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Registration and coffee
Welcome from the Chair
Haydn Kerr, Digital Creative Director, DDB New Zealand
Thriving on social by crafting your business and brand strategy
  • The rise of new platforms to watch out for and the latest trends
  • Why platforms are standardising for better user experiences
  • The key to social success is through authentic content and brand strategy
  • How social is integrating new technologies into the mix: The takeover of chatbots and AI 
Simon Young, CEO, sy-Engage
Case study: Building our brand voice on social and engaging with worldwide audiences
  • Crafting our brand voice and placing our customers at the front of our social 
  • Reaching out to businesses offshore: How to align our brand voice with regional markets through social
  • Tracking and monitoring campaign activity: Engaging and interacting with our customers throughout the campaign
Katie Byrne, Global Head of Social Media, Xero
Morning break and refreshments
Planning for the raft of changes for Facebook
  • FB live, FB marketplace, FB VR and AR: How to plan for all these changes to stay relevant with your audiences
  • Where does B2B fit in with Facebook’s latest features? Practical tips and takeaways
  • Keeping it real! Creating authentic content to drive organic reach 
Tina Moore, Head of Social Media, NZME
Instagram introducing ads, carousels, and stories: Telling brand stories and driving eCommerce
  • Telling brand stories and driving ecommerce: Stories, carousel ads and sponsored ads on Instagram
  • Beyond showcasing products and services: Creating a strategy to build awareness, engage customers, and hit ROI
  • Pitfalls and challenges of Instagram for New Zealand audiences
Jessica Moloney, CEO, Moloney & Moloney
Snapchat strategy: Overcoming the Hype and focusing on ROI
  • More than just 10 sec snaps: Connecting with audiences through live, unedited, snackable video content
  • Combining AR filters and audiences to drive purchase intent and promote products
  • Understanding the metrics behind the scenes: Diving into analytics and emotional intelligence of Snapchat 
Duncan Shand, Managing Director, Young + Shand
Dan Maas, Account Director, Young + Shand
LinkedIn and social selling: A deep dive into major elements of this business platform
  • A quick run through of key LinkedIn profile optimisation tactics 
  • How to develop and hone your social selling strategy and grow your networks
  • Challenges and pitfalls of B2B marketing on LinkedIn: Lessons learned
Kate Nankivell, LinkedIn Specialist, Force of Nature
On the pulse of live trends and customer voices: unleashing the power of Facebook ads
  • Where Facebook ads is at in the landscape of digital advertising and how to prioritise it
  • Best practices on Facebook advertisement: execute campaigns that will achieve your ROI or other KPIs.
  • What's next with Facebook advertising and how to stay ahead of the game
Gracie MacKinlay, Chief Marketing Gorilla, Mighty Ape
Panel discussion: The underbelly of social: Best approaches to handling complaints and monitoring negative feedback
  • Being savvy with social PR: Building honesty and transparency with your audience
  • Showing customers you care: Why it’s crucial to capture the hearts of customers through empathy and managing expectations
  • Utilising communities to build trust with the brand and business to better handle complaints 
Jon Randles, Partner, MOSH Social Media
Jessica Moloney, CEO, Moloney & Moloney
Case study: How to become the ‘social’ bible’ to 1.3 million millennials on social media
  • Launching to crickets and leveraging social to build reach and engagement
  • Using insights and analytics to create a content strategy that is ahead of trends
  • Using humour and authenticity to build trust
Marilynn McLachlan, Editor, The Urban List
Case study: Creating an authentic connection with our customers and business communities
  • How IAG is evolving on different social platforms and positioning our brand values alongside our customers
  • Defining objectives for our social strategy, and driving innovation through social insights
  • Differentiating unique communities on social and tracking social sentiment with our brand
Tineke Bright, Digital Manager – Group Social Technology, IAG
Afternoon break and refreshments
Case study: Our Snapchat strategy to creatively connect with young audiences

Why did we jump onto Snapchat? Here we'll be diving into how this channel allows us to create a stronger relationship with our highly engaged audience of young customers and millennials, our organic tactical & brand campaign successes, and the future.

Joanne Mitchell, Director of Marketing NZ, McDonald’s Restaurants
Case study: Our Video strategy and getting our CEO on social
  • #AskMikeZ: Unleashing our CEO on Facebook Live: What were we thinking and the response we got
  • #WeCanDoBetter: Being honest and authentic through social: Why this is at the core of our video strategy and overall CSR mission
  • #ZforNZ: How our brand has evolved through and the influence social media has had on it
Rhys Musson, Brand Manager, Z Energy
Case study: #NotYourAverage – How BCITO built social brand friendships to drive apprentice numbers
  • Integrating across the board: How we're leveraging social, digital, earned and traditional media
  • Using video content to build brand friendships with digital natives and millennials
  • Converting social interaction and engagement – timing is everything.
Andrew Robertson, Marketing & Communications Manager, BCITO
Closing remarks from the Chair and networking drinks
Welcome back from the Chair
Haydn Kerr, Digital Creative Director, DDB New Zealand
Life is not the same: Optimising social media for Asians
  • The other billion at your fingertips: Growth strategies on social to hack China 
  • Quick-to-market: Local and International Chinese and the incremental growth opportunity
  • WeChat and more: Understanding China’s platforms and how to use them effectively
Nick Siu, Director, The Agency 88
Case study: Integrating social with our retail and eCommerce strategy
  • How does retail and social go hand-in-hand: social touchpoints and visual storytelling 
  • Implementing a seamless strategy for eCommerce and tying in social elements to drive success
  • Overcoming the challenges of measuring customer satisfaction and sentiment through social
Juanita Neville Te-Rito, Founder and Retail Consultant, The Retail Collective
Morning break and refreshments
Genuine partnerships that align with your brand strategy

Why does the brand voice, image, and representation matter in all social media and how the customer perceives the brand. In this session, we will be diving into what's shifting the social landscape and how brands and aligning themselves through influencers and building partnerships. 

Dani Revell, Head of Strategy and Boss Lady, We Are Anthology
Quickfire series: Influencer campaigns and the lessons learnt from four unique perspectives

1. Is Influencer Marketing a growing trend or just a dying fad?

    Georgia McGillivray, Co-founder, The Social Club


2. How to engage with influencers and making them fall in love with your brand

    Angela Barnett, Chief of Propaganda and the Dark Arts, Karma Cola

3. From small town Kiwi influencers to engaging with celebrities: How influencers are at the core of our business model

    Iyia Liu, Director, Waist Trainer New Zealand Australia and Luxe Fitness

4. A Youthful Perspective to Generation Z Marketing

    Rachel Ji, Director, Thrivo

15min Extended audience Q&A from Quickfire series speakers

Facilitated by: Dani Revell, Head of Strategy, We Are Anthology

The dark side of Influencer Marketing: What you need to be aware of
  • Does your Influencer even have influence? How can you check?
  • What if your Influencer goes rogue?
  • Influencer, celebrity or talent: what are you really looking for?
Jon Randles, Partner, MOSH Social Media
Social crisis response protocol! A PR strategy to manage socially-connected, digital-savvy audiences
  • Sorry is the hardest word: Maintaining brand integrity and addressing audience sentiment to rectify the situation
  • Showing responsibility, accountability, and empathy from top down
  • Responding tactfully to social outcry: Key tips and takeaways to dealing with rage tweets and posts
Jane Sweeney, Managing Director, Anthem
Case study: How Deloitte crafts their dynamic brand on social to stay relevant in a connected age
  • The challenge of marketing a financial services brand
  • Communicating the personality of the Deloitte brand through social media
  • Utilising our global networks and showing what Deloitte New Zealand brings to the table
Emily McLean, Marketing and Social Media Advisor, Deloitte New Zealand
Digital innovation and social media: How immersive experiences through AR and VR are shaping the social landscape
  • Why is AR and VR important to the future of the internet: Case examples and lessons learnt so far
  • Examining the real impact on brand that AR and VR will have, and how to plan for digital innovation
  • More than a cute gimmick: How to effectively use the power of AR and VR in business strategy
Tom Reidy, Head of Innovation, TAG The Agency & Chief Editor, Social Media NZ
Closing remarks and end of conference

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