2017 NZTECH Advance Education Technology Summit

Enhancing collaboration for 21st century learning



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Welcome from the Chair
Graeme Muller, Chief Executive, NZTECH
Political Address
David Seymour, Member of Parliament for Epsom, ACT Party Leader; and Parliamentary Undersecretary to the Ministers of Education and Regulatory Reform
Ministry of Education Address
Jackie Talbot, General Manager- Early Learning and Student Achievement, Ministry of Education of New Zealand
Keynote: The convergence of tech, cultures and future-focused education

The convergence of the edtech and education sectors  are producing major shifts in  how learning models  are  transforming student  learning experiences. This keynote will explore how edtech and educators in English and Māori mediums are at a pivotal point in  leading  a new generation of learners in the knowledge economy. It will conclude with an overview of the potential and challenges of enabling culturally grounded digital citizenship now, and into the future.

Alex Hotere-Barnes, Kairangahau Matua, Senior Researcher/Evaluator, Facilitator Māori-medium, Expert Partner, CORE Education
Morning break
TECH AND PEDAGOGY Re-imagining the nature of student-led learning through digital
  • Looking at the roots of the structure: Rethinking teacher preparation and how to respond to the changing education landscape  
  • Inspiring lifelong learning: Evaluating changing digital philosophy in teaching and how we can cater to changing student needs 
  • Providing teachers with the right skillsets to support student-led digital learning
Dr Nina Hood, Lecturer, The University of Auckland; and & Founder, The Education Hub
EDTECH FOR EXPORT Trend watch: Where the world of edtech is headed and how to innovate in highly competitive markets
  • Critical trends shaping the education technology industry 
  • What are the emerging technologies making waves in the edtech space? 
  • Heading into new territories: Adaptivity is crucial to success
Tony Kong, CTO and co-founder, Hapara
Tanya Johnson, Director of Product, Hapara
TECH AND PEDAGOGY Digital education for digital natives: Designing education for future-ready students
  • Our approach to curriculum design to increase student engagement 
  • Integration of technology throughout the curriculum to increase digital skills and fluency across all courses 
  • Balancing act: Leveraging technology to reinforce pedagogy and learning 
Andy Kai Fong, Principal, Haeata Community Campus
EDTECH FOR EXPORT Commercial and marketing strategies to go global with your start-up
  • Building commercial strategies to capture your target market 
  • How to differentiate your brand  in a sea of edtech entrepreneurs
  • How to foster international connections and strengthen partnerships to thrive in against global players
Vaughan Rivett, Futurist and Digital Strategist, Social Biz Guy
Say it in 5 - 5 min pitch session

Hear from Ed Tech companies about the latest products for Educators and Schools. 

Pitch 1: Accounting Pod 

Pitch 2: The Story Mint

Pitch 3: Video-based Reflection

Pitch 4: Savvy Up

Pitch 5: Titan Ideas 

TECH AND PEDAGOGY Panel discussion: How are communities of learning (CoL) and shared resources enhancing collaboration and creativity
  • What are the objectives we seek to achieve through creating connected networks of learning? 
  • How has your CoL and shared resources allowed students to reach higher in the learning? What are some of the results you’re seeing? 
  • How are we overcoming the challenges of BYOD and navigating between different platforms? 
  • Supporting student pathways: How can we create better linkages between students and industry to heighten engagement? 
Martin Bennett, Across School Pedagogical Leader, Pukekohe High School
Shona Smith, Acting Principal, Waitakere College
Kris Hughes, Principal, Riverhead Primary School
EDTECH FOR EXPORT Perspectives on Exporting Content built in NZ and lessons learnt from missions abroad
Tracy Strudley, Director, GlobalEd
Chris Sullivan, Commercial Director, Cognition Education
Facilitated by David Glover, Principal, Creative Strategies NZ
TECH AND PEDAGOGY The analytics and data behind education
  • Personalised learning models to cater to unique learning styles 
  • How learning and assessments data is shaping student success 
  • What are the key changes we’ve implemented resulting from the insights gained through analytics 
Dr Lesley Murrihy, Principal, Amesbury School
EDTECH FOR EXPORT Case study: Risks and Rewards: Starting a business, attracting customers and winning investors
  • From student flat to global investment: Our journey in launching a new venture 
  • Maximising our best asset - people: Capturing talent and relating to customers 
  • Addressing funding and resourcing challenges: Questions to ask throughout the journey and the lessons learnt  
David Cameron, Co-founder, LearnCoach
Deborah Lambie, Co-founder, LearnCoach
TECH AND PEDAGOGY Case study: Demystifying STEM programmes and revealing the outcomes of computational thinking
  • Getting students excited about STEM and implementing solutions that make a difference in their world 
  • STEM programme outcomes and results in learning 
  • Developing computational thinking skills in students that can be applied in other areas of learning 
Nick Pattison, Learning Designer, Ormiston Junior College
EDTECH FOR EXPORT Case study: Maintaining sustainable growth and scalability in volatile markets
  • Thinking exponentially: Accelerate growth through efficiently breaking into markets through our channel partners
  • Pumping up the scale: Responding to market changes and disruption
  • Harnessing the growth opportunity present in emerging markets and how to cater to the expanding demand in new regions
Carl Sanders-Edward, Managing Director, Jumpshift
Mark Watkins, VP Delivery, Jumpshift
Afternoon break
Panel discussion: Championing collaboration and heightening student engagement with digital technologies
  • Recognising where the learning gaps lie, how are we working towards delivering on the digital promise? 
  • What are the key drivers to pump up student engagement and how is technology enabling this?  
  • Who have been the champions in your school leading the change to implement equitable access across the board?
  • How have you innovated to overcome challenges and improved opportunities to access learning for all students?  
Andy Kai Fong, Principal, Haeata Community Campus
Ian McKinnon, Principal, Pukekohe High School
Tania Rangiheuea, Principal, Te Kura Māori o Waatea
Empowering youth to design their own learning pathways through technology

Youth of today are innovating and disrupting the world through applying their naturally formed digital skills to business problems of tomorrow. The question then is not how to teach, but how to empower and enable students to take charge of their own learning and accelerating their ideas through the power of technology. 

Nick Pattison, Learning Designer, Ormiston Junior College
Summary remarks from the Chair and networking function
Welcome back from Chair
Graeme Muller, Chief Executive, NZTECH
International Keynote: The future of learning: A higher perspective on the path to education
  • Revolutionising education for 21st century learners: Understanding the changing nature of our digital world and how this impacts education 
  • Forward thinking: How can we design and create deeper learning environments for students to engage through digital and human interaction  
  • Why it’s crucial to collaborate with the world of edtech and encourage new approaches to learning 
Drew Minock, Global education evangelist; and Outreach Manager, DAQRI
Motivation and the case for digital technologies

With the rapid growth of the internet and related technologies, the way we interact with each other and the world around us is changing. This is particularly true for education where online learning opportunities are shifting and changing what it means to learn. Digital technologies are often viewed as inherently motivating because they provide a number of qualities that foster motivation such as curiosity and novelty. But the picture is more complex than this as poor motivation has been shown to be a decisive factor in contributing to high dropout and non-completion rates from online courses and MOOCs. This talk will dispel some of the misconceptions about motivation and why it is an important consideration in digitally rich learning environments.

Dr Maggie Hartnett, Senior Lecturer - Institute of Education, Massey University
Case study: Accessing and forming collaborative partnerships between edtech companies and education leaders
  • Our journey in partnering with an edtech company and the outcomes 
  • Exchanging our pain points to find best solution for educators and edtech 
  • Interconnecting people and process: Why we’re in this together 
Charlie Tomlinson, Managing Director, EdPotential
Morning break
TECH AND PEDAGOGY Tech-enabled learning in the classroom: What does the future hold for learning and digital citizenship
  • What are the technology trends coming into classrooms to enable students to connect, create, and collaborate
  • What are the strategies to enable student agency and ownership of learning? 
  • Examining the evolving role of the teacher alongside technology
Suan Yeo, Education Evangelist and Head of Education ANZ, Google
EDTECH FOR EXPORT Case study: Food Education: Collaborative partnerships, evolving workflow and the global dream
  • From a spark, to a clear idea, to winning Start up Weekend: Our journey to launching successful programmes through fostering relationships with key partners 
  • A unique business model: Developing our go-to-market strategy and lessons learnt from pilot programmes and trials 
  • Adapting to evolving needs through harnessing feedback and insights 
  • The next steps to take this digital resource to the world through export 
Amy Burrell, Managing Director, What’s for lunch?
TECH AND PEDAGOGY Case study: Hīnātore Learning Lab at Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongawera
  • Creating a future focussed high-tech learning lab in a national museum
  • Supporting development of communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking with transformative technologies
  • Empowering lifelong learning to create preferred futures
Matt Richards, Senior Advisor Learning Innovation, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongawera
EDTECH FOR EXPORT Case study: From kitchen bench conversations to product design and development for global markets
  • Bolstering export capability: Identifying weak spots in product development, and innovating to compete with the big players 
  • Optimising our product through agile processes to quickly adapt to changing educator and student needs 
  • Gaining feedback to draw out customer insights and pain points for continuous improvements 
Kendall Flutey, Co-Founder, Banqer
TECH AND PEDAGOGY Where the world of gamification, AR and VR is taking education and student engagement
  • More than just entertainment: Mastering the art of engagement and interaction through gamification 
  • Enabling immersive learning experiences to heighten student engagement
  • The path to disruption: Growing opportunities to innovate in AR and VR  
Scott Cardwell, CEO, ImmerseMe
Mark Haines, Executive Principal, Academic Colleges Group
EDTECH FOR EXPORT Case study: Welcome to China: A bold move to launch into Asia’s largest market
  • Taking on China’s fast paced, highly competitive, and highly demanding marketplace: How we’re thriving in high pressure environments  
  • Where West meets East: Fostering strategic relationships with partners to ensure success  
  • Recognising that the cultural barrier is just as critical as commercial barriers 
Michael Walmsley, Founder, Code Avengers
TECH AND PEDAGOGY Case study: The journey towards blended learning in collaborative teaching and learning spaces
  • The shift to 120 learners and 4 teachers in one space - how digital technologies and digital literacy supported it
  • Transforming teaching and learning processes through enabling eLearning and ICT processes for collaboration
  • True student agency - where students have decisions, design and control over their learning
Nikki Urlich, Deputy Principal, Campbells Bay School
EDTECH FOR EXPORT Case study: Breaking into a billion-dollar market and confronting challenges to boost export capability
  • Setting our sights on the US: Our vision to take over the ‘free’ edtech solutions space and provide real value to customers 
  • Travelling to our markets to uncover unmet needs, identify niche markets, and connect with key partners  
  • Distribution channels: How we’re tackling the issue of delivering to our customers across a wide network, both geographically and technically 
Scott Noakes, Co-founder and CEO, Linewize
Don't just talk about it, make it happen then celebrate: The challenges of thriving successfully in today's world
Dame Wendy Pye, CEO, Wendy Pye Publishing Ltd
Closing Keynote: Reaching new frontiers of learning through digital and where it's taking education
  • Bringing together the multiple stakeholders involved to allow every student with digital opportunities 
  • Overcoming the challenges that confront us in the near future: We’ve got a big vision, it’s time we deliver on the digital promise 
  • Classrooms with integrated technology and robots are closer than we think: Ensuring that edtech and the education system supports mutual growth   
Sue Suckling, Chair, New Zealand Qualifications Authority
Closing remarks from the Chair and end of Summit

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