2019 Business Analyst Masterclass

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Registration and coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair
Karin France, Senior Business Analyst, MYOB
The future of the Business Analyst role: New trends and technologies
  • Adopt and adapt – new skills for the modern Business Analyst
  • Where is the industry heading? – how new technologies are influencing the industry
  • Taking advantage of opportunities that arise from new technologies
Marlon Rayen, Senior Business Analyst, QBE Insurance
CIO Address: Soft Skills for Success in a Hard World

Essential Skills for Business Analysts and their Teams to Successfully Prepare, Upskill, and Navigate Digital Transformation, in an Exponential World

  • Why soft skills need to be high on your priority list for success - for your team, your business and for you personally
  • What are the most important soft skills – which ones do you need to succeed in this world of exponential change?
  • How to get them – what's working and what's changing
Campbell Such, General Manager IT, Soft Skills Training
Morning Break
Business Assurance a Critical Enabler of Business Transformation
  • What is Business assurance
  • BA’S & transformation - how to deliver the transformation journey
  • How BA’S deliver confidence in business solutions encompassing the journey
  • Insights to Drive Decisions and prioritised analysis
Richard Clough, Portfolio Manager Business Analysis, Qual IT
Sharon Lee, Regional Practice Lead - Business Analysis, Qual IT
User Experiences – providing strong customer value as a Business Analyst
  • Capturing stakeholder stories
  • Everyone has a story to tell…it’s not just an agile term
  • Why story sharing is important to success
  • The ‘How-to’ Techniques to engage with stakeholders
Richard Clough, Portfolio Manager Business Analysis, Qual IT
Negotiation and communication: Key skills to meeting stakeholder requirements
  • How Business Analysts can better communicate with and understand stakeholders and project managers – key communication skills
  • How negotiation can be used by Business Analysts to develop understanding and trust to create win-win negotiations
  • The importance of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Developing strong negotiation skills through attitude, methods, and concern exhibited
Ally Doe, Business Analyst, Rush
Case Study: leveraging data tools and data science to increase business productivity
  • How to choose the appropriate data modelling tools
  • Using data acquiring tools to appropriately illustrate and analyse data
  • Assessing ethical implications of harnessing data
Matt Lythe, Managing Director, Lynker Analytics
Data Driven Decision Making: How business analysts can leverage data to improve business results
  • Understanding Data Driven decision making
  • How Business Analysts can use data to deliver efficient, accurate, and timely strategies
  • Using data as a Business Analyst to enhance productivity and performance
  • How organisations used data to improve results
Taimoor Fayyaz, Business Analyst, Sky TV
Afternoon Break
Using Business Architecture and capability mapping to meet an organisation’s requirements
  • Using business architecture to simplify the strategy implementation
  • Using business capability mapping to decide what steps an organisation can take to reach its goal
  • How capability mapping can be used to transition from vision to strategy
Lesley Clarke, Enterprise Business Analyst, Tower Insurance
Automation Success with Business Analysis
  • What is the Automation world, and how is it different now the evolution?
  • Why do processes matter
  • Quality Assurance - Business intelligence and technical know-how coming together to provide improved outcomes
  • How do BA’s assist in Automation?
  • The guide to future automation success
Sharon Lee, Regional Practice Lead - Business Analysis, Qual IT
Tony Keung , Lead Test Engineer , Qual IT
Summary remarks from the Chair & Networking Drinks
Karin France, Senior Business Analyst, MYOB
Welcome back from the Chair
Karin France, Senior Business Analyst, MYOB
The Business Analysts role in an Agile organisation
  • How relevant is the business analyst role within an Agile organisation?
  • How Business Analysts can adopt Agile to provide flexibility, responsiveness, and adaptability
  • Delivering complex projects on an Agile timeline
Mridul Sharma, Agile Coach & Scrum Master, ACC
Harnessing automation – how can we employ automation technology for greater efficiency?
  • How automation can transform the Business Analyst role
  • How business analysts can harness automation for increased productivity
  • Utilising automation to improve responsiveness and reliability within an organisation
Willem van der Steen, Head of Digital & IT, Perpetual Guardian
Morning Break
Case study: Utilising data transformation as a Business Analyst to increase efficiency
  • Data transformation process and the tools involved
  • Data transformation for business analysts – moving storing, and analysing data
  • Benefits of data transformation – value and efficiency
Dr. David Duan, Principal Data Scientist, Fraedom
Case study: Agile in practice – lessons from Agile Business Analysts
  • How Business Analysts can utilise Agile to bridge communication between organisations and stakeholders
  • How organisations were able to efficiently adopt Agile practices
  • How the adoption of Agile in organisations provides Business Analysts with better efficiency and communication
Chris Tuohy, Head of Agile Coaching, Spark New Zealand
Ethical Implications of a Digital Landscape: Surveillance

The potential risks posed by the digital environment and its implications on organisations and greater society, and how to overcome these issues. In my world of cyber security and hacking everything is one tweak away from playing out like your favourite episode of Black Mirror. What are the applications and implications of data-centric ecosystem? During my talk I'll explore the positive, negative and grey areas of data collection as we go further down the rabbit hole. 

  • Impact of digital technologies on society, the environment, and the economy
  • Ethics surrounding cryptocurrencies, harnessing data, and AI
Ian White, General Manager - Cybersecurity, ZX Security Ltd
Understanding business needs to provide exceptional service
  • How business analysts can provide better value and services by communicating and understanding business goals, objectives, and requirements
  • Problem Analysis Mapping to support the capture and validation of root cause analysis
  • Problem Mapping approach versus Business Analyst approach
Louis Liu, Team Leader Business Analyst, WorkSafe New Zealand
Afternoon Break
Knowledge Management in a Digital Transformation world
  • How Agile has impacted the way we capture knowledge
  • How to adopt Design Thinking and Lean for Knowledge Management
Terry Ho, Product Owner, Southern Cross Health Society
Utilising different methodologies to deliver business initiatives.
  • Applying and effectively using different methodologies in the real world
  • Relating methodologies to data migration case studies
Megan McGrath, Senior Business Analyst, Tower Insurance
Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference
Karin France, Senior Business Analyst, MYOB
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