2018 Business Intelligence Summit (BI)

Transforming BI services to add value to data

26 - 27 Mar 2018Grand Millennium, Auckland
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Registration and coffee
Welcome from the Chair
Examining emerging trends within BI
Recognising signs of the dynamic data economy and its opportunities for the future
  • The age of Machine, Platform and Crowd
  • Designing your strategy for defense and offense
  • The changing nature of decision support
Sam Daish, Head of Data Innovation, Xero
Augmenting BI with Data Science to supplement informative decision making
  • Changing digital landscapes, and the need for data science to solve business problems with greater performance and productivity
  • Designing a coexisting architecture for BI & Data Science
  • Practicalities of implementing Data Science solutions into BI programmes
Ganesh Selvaraj, Data Scientist and Big Data & AI Consultant
Morning break
Making sense of the unstructured data by cognitive computing and ML
  • Gaining business value from unstructured text by leveraging NER and emotion detection
  • Running predictive analytics on large volumes of text data
  • Using machine learning algorithms and NLP to extract insights from unstructured data
Elroy Gonzales, Senior Data Scientist, The Warehouse Group
Exploring analytics to drive BI solutions
Hybrid BI - Taking decision-making and insights to the next level with real-time predictive analytics
  • Utilising collected data to customise content based on user behaviour
  • Making real-time information streams appear relevant to each user group
  • Using prescriptive and descriptive analytics to mine cause-effective scenarios for investigation
Delivering Big Data using Kaizen
  • Tying Big Data to business strategy
  • Big Data meets Lean data
  • Delivering Big Data Platform and Insights through incremental steps
Dnyanesh Prabhu, Enterprise Data Architect, SKY TV New Zealand
Lunch break
Using analytics to gain insights into customer behaviour
  • Measuring customer engagement across platforms    
  • Analysing cohort behaviour based on past metrics
  • Considering information sharing across platforms
Putting BI into business strategy
Case Study: Implementing an internal BI consultancy service
  • Integrating BI within business to allow easier access to information
  • Tackling coordinated BI project implementation across organisations
  • Empowering trust in analytics and algorithms to dispel right and relevant information
Andrew Kerr, Business Intelligence Developer, Cigna
Afternoon break
Case Study: Leveraging Business Application Platform to Support Digital Transformation
  • Building user-centric analytics to enable business users to track real-time KPIs and identify challenges and bottlenecks
  • Empowering users to act on the analytics and automate manual business processes through rapid app development
  • Deploying the right business intelligence technologies to support enterprise-wide digital transformation
Dr. Xiaoyan (BAI) Bai, Information and Analytics Manager, ICT & Ports Of Auckland
Mike Osborne, Head of Engineering, Port Operations & Ports of Auckland
Creating the path toward data-driven business vision
  • Investing in BI technology frameworks to push organisational performance
  • Avoiding the trap of over-focusing on platforms vs too little focus on strategy
  • How much data is too much?
Malcolm Fletcher, Senior SQL Developer, ASB Bank
Summary remarks from the Chair and networking drinks
Welcome back from the Chair
Using technological innovation to add value to BI
Utilising semantic web technologies to discover new insights from data
  • Insights into the semantic web and its inner workings
  • Design and development of a semantic web infrastructure for BI
  • Securing the semantic web infrastructure
Rivindu Perera, Senior R&D Engineer, McCarthyFinch & and AI Researcher, AUT
Case Study: Using BI & Analytics on the Cloud to digitise the global supply chain
  • Analytics and Big Data is core to our digital transformation
  • Being Cloud-based is enabling industry collaboration
  • Learnings from our journey and the challenges ahead
Lauren Percy, Enterprise Architect, Kotahi
Morning break
Storing, mining and reporting data for actionable insights
Data vaults vs data lakes - Architectural considerations for structured and unstructured data
  • Matching data lakes and data-vaults with organisational systems, culture and processes
  • Choosing on-premise or Cloud-based storage options
  • Real world considerations for best practice implementations    
Phillip Higgins, Business Consultant, Higgins Consulting
Case study: Transforming your BI/BA operating model - The NZ Police story

Gain first-hand insights into how NZ Police bootstrapped its business intelligence operating model to unlock analytical insights from its data

Gavin Knight, Chief Data Scientist, NZ Police
Lunch break
Panel Discussion: Taking the first step to data-driven operations - Preserving the quality of your information
  • Measuring and managing data to improve overall data quality in relation to business goals
  • Improving agility on data governance processes to relate to strategy
  • Cutting out technical debt and legacy systems from data management processes
Nina Herriman, Data & Analytics Manager, AA Insurance
Tristin King, Head of Technology, JUCY Group
Combining engagement, visualisation and information - Examining the GenNext of automated and agile dashboards
  • Creating rooms for continuous integration with changing KPIs and strategy
  • Separating visualisation narratives to cater to beginner and expert mentalities
  • Measuring the business impact and call to action of information presented
Ivan Wells, Head of Business Intelligence, BNZ
Afternoon break
Tracking the practical application of report visualisation
  • The user’s perspective on visualisation as means of enhancing business insight
  • Obtaining value from data
  • Lessons learned along the visualisation and reporting deployment journey
Nalar Mohamed, Capital Performance Manager, Auckland Transport
Closing Remarks from the Chair and end of Conference
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