2019 Agile for Business Forum

Practical business transformation through Agile

20 Nov 2019Crowne Plaza, Auckland
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separately bookable workshops
Workshop 1: Understanding and adopting Agile practices to enhance efficiency
21 November 2019 | 09.00 - 12.30

An in-depth workshop examining the several Agile methodologies and understanding the practises, terminology, and tactics. Agile methodology allows Business Analysts the chance for collaboration and adaption, providing more efficiency to the industry.

  • Different Agile methodologies – Agile Scrum Methodology, Lean Software Development, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP), Crystal, Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), Feature Driven Development (FDD)
  • Different ways to test Agile methodologies
  • How Agile methods are implemented
  • Agile Methodology tools and how to use them

Anthony McMahon


The IT Psychiatrist

With nearly 20 years studying and working in the IT sector, Anthony is a qualified and experienced technology professional who specialise in helping businesses alleviate their technology pain and minimising their risk exposure. Anthony takes pride in his ability to quickly understand the technical capabilities any business requires to be successful, identify and manage the she solutions needed to get there, and then implement sustainable policies and processes which will support them. Anthony's experience in developing Enterprise level strategies, policies and processes means that his approach to managing technology is to avoid complexity wherever possible. He also understands that technology is fully of confusing jargon and so tries to speak in plain terms wherever possible.  Anthony takes pride in supporting business and technology leaders to ensure they understand what is being delivered. 

Workshop 2: Facilitation methods and essentials for Agile leaders
21 November 2019 | 13.30-17.00

Being an Agile leader isn’t easy. There are many important factors to consider when leading Agile teams, such as governance, principals and assembling the right squad. This workshop covers the important facilitation methods and the essential skills needed for Agile leaders to be successful.

  • The role of the Agile leader and clarifying expectations
  • Setting up the optimal climate for easy Agile facilitation and success
  • Building, motivating and maintaining a high-performance team
  • Tips & tricks for communicating effectively with and getting the best out of your Agile teams
  • Understanding the realities of what Agile entails and utilising these to your benefit

Anna Kingston


Brightstar Training

Anna has always loved to learn.  But in this rapidly changing world, even she feels that keeping up with all the new ideas, skills and information coming at us every day is a challenge.  That's why she loves to help you filter, curate and learn, so you feel both calm and current.  Anna helps you apply some of the new practices such as design thinking, agile and lean enterprise to your business problems so you can achieve fast, modern and sustainable business results and learning.  "It's never about throwing out your current values, mindsets or toolkits.  It's about using what works, removing what doesn't and creating more time for you to be successful in life and work.” Anna has worked in the Learning and Development industry for over 15 years both at a strategic and a hands-on level, as a Learning and Development Manager, Learning Designer, Coach, and Facilitator. Anna is a certified Leadership coach, Neurolinguistic practitioner and Agile Team Facilitator.


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