2018 New Zealand Business Analyst Forum

Keeping up with the trends and growing as a Business Analyst

Event Details

The 2018 New Zealand Business Analyst Forum was an action-packed and informative two-days that put forward topics and discussions that aided to the discussion of keeping up with trends and evolving as a Business Analyst.

The table talks and panel sessions provided ample learning and networking opportunities for BAs to gain knowledge on topics such as:

  • What do new technologies mean for the Business Analysis role?
  • Agile today and tomorrow | trends affecting Agile
  • Public-sector and private sector business analysis – how is it different?
  • Best practice methods to manage both small and large project deliverables
  • Tools & techniques: Generalist, specialist and hybrid BA roles
  • How the BA is supporting transformation in the media industry.
  • From one role to the next | Transitioning from business analysis to project management and beyond.

The CIO address by Carmen Casagranda, CIO, CIGNA, was definitely the big highlight of the conference as she provided insight into how BAs can add value to an organization or when working with the executive team.

The event was chaired by Stephen Macaskill, CEO at Dasset.

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