2017 Sponsorship Summit

Driving successful partnerships through new opportunities, strategies and experiences


The 2017 Sponsorship Summit brought together rights holders and sponsors to establish what makes a strong partnership in today's changing business environment.


A two-day conference featuring insights including:

  • Global trends in sponsorship
  • Leveraging partnerships - internally and supporting your partner’s leverage strategy
  • New and authentic ways to execute partnerships and reach audiences
  • The power of social media and emerging digital and social influencer trends
  • NZ partnership case studies - their journey and lessons learnt
  • Commercial rights management
  • Extending revenue generation opportunities and approaching multinationals


Who attended?

  • Sponsorship Managers
  • Partnerships Managers
  • Heads of Corporate Communications & Public Relations
  • Brand Engagement Managers
  • Event Managers
  • Business Development Manager
  • CEOs
  • Digital Marketing Specialists
  • Directors
  • Fundraising Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Sponsorship Activation Managers


Attendee testimonials:

  • "It was fantastic getting some insight to what is working well for partners on the sponsorship side and also hear their most common frustrations."
  • "Really great to attend, good range of speakers/topics pitched at the right level for attendees, and I enjoyed the networking opportunities."
  • "It was a fantastic conference with a good balance of stretching everyone's thinking and going back to basics. It definitely met the need of a very tight knit community of sponsorship and partnership specialists and was a great opportunity to network with other like minded professionals. Thanks for the initiative to start this conference."

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