2018 Business Intelligence Summit (BI)

Transforming BI services to add value to data

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With businesses rapidly transforming and digitising, we're seeing the rise of modern BI, data literacy, and data-driven decisions being spread to all corners of the business.

Whether you're in the sales, finance, marketing, or logistics - data is the currency to thrive in today's insight-led landscape. 


Business Intelligence is the driving force behind increasing commercial capabilities. BI opens up the wider organisation to harness insights at the tip of their fingers and interact with data rather than fear it. Data discovery and data visualisation are paving the way for more business users to reap the benefits and make stronger decisions embedded in strategic insights to optimise results. 


Join us at the 2018 Summit to hear real-world case studies; and insights from leading experts.


Potential topics for 2018:

  • Creating business value through BI and inspiring leadership teams use BI in decision making

  • Technologies on tomorrow’s checklist: new tools, tricks and techniques for your BI kit

  • Cybersecurity and risk increases as data becomes a core strategic asset for businesses

  • How data visualisation or data discovery is propelling modern BI forward

  • Advanced analytics becomes more accessible to business users 

  • Self-service analytics extends to data prep

  • Transition to cloud BI accelerates


Who should attend? 

  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Business Insights Manager
  • Team Leader Data and Analytics
  • Data Architect
  • IT Professionals
  • Managing Directors


Comments from past delegates: 

'Overall, I enjoyed the two days, and got a lot from it. I was able to spot common threads and trends and took a lot away to help us build our BI strategy'

'Thanks for a well run conference. Lots of food for thought'

'Enjoyed all the sessions. Found all topics useful in one way or another'

'An excellent conference and will definitely attend the next one'

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