Turning data into achievement
  • Analysing data to provide an accurate view of the playing field
  • Incorporating wearable smart technology for organisational insights
Jason Healy, Performance Analysis Manager, NZ Rugby
Morning Break
Unblock your competitive advantage with Data Governance
  • Learn why Data Governance is such a hot boardroom topic
  • Get practical advice navigating privacy compliance, risk and security
  • Learn how culture and community are the keys to unlocking Data Governance
  • Add Data Governance to your kit bag of tools as a data professional
Eric Yamashita, Data Management Manager , IAG
Examining spatial analytic tools and methods
Matti Seikkula, CIO, e-Spatial
Lunch Break
CASE STUDY: Innovating BI to maximise customer experience
  • Using visualisation within BI to lead users on their journey of discovery
  • Using BI to create a bespoke experience
  • Helping users navigate the complexities of the modern BI enterprise
Scott Brooker, Head of Business Intelligence, Yellow
CASE STUDY: Explainable AI and the advanced techniques used to bring accurate solutions
  • Presenting explainable AI and the dominance it will have in large organisations
  • Preventing bias and implementing new safeguards and tools to retrain AI
  • Understanding AI algorithms and how they will think in the future
Habib Bulawala, Lead Data Scientist, ZAG
CASE STUDY: Using data to drive customer engagement
  • Using behavioural data to attain a full picture of your audience instead of focusing on target demographics
  • Identifying your customers and what drives them to act
  • Monitoring new data and acting on new discoveries
Peter de Wit, Senior Manager Data Services - Analytics , Statistics New Zealand
Closing Remarks from the Chair and end of Conference
Murray Browne, Enterprise Business Analyst, IAG
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