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Integration strategy 2.0: Combining multiple platforms for higher social performance
2 August 2017 | 9.00am - 4.30pm

Taking the concepts and ideas learnt from experts and case studies it’s time to put them into action!

In this workshop, we’ll be covering how to effectively integrate and optimise your social media platforms to engage with customers and grow audiences. Whether you are starting to integrate platforms, or you’ve already begun this journey, this workshop will help you reach higher performance and smash ROI through better integration. 

  • Setting objectives and budgets to increase ROI from social 
  • Differentiating the unique platforms and how audiences interact with them
  • Understanding which social touchpoints customers reach out to and why
  • Optimising social media presence through web, apps, and live events
  • Bringing together social media and integrating it with traditional marketing channels
  • Challenges to have a strong, unified voice across all channels to ensure that the brand retains integrity and reduces the issues of mixed messages
  • Driving eCommerce through integrated social platforms 
  • Combining social with analytical tools: Going beyond integrating to driving high performance 
  • Continuously crafting your brand and business strategy on social

Tom Reidy

Head of Innovation

TAG The Agency

Chief Editor

Social Media NZ

Tom advocates for innovative thinking and cultivating the freedom of a brand to adapt and move with the fast-paced, ever-changing world of modern marketing and advertising. ‘No longer can we rely on interrupting consumers with advertising and marketing messages! Now, it is about inspiring them to act upon stories told through digital channels. Brands aren’t people, so it’s not bout content, but story telling’. At TAG The Agency, Tom has lead the development of the VR Studio. He focuses on platforms over content and has worked with the team to develop an iOS based app to showcase the production work, at the same time building a platform to allow clients launch their own unique and high quality VR experience.


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