2018 IT Architecture Forum

Aligning world-class architecture with business strategy

separately bookable workshop
15 August 2018 | 9.00am – 16.30pm

This full-day workshop aims to define facilitation techniques and frameworks to empower and grow an architect’s leadership and influence within their role and across the organisation. This workshop will provide you with the skills and confidence to facilitate innovative initiatives to your organisation.
• Discovering how you can build your credibility and confidence as a negotiator
• Building influence and identifying key working relationships
• Gain new frameworks in understanding the successful leading of change
• Maintaining a proactive approach to leadership and responding effectively to problems
• Communicating effectively through change with a diverse range of people and personalities across the organisation
• Why certain strategies work, and some don’t; the role of our unconscious bias
• Effectively communicating and building buyin to work towards a vision

Samantha Patel

Registered Psychologist

Responsive Consulting

MSc (Criminological Psychology), BSc Psychology (Hons), PG Cert Cultural Diversity in Therapy and Counselling. For almost twenty years Sam has worked internationally in a variety of specialist front line and senior management roles. Working across both public and private sectors Sam has significant experience of designing and facilitating group work to a range of complex needs clients. This includes cognitive skills training with youth, ensuring education, training and employment opportunities for learners who have been excluded/struggled to gains qualification from school and working with learners who have low levels of literacy and numeracy. Safeguarding the well-being of leaders and practitioners within learning environments and when working with complex groups / individuals / families is an area of interest for Sam. Sam’s senior leadership experience has involved leading change within the increased use of a business model framework. As a registered Psychologist and Chartered member of the Institute of Organisational Psychology (New Zealand Psychological Society), Sam applies contemporary psychological principles to her work and adopts a strengths, value-based approach. Above all, ensuring dynamic responsiveness to individuals, teams and organisations.


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