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Likes, tweets, shares, stories – welcome to the world of social media. The 2018 #NZSOMO conference put forward social media moguls to discuss what’s new and what’s changing in the world of social media. Chairing the conference this year, was veteran #NZSOMO speaker, Jessica Moloney. She added to the commentary across the two-days and shared insights into the exponential growth of social media.
A big feature at this year’s #NZSOMO two-day jam-packed conference was the presence of brands running successful campaigns such as NZ Police (most entertaining recruitment video), Air New Zealand (#MirryChristmus), NZ Post (#NZSecretSanta) and of course Mercury (Evie).



Highlights include:

  • Opening keynote: Navigating the changes and updates across social media platforms
  • The year of the (smart) chat bots
    Jam Mayer, Chief Conversologist, Hootsuite Ambassador, Conversologie
  • Masterclass: Writing engaging content that can be promoted across platforms
    Kylie Bailey, Marketing Consultant, GoodSense
  • Masterclass: Producing video for social media
    Andrew Ferdinando, Director, AD HOC
    Dominic Hay, Director, AD HOC


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