2018 Health & Wellbeing Summit

Strategies for supporting a healthy and resilient workforce

27 Mar 2018Ellerslie Event Centre, Auckland
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Registration and coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair
Robyn Shearer, Chief Executive, Te Pou
Developing a strategy for health and wellbeing - how to engage the un-engaged
  • Why wellbeing programs do not typically engage those who would stand to benefit the most
  • How to structure a behaviour change program that is tailored to meet the needs of your organisation and to maximise overall engagement
  • Understand why wellbeing programs can be too focused on health and the affect that can have on your people and their willingness to participate.
Brad Norris, Managing Director, Synergy Health
‘Alcohol&Me’- The Lion story: bringing alcohol policy to life for your people
  • Alcohol&Me – the drivers behind the programme and its growth within NZ businesses
  • Bridging the gap between policy and action – the importance of supporting your staff before alcohol becomes an issue in the workplace
  • Implementing an alcohol training programme in your organisation – practical tips to help bring policies to life
Jude Walter, Programme Manager, Alcohol&Me
Morning break
Case study: Psychosocial risk in the NGO healthcare sector
  • Introducing the context of the collaborative research project and its application to New Zealand business
  • WHO Healthy Workplace Model: psychosocial work environment - the last frontier
  • Understanding the impact of specific psychosocial hazards on staff wellbeing and service quality
  • Managing psychosocial risk due to client on staff aggression
Andrew Hearn, Health and Safety Wellbeing Advisor, Emerge Aotearoa
Joana Kuntz, Senior Lecturer, University of Canterbury
Panel: Managing mental health - successful programmes and measures for success
  • How to determine when your employees are mentally unwell
  • Proactive measures for improving mental health across your organisation
  • Addressing indicators of success – will we ever achieve complete mental wellness?
Rudy Bakker, Mental Health & Addiction Clinical Coordinator, East Health Trust PHO
Shaun Robinson, Chief Executive, Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand
Julie Mathews, Welfare Officer, NZ Police
Erin Brearley, Safety and Wellbeing Specialist, AA Insurance

Lunch break
Case study: Positioning your workers ‘at their best’ - Kensington Swan’s wellbeing story
  • Implementing a health and wellbeing programme – why you need buy-in from the top and how to involve the C suite
  • Bringing your staff on the journey with you – the success of a health and wellbeing programme lead by its workers
  • “Start before you’re ready” – learning from the Kensington Swan journey
Rose Ritchie, HR Administrator, Kensington Swan
Case study: Cultivating a culture of health and wellbeing - Healthwise at Flight Centre
  • Creating a culture of wellbeing across a global organisation – the importance of communication, collaboration and connectivity
  • Measuring ROI and engagement within wellbeing projects
  • Reflecting on the success of Healthwise and the tangible impact of a healthy workforce
Ross Larsen, Healthwise NZ Business Leader, Flight Centre
Expert insight: Sleep and its disorders - the impact on productivity and safety
  • Linking a good nights’ sleep to productivity and knowing when fatigue is affecting performance
  • Looking into the widespread impacts of sleep deprivation and how it manifests in the workplace
  • Strategies for creating healthy sleep habits
Merrhis Majurey, Senior Sleep Physiologist, Fit for Duty
Afternoon break
Mental health and depression in New Zealand - tackling the stoic kiwi stereotype
  • Encouraging proactive mental health campaigns in high risk demographics
  • Sharing strategies of effective engagement on challenging mental health issues
  • Promoting awareness around mental health at the board level 
Naomi Cowan, CEO, Equip Mental Health Services
Closing Keynote: Building a resilient workforce - avoiding leadership and employee burnout
  • The fundamental reason why corporate burnout is on the rise
  • The neurological differences between different personality types
  • 7 FUN, cutting edge brain hacks based on the latest neuroscience to tackle chronic stress whilst increasing mental performance
Ani Wilson, Leadership Burnout Coach, Ani Wilson Consulting
Summary remarks from the Chair and Networking Drinks
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