Registration and coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair
Jessica Moloney, CEO, Moloney Moloney
Disruptions and updates on social media platforms
Opening keynote: Navigating the changes and updates across social media platforms
  • Understanding how the updates affect your social presence
  • Identifying pros and cons of these updates
  • Shaping social strategies to better utilise platform updates
  • Platforms discussed: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn
Pauline Stockhausen, Social Media Community Strategist, PaulineStockhausen.com
Revolutionising digital marketing using AI
  • Understanding AI’s role in digital marketing
  • How can AI help digital marketers deliver better results?
  • Optimising engagement using AI on the digital platform
Steve Crowe, Digital Strategist, This Side Up
Andrew Crowe, Data Specialist, This Side Up
Morning break
The year of the (smart) chat bots
  • Bots are not new to social media, but what’s new is the need to move from basic bots to smart bots.
  • Highlighting the differences between basic and smart bots
  • Effective strategies to deploy smart bots
  • The benefits and advantages of smart bots
Jam Mayer, Chief Conversologist, Hootsuite Ambassador & Conversologie
Social marketing and the future of advertising

Where are we going next in social media, we’ve had personas, we are now talking about the stories of brands? 10 years of social media advertising, where to next as the market and relivance matures.

Tom Reidy, Head of Innovation, TAG The Agency & Chief Editor, Social Media NZ
Table talk: Which platforms produces the most engagement for your company?
Lunch break
Successful social campaigns
Getting on top of their game | ANZ
  • Understanding how to run a successful ongoing campaign strategy
  • Analysing metrics to improve the strategy – how is this applied in an ongoing campaign?
  • Highlighting budget strategies applied
Sara Phillips, Social Marketing Manager, ANZ
Case study: A Very Merry Mistake - #MirryChristmus | Air New Zealand
  • What makes a successful campaign for a global audience?
  • Delivering an engaging campaign in the most competitive time of the year – how did Air New Zealand achieve this?
Maria Hahn, Social Media Manager International | Digital and Social Media, Air New Zealand
Afternoon break
Case study: Social strategies during the 2017 elections | Green Party
  • Ensuring the Party’s policies are communicated effectively amidst a highly televised campaign
  • How social media helped the Green Party’s campaign?
  • Changing direction after a drop-in poll
Tory Whanau, Chief of Staff, Green Party
Case study: #nzsecretsanta | NZ Post
  • Highlighting strategies for running a nationwide campaign on Twitter
  • Delving into the outcomes of the campaign
  • Lessons learnt – how can the campaign be improved for the following year
Libby Greatnews, Social Media Specialist, NZ Post
Summary remarks from chair and networking drinks
Welcome back from the Chair
Jessica Moloney, CEO, Moloney Moloney
Content & engagement: Sharing your story on social
Masterclass: Writing engaging content that can be promoted across platforms
  • Sharing emotive content that enhances your brand story
  • Delivering topical content that connects to your social audiences
  • Avoiding common pitfalls
Kylie Bailey, Marketing Consultant, GoodSense
Morning break
Successful strategies around organic and paid reach
  • Evaluating best practice approaches around both organic and paid reach and how to achieve the best outcome for your brand’s content
  • Applying strategies to better optimise reach
Rachel Klaver, CEO, Identify Marketing
Using social to generate lead acquisition – moving from social to email marketing to increase your sales conversions/ROI
  • How to create a high converting email marketing strategy from a social media entry point – what are the best practices?
  • Strategies to convert leads from social media
  • Highlighting how to track results, and role of a testing plan to continue to maximise conversion results
Caro McCourtie , Digital Conversion & Marketing Automation Specialist, Catchi
Lunch break
Effective use of videos in social media
Masterclass: Producing video for social media
  • Understanding the benefits of video on social media
  • Comparing video integration on different platforms
  • Best practice tips on producing effective videos
  • Shedding light into producing high quality videos using simple gear
Andrew Ferdinando, Director, AD HOC
Dominic Hay, Director, AD HOC
Afternoon break
Case study: Most entertaining recruitment video | NZ Police
Simon Flanagan, Senior Social Media Advisor, New Zealand Police
Case study: The Great Escape with Evie | Mercury
  • Educating the market about new products and market shifts without pushing a sales pitch 

  • Delving into content production – the brainstorming process that allowed Mercury Energy to differentiate from other energy companies 

  • Key takeaways from the campaign 

Ben Harvey-Lovell, Head of Marketing, Mercury
Table talk: Using your mobile device to produce high quality videos
Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference
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