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Jessica Moloney


Moloney Moloney

Jessica Moloney is a seasoned PR, Marketing and Communications expert, TVNZ’s “Social Guru” and Founder of Moloney Moloney, a Word-of-Mouth business partner and agency. Jessica firmly believes that Social Media is the catalyst of a global behavioural revolution, leaving businesses with no choice but to lead with customer experience and transparency. Described as “the business world’s best kept secret” and “having the rare skillset of deep technical knowledge in combination with an overarching understanding of how to grow brands through effective communications”, Jessica builds mutually beneficial partnerships and applies a strong culture of measurement to her work to ensure you achieve strong results. With a career at Telecom (now Spark) spanning 11 years of the company’s change, and a stint as a Social Director in the agency world, Jessica left to start Moloney Moloney in 2016 to help businesses create and commercialise on Word-of-Mouth. With specialities ranging from experience, big data, to employee brand, PR and marketing campaigns Moloney Moloney service a range of clients around the globe on environmental issues, change marketing, Brand, Comms, and across crowd sourcing, travel, SaaS, agriculture, tourism, entertainment, telco, and software industries. What they do isn’t limited to Social Media, however using this platform to influence strategy and execution truly helps influence feeling within key audiences that is tied back to a purpose-aligned business – and most importantly, commercial outcomes!
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Pauline Stockhausen

Social Media Community Strategist


Pauline Stockhausen is renowned for her ‘go getter’ adventurous attitude, and is a successful businesswoman, social media expert and business coach with 20 years of expertise in online communities. Sharing her adventures, advice and online courses to people and businesses with daily posts, Pauline has a combined audience reach of over 500,000+. Passionate, creative, and intuitive, Pauline shines a light on the art of social media to people wanting to create and nurture their own online communities and can turn the dullest of online marketing plans into a lightning rod for business. She knows that keeping it real and authentic is the only way to go and is sought out for her specialist advice by celebrities through to politicians.
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