2019 Business Analyst Masterclass

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Karin France

Senior Business Analyst


I’ve been doing business analysis under many job titles for a large part of my career, operating from enterprise level change down to detailed software specification. I’ve also done some project management both officially and just because I tend to be structured and a tiny bit bossy. In other chapters of my working life I have worked in or with a range of business unit types (accounting, human resources, customer service, sales and sales support, call centres, engineering) in several industries (life and general insurance, telecommunications, local government/transport and accounting software). I’ve worked in permanent and contracting roles, run my own editing business and assisted in my partner’s business. In my first job, in a secure and very cold computer room, I assumed that formatting a disk meant creating some kind of index for it, and successfully wiped an expensive training disk. Today I play with all sorts of technology and write stories to build out workflows and business rules in an ERP system in the cloud. I love continuously learning and collaborating in a diverse environment to define and solve business problems using technology as an enabler – that sums up my career!
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