2018 National Health & Safety Leaders’ Summit

The focal point for best practice health and safety leadership: risk, resourcing & relationships


Registration and coffee
Introduction from the Chairs
Francois Barton, Executive Director, Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum
Chris Jones, General Manager Health & Safety, Department of Corrections
Opening keynote: Safety in the digital era - can you have the best of both worlds?
  • Looking into the future of health and safety: automation, robotics, AI and how can you avoid an overreliance on technology
  • Utilising technology to measure risks and allocate resources – bringing technology into a risk-based approach to health and safety
  • Adaptive automation: integrating people into automated processes – at what point should technology take over?
Dr Joel Haight, Ph.D, P.E, Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering & Director - Safety Engineering Programme Faculty, University of Pittsburgh
From the regulator - WorkSafe Address

Phil Parkes has recently taken up the new role of Chief Operating Officer for WorkSafe.  He leads the assessment and investigations inspectors, the High Hazards Unit, Energy Safety and a broad range of technical specialists. Phil will outline WorkSafe’s priorities and approach as the health and system leader and the expectations WorkSafe has of the health and safety system’s measurable improvement in performance outcomes.

Phil Parkes, Chief Operating Officer, WorkSafe
Morning break
Expert insight: Understanding your workforce and cultivating great organisational culture
  • Understanding how proactive health and safety is rooted in your organisational culture.
  • Applying behavioural psychology: understanding what motivates your workers’ behaviours
  • Promoting the value of psychology in driving health and safety performance.
Elizabeth Howells, Business Pyschologist, PeopleCentric
Leaders' panel: Getting workers involved - leadership from the coalface
  • Insight into trends and the world of work – what is changing the way you think about health and safety?
  • Engaging workers and leading from the frontline – hallmarks for a successful safety practice
  • Ensuring clarity around communication – influencing the Board and directors to make safety a priority
  • Motivating staff on complex issues – communicating the right level of risk
Peter Reidy, Chief Executive, KiwiRail
Chris Quin, Chief Executive Officer, FoodStuffs
Scott Brownlee, CEO, Coda
Brian Ropitini, Director of Manufacturing, Methanex New Zealand
Table discussion
Legal update & case law review for health and safety
  • Reflecting on 2 years of the HSWA – investigating new regulations and supporting legislation
  • Spotlight focus: governance and due diligence in practice
  • Enforceable undertakings: Understanding the process and learning from recent examples
Samuel Moore, Barrister, Chancery Street Chambers
What is best-in-class contractor management?
  • Understanding the increased complexity through the increase of contractors in the modern work environment
  • Developing a strategy to ensure ‘best in class’ contractor management
  • Learning from the data – contractor benchmarking to ensure a high performing safety culture 
Anthony Mirenzi, HSE Team Lead, ISN
Expert insight: Understanding and measuring areas of critical risk
  • How well do we as leaders understand and control risk? Learning from the 2017 Deloitte report
  • Prioritising different areas of risk and knowing where to allocate resources
  • Where to draw the line: what is an ‘acceptable level’ of risk?
  • Developing frameworks and metrics for measuring risk 
Kevin Oldham, Director, Navigatus Consulting
Table discussion
Afternoon break
Learning from the FISC risk approach - safety differently in the forestry industry
  • Outlining the journey of the Forestry Industry Safety Council to minimise risk in a high risk industry
  • Applying the Safety II paradigm to the forestry industry – why workers are the best tool in your box
  • Developing practical solutions for engaging with workers – cultivating creativity in health and safety strategy
Fiona Ewing, National Safety Director, Forestry Industry Safety Council
Closing keynote: Are you leading or lagging? Integrating safety in business as usual
  • Benchmarking New Zealand safety practice with global safety standards – how do we measure across international best practice?
  • Integrating safety into everyday practice – the culture of safety as BAU
  • Moving forward strategically – understanding the imperatives to improve and where New Zealand can develop its health and safety practice nationally 
David Wright, Advisory Board Member, Global Safety Index
Summary remarks from the Chair and Networking Drinks
Welcome back from the Chairs
International keynote: Safety II and the implications for the safety leader
  • Contextualising Safety I and Safety II and why more safety leaders are valuing the Safety II paradigm
  • Understanding the ‘facilitation’ approach of Safety II to an adaptable health and safety strategy
  • Looking into the role of the health and safety leader when adopting the model of safety II and the integration of safety I 
David Provan, former GM Health, Safety, Environment, Origin Energy & PhD Student, Griffith University
‘Safety differently’: Why your staff are the best safety solution
  • Understanding the role of people in your health and safety strategy and the importance of a cultural shift
  • Merging Safety I & II – why Safety I is not redundant in the era of Safety II
  • The practical application of safety differently – sharing the ‘Connetics differently’ story 
Jono Brent, Chief Executive Officer, Connetics
Table discussion
Morning break
Panel: Empowering your employees - utilising your greatest resources
  • Creating a culture of innovation and agility and how this applies to health and safety
  • Learning from developments and research into health and safety – how have you adjusted your organisational strategy to better engage your employees?
  • Combining data with performance – what is data telling us about health and safety?
  • Bringing focus to both health and safety – creating balance 
Wendi Croft, EHS Manager - Global Programmes & Governance, Fletcher Building Limited
Jess Boult, Zero Harm Manager, Transdev Auckland
Heather Johnson, Global Health and Safety Manager, Comvita
Steve Groenewegen, Health and Safety Manager, Auckland International Airport
Case study: Safety culture for workforce on the road
  • Incorporating an ‘on the road’ workforce into your health and safety strategy and treating the vehicle as a workplace
  • Utilising technology to mitigate the risk and gain visibility within a peripatetic workforce
  • Considering whether your business strategy should embrace technology and how it fits within health and safety culture and goals
Chris Evans, Health and Safety Stakeholder Manager, EROAD
Lunch break
‘Selling safety’: Generating engagement and excitement with health and safety
  • Applying a bottom up approach – starting with yourself as a health and safety leader
  • Identifying where many businesses go wrong – bringing your employees with you on the health and safety journey
  • How to get your teams on board with safety solutions and strategies for generate excitement about health and safety
Frana Lindsay, Head Consultant for Health, Safety and Well-being, NZME & Director, Engaging Safety Solutions
Case study: Learning from the franchisor/franchisee relationship - your sphere of influence
  • Looking into the franchisor/franchisee dynamic and the responsibilities of a PCBU in the franchisee environment
  • Engaging with franchise owners to ensure compliance and best practice safety practice – tools and tips for effective communication
  • Measuring performance of franchises – influencing other safety leaders and franchisee owners
Grant McLauchlan, Managing Director, CrestClean
Afternoon break
Maintaining high quality safety throughout the supply chain
  • Monitoring responsibilities as a PCBU throughout the supply chain
  • Supporting contractor and sub-contractor health and safety and utilising procurement to work with best practice companies
  • Influencing the health and safety of suppliers – knowing your values and setting high expectations
Sarah McDonald, Health & Safety Advisor, SiteSafe & NZISM Health and Safety Practitioner of the Year 2017
Closing keynote: The Workplace of the Future - preparing for a new way of working
  • Insight into the future workplace – what roles are being disrupted?
  • Dealing with change, stress and restructuring – strategies for cultivating resilience
  • The health and safety leader’s role in organisational transformation
Professor Jarrod Haar, Deputy Director, NZ Work Research Institute & Professor , AUT
Closing remarks from the Chairs and end of Summit

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