2019 Agile for Business Forum

Practical business transformation through Agile

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Opening remarks from the Chair
Mike Clentworth, Head of Solutions Delivery, Kiwibank
Opening Address: Agile and unlocking the possibilities from within your own business

While many Lean and Agile practices grew out of Toyota Japan’s manufacturing practices in the 1980s, Toyota New Zealand are just now implementing Agile business transformation practices. Join Paul Tayler to hear about how Toyota New Zealand are realising their Agile transformation and how it impacts on and relates to all levels of their business.

Paul Tayler, Business Analyst – Integrations & Information Services, Toyota New Zealand
The first lesson is achieving the right mindset
  • Selling Agile up the ladder and getting decision makers on board
  • Improving company-wide knowledge and understanding of Agile
  • Creating and fostering a work culture and environment that is Agile friendly and Agile ready
Erika Barden, Head of Agile, [email protected] Innovation & Transformation
Business Agility – what is it, and how do you know if you’ve got it?
  • What are the hallmarks of Business Agility and how are different organisations bringing them to life
  • Where to look for realistic advice, functional inspiration and practical examples
  • How to measure business agility 
Biunca Hooper, Transformation Coach & NZ Director, EPiC Agile
Rob Gaunt, Co-Founder and Sydney Director, EPiC Agile
Morning break
Leveraging Business Agility in a fast-moving consumer goods business in a highly disruptive competitive environment
  • Why we started with culture and leadership and what we’d do differently
  • How we established a product ownership model within a very traditional governance structure 
Karen Lusis, Head of Delivery & Transformation, Woolworths NZ
Adam Hatley-Owen, Head of Digital Experience & Delivery, Woolworths NZ
Inception, Construction/Iteration & Transition
Building a Value Management Office

Enabling organisation agility is not just about adopting a few new practices; it requires fundamentally rewiring how you go about your work. 

  • Handling the business change of re-aligning through value streams
  • Overcoming the challenges of creating truly cross-functional biz-dev-ops teams
  • Accepting that the future is hybrid, not just agile
  • Helping the PMO and scrum masters to reimagine themselves as value stream facilitators and Kaizen team facilitators
David Morris, Head of Value Management and Delivery, Vector
Case study: Working beyond the Agile border
  • Cross department collaboration when one or more parties is not Agile
  • The role of finance and the finance team in a successful Agile transformation
  • Successful incorporation of non-Agile staff and departments into the Agile framework
Kainaat Jamil, Agile Practice Manager, New Zealand Post
Case study: The importance of agile management – Agile at work within industry and business

Dr Cherry Vu and Rob England work in both Vietnam and New Zealand, focusing on agile ways of management. They believe advancing management is the key to unlocking new ways of working. They will explain the reasons behind successful transformations, illustrated with anecdotes, from clients in both countries.

Rob England, Managing Director, Teal Unicorn
Dr Cherry Vu, Chief Executive Officer, Teal Unicorn
Table talks round 1: What I wish I knew before I started

Delegates are invited to share and discuss amongst themselves the information that, in hindsight, they wish that they had known prior to starting on their Agile journey and how this would have helped smooth the business transformation to date.

Roundtable sessions: Collaboratively answering the Agile challenges

In these collaborative and interactive roundtable discussions, network with experts and peers to collaborate and cocreate opportunities for Agile business transformation within New Zealand.

  • Getting past the resource gatekeepers – convincing middle management to say “yes”
  • Testing the limits – making Agile work successfully in small and large teams
  • Building the A team – what to look for when assigning tribe members and expanding the ability of current tribe members
Facilitated by:
Jakub Jurkiewicz, Agile Coach
Anthony McMahon, Chief Technologist, The IT Psychiatrist
Andrew Nimick, Transformation Coach, EPiC Agile
The great Agile Coach – observations on what it takes to succeed

Drawing on his experiences in both theoretical and practical Agile, Jakub shares his observations, experiences and tips on what is needed in great Agile Coaches and why organisations need them.

  • Understanding what the role of an Agile Coach is and why they are important for organisations
  • Advice on hiring a great Agile Coach and which skillsets to look out for
  • What to expect when an Agile Coach joins your organisation and how to help them succeed
Jakub Jurkiewicz, Agile Coach
Table talks round 2: Which model is best?

Delegates are invited to discuss amongst themselves the pros and cons of the various Agile models currently being employed by businesses and which have helped the most in achieving the initially desired business outcomes.

Afternoon break
Production & Retirement
Case study: Experiences of a common language with multiple dialects
  • Silos, Bottom Up and Top Down - different ways of achieving transformation and success
  • What are most important lessons that were learnt and what could have been done differently?
  • What’s next for an Agile organisation?
Rohit Satija, Chapter Area Lead - IT Delivery & Path to Production, Spark
Kiran Kanchan, Enterprise Agile Coach –Transition Enabler, Spark
Expert panel: Collaboration, values and leadership in the Agile environment
  • What are the core values? Which ones are static and which ones can be moved?
  • Is there a need for leadership and governance? If so, how much and by whom?
  • How far should Agile be practically taken? Are there any areas where Agile should not tread?
Edwin Dando, Director, Radically
Kiran Kanchan, Enterprise Agile Coach –Transition Enabler, Spark
Lauren Percy, Head of Architecture, Kotahi
Paul Tayler, Business Analyst – Integrations & Information Services, Toyota New Zealand
Thought Leader Address: Agile from here – growing, refining and musing

By tapping into one of the largest networks of agile expertise in the world, Agile pioneer Edwin Dando will share his insights into the latest global developments in Agile and outline a possible future evolution of Agile, in particular how it is transitioning into the business world from the boardroom to the shop floor.

  • How Agile is changing and evolving, and what parts are likely to stay the same
  • The major global trends to watch out for
  • The limitation of agile - where is won’t penetrate and why
  • Why business agility will remain evasive for many organisations
  • Key skills required to thrive in an agile future
Edwin Dando, Director, Radically
Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference
Networking drinks

2019 Agile for Business Forum delegates and speakers are invited to join us for a drink or two at this complimentary networking event.


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