2018 Customer Summit

Leading the customer revolution


Registration and Coffee
Welcome from the Chair
Max Adler, Service Design Lead, EY wavespace New Zealand
Opening Keynote: The evolution of customer experience
  • Understanding societal shifts and their impact on customer expectation and engagement
  • Opportunity to innovate with disruption – utilising technological trends to create personalised and meaningful engagement
  • What are the trends defining the customer of the future?
  • Examining the convergence between engagement and experience
Chris Walls, Head of CRM, Sephora Digital SEA
Designing a CX strategy for people: The future of customer experience
  •  Realigning company strategy and culture with an overarching CX vision
  • The path to implementation - utilising CX strategies to create authentic benefits to both employees and customers
  • Creating future-proofed CX strategies that meet the needs of the future customer
Dan Fischer, Senior Manager, Digital Experience and Services & Qantas
Morning Break
Panel Discussion: Advancing and embodying customer experience
  • Evolving leadership skills to drive CX change within organisations
  • Cracking the code – discovering customer’s needs, wants and desires through data-driven insights
  • Effectively utilising feedback and creating innovative opportunities that enhance customer touchpoints
  • Avoiding silos - embedding the customer vision across the organisation
  • Establishing a client-centric culture within your workplace
David Hughes, General Manager e-Commerce and Customer Insights, Briscoe Group
Chris Walls, Head of CRM, Sephora Digital SEA
Paul Linnell, Managing Director, CTMA New Zealand Ltd
John Perez, Director, Customer Dynamics
Fostering a CX environment of trust, privacy and authenticity
  • Interpreting customers’ expectations around data privacy and building an environment of trust
  • Leading privacy change when approaching customer data and increasing touchpoints to proactively address barriers
  • Satisfying customer needs by building an environment of trust
Wayne Pick, Executive Creative Director CX, Colenso BBDO
Stream Sessions Start
Leadership and Strategy

Cultures, strategies and pathways to enhance the customer experience

Digital and Technology

Uncovering new technologies changing digital landscape for enhanced CX

Leadership and Strategy
Delivering a Customer Focused Mindset: CX Skills as a Strategy
Auckland Council began its CX journey at amalgamation in 2010 and decided in 2014 that instead of depending on a range of consultants the organization would be better served if it could develop and sustain its own ability to deliver customer insight for its over 2,000 services and products. 
Identified as a strategic need as part of the Auckland Council Enterprise Strategy, within the Customer Friendly Services strategy pillar, in early 2015, an initiative was developed by Jason Borowicz and Stephen McKernon to deliver this capability related to Service Design; within a few months, Jo Crowley was added to the mix, delivering Kaizen and Lean capability. This session will cover the failures and successes, with some tips along the way for organizations looking to build their own ability to connect with customers, understand customer journeys, develop insights and deliver amazing experiences. 
Jason Borowicz, Customer Centric Improvement Lead, Auckland Council
Digital and Technology
AI – Start small, think BIG

How AI fits into your digital experience, and where front-running organisations are already finding a competitive advantage

  • How to get started with limited effort, time, and investment, choose the right path for your organisation, and get buy in from your senior leaders for AI projects    
  • AI mistakes, pitfalls, and horror stories (and how to avoid them)
Eduard Liebenberger, Head of Digital, Jade Software
Leadership and Strategy
Design Inside : Supporting CX maturity in large organisations
  • Four critical capabilities that form the foundation to a design & customer led culture. 
  • Demonstrated models that can be applied according to an organisations stage of readiness.
  • Achieving scalable change within a siloed environment
Jodine Stodart, UX Director, Digital Arts Network
Digital and Technology
Sweat the small stuff: Why every customer’s voice matters

A case study exploring how Westpac’s focus on enhancing the customer experience in their mobile app led to increased customer satisfaction, usage and sales.

Rhiannon White, Chief Digital Officer, Westpac
Afternoon Break
A start-up case study: Ando Insurance Group

How a new, owner-operated insurance business is competing with huge global and regional corporates.

  • Using partnering and technology to overcome barriers to entry and gain competitive advantage.
  • Merging new innovations into a traditional industry and the challenges of B to B innovation.


John Lyon, CEO, Ando Insurance

Get hands-on with the opportunity to jump into 2 focused discussion groups, facilitated by thought leaders within this topic. Delegates will have an opportunity to select up to 2 topics and change tables after the first 40-minute session.

Table 1: Creating customer-centric journey maps || Jodine Stodart, UX Director, Digital Arts Network
Table 2: Nurturing a CX-driven organisational culture || Steph Creasy, Managing Director, Digital Arts Network
Table 3: Boost customer engagement and reduce support costs by letting || Andrew Taylor, Head of Theta Digital, Theta
Table 4: How to turn the voice of the customer into management actions || Paul Linnell, Managing Director, CTMA New Zealand
Table 5: Establishing a data-driven CX strategy || Milutin Rmandic, Data-Driven Transformation Director, Solnet 

The leaky bucket of failed customer experience

A story of how customer experience can strengthen or destroy customer retention and the importance of the post-purchase buyer journey.

Kirsty Weir, Director, Rough Sketch
Summary remarks from the Chair and networking drinks
Welcome back from the Chair
Leadership and Strategy
Digital and Technology
Leadership and Strategy
The 5 Secrets to CX Success
  • You never know what someone is thinking… until you ask
  • Don’t treat the symptoms when you can cure the disease
  • Always consider the precedent
  • Take an Agile approach to innovation
  • Own it
Nicole Scheid, Digital Retailing Manager, Air New Zealand
Digital and Technology
Value creation along the customer journey
  • Houston we have a problem: Customer churns!
  • Working backwards: Find touch point gaps during the customer journey
  • Working forewords: QBR and value proposition are your long lasting jokers
  • Some tips, playbooks and templates to get started
Ralf Wittgen, Chief Customer Officer, Promapp Solutions
Leadership and Strategy
Customer-centricity: Meeting the growing demands of personalised experiences
  • Embracing the opportunities of market disruption by delivering sustainable competitive differentiation
  • Accelerating customer expectations by going deeper than surface demographics
  • Utilising existing customer data to redefine approaches through personalisation
Rob Brough, Digital Experience Consultant, Solnet
Digital and Technology
The continued promise of IoT: Transforming customer experiences
  • Utilising IoT, sensors and location-based services to create compelling experiences  
  • Combining IoT and AI technology with creative business thinking to develop innovative service offerings
Jonathan Miller, National Tech Network Manager - Data & IoT, Callaghan Innovation
Morning Break
Leadership and Strategy
The Customer as Co-Creator
  • Delivering a great customer experience requires a deep understanding of your customers
  • How do you apply Design Thinking, Lean and Agile Principles
  • The Energy Industry is changing rapidly with renewable energy,  electric vehicles, Solar Power
  • Come and hear how Genesis has created a Local Energy Community to make the Customer a partner in the creation of new products and service
John Perez, Director, Customer Dynamics
Digital and Technology
Chatbots - Getting it right the first time!
  • Why you can't afford to ignore chatbots any longer
  • How to use chatbots to have meaningful conversations with your customers
  • The chatbot recipe: how to get it right
Eduard Liebenberger, Head of Digital, Jade Software
Leadership and Strategy
Case Study: CX transformation journey
  • Moving beyond slick interfaces to transformative business and delivering on rewards
  • Enabling processes and technology to set employee mind-sets and behaviours
  • Acknowledging the fuller customer experience 
Tim Aynsley, Director – Digital & Core, IAG
Digital and Technology
The Mobility journey of the New Zealand Police
  • The history of NZP and mobility
  • Mobility as a key enabler to deliver on Police’s strategy
  • End-user engagement is vital
  • Prepare for your innovation success
  • Executive buy-in is crucial
  • Invest in Strategic partnerships
Superintendent Rob Cochrane, Director: Mobility and Innovation, New Zealand Police
Lunch Break
Leadership and Strategy
Moving forward and building a foundation of success following adversity
  • PLAN: Identification and Interpretationof customers’ expectations
  • LISTEN: Acknowledging errors and taking customers’ views into account
  • RESTART: Creating a service standard to meet customers’ needs and expectations going forward
  • FORWARD: Building a record of excellence and maintaining solutions
Vaughan Thomas, National Team Lead, Customer Love & Geneva Health
Digital and Technology
Data-driven story telling
  • Cohesive stories using data visualisations and narratives
  • Comprehending customer journeys using data
  • Zooming in on data ‘fit’ for human consumption
  • Actions from data that is insightful, exciting and helpful
Mpatisi Moyo, Senior Data Scientist, Xero
Leadership and Strategy
Stories from the digital front line: Your customer at the heart
  • Make customers part of the family
  • Develop commercial omni-channel strategies that bridge the physical and digital
  • Build deeper customer relationships
Frank Owen, Director & Customer Strategist, Owen Partners
Digital and Technology
Hard work of implementation: Challenges of moving from ideas to tech
Tom Osborne, Director, wavespace & Advisory Digital Lead, EY
Afternoon Break
Getting ahead of the disruption curve
Christopher Watney, Chief Marketing Officer, Southern Cross Health Society
Closing Keynote: Humanising computing with Soul Machines - The forefront of AI and CX

Soul Machines is leading the way in using emotional & artificial intelligence to improve CX, revolutionising the face of user interfaces to create a more human experience. Soul Machines is pioneering the way in humanised computing with their Virtual Nervous System™, Digital DNA™, Cognitive EI™ & Virtual Humans™.

  • Enhancing CX at critical pain points through Cognitive EI
  • Democratising high value personalised experiences.
  • Delivering new brand experiences through interactive virtual employees
Liam Malone, Business Development Manager, Soul Machines
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