23 - 24 Jul 2018Generator @ GridAKL, Auckland
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Why is social media important?
A message from your chair:

In 2018, Social Media has become the catalyst of a global behavioural revolution, leaving businesses and brands with no choice but to lead with customer experience and transparency. 

Expectations for engaging content and relevance to the consumer is at an all-time high. Now, more than ever, the role of Social Media inside the business is a strategic one and directly tied to its commercial success and industry position. 

Learn how to navigate your way through the exciting and ever-changing world of Social Media. Harness the power of your customers during #NZSOMO 2018. Be inspired by New Zealand’s leading minds and businesses as they share case studies, insights, stories and tips on how to prove ROI, authentically engage customers and win the hearts and minds of global audiences.

Jessica Moloney, CEO, Moloney & Moloney


Likes, tweets, shares, stories – welcome to the world of social media. The 2018 #NZSOMO conference puts forward social media moguls to discuss what’s new and what’s changing in the world of social media. Chairing the conference this year, is veteran #NZSOMO speaker, Jessica Moloney.


A big feature in this year’s #NZSOMO two-day jam-packed conference is the presence of brands running successful campaigns such as NZ Police (most entertaining recruitment video), Air New Zealand (#CockpitKaraoke), NZ Post (#NZSecretSanta) and of course Mercury (Evie).


Why you can't afford to miss #NZSOMO2018:

  1. Connect with like-minded professionals and hear about how they are doing things on social.
  2. Learn about what’s new in social media, what’s changing and how you can keep up.
  3. Engage in table discussions amongst your peers and learn and grow from their experiences.
  4. Experts from the industry sharing their best practice knowledge on social media.
  5. Hear from brands who have been successful (in the past year) in putting forward fantastic social campaigns.


Featuring presentations on:

  • Opening keynote: Navigating the changes and updates across social media platforms
  • Revolutionising social media marketing using AI
  • The year of the (smart) chat bots
    Jam Mayer, Chief Conversologist, Hootsuite Ambassador, Conversologie
  • Masterclass: Writing engaging content that can be promoted across platforms
    Kylie Bailey, Marketing Consultant, GoodSense
  • Using social to generate lead acquisition – moving from social to email marketing to increase your sales conversions/ROI
    Caro McCourtie, Digital Conversion & Marketing Automation Specialist
  • Masterclass: Producing video for social media
    Andrew Ferdinando, Director, AD HOC
    Dominic Hay, Director, AD HOC
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