2017 NZ Food Summit

The Pan Food Industries Summit

New Zealand is well positioned to be the leading producer of high quality, safe food for the world​.  The New Zealand Food Summit focused on facilitating discussion around the potential of our food economy and the ability for New Zealand to develop its own story as a food producer on the world stage.

There are some great examples of New Zealand’s primary producers capitalising on the unique biologics and resources that we possess within our natural environment, sustainably producing high value products which are packaged and cleverly marketed to customers across the globe.  All of this is underpinned by a world class regulatory system that ensures our food is trusted. Combining these strengths means that we have the platform to innovate, collaborate and grow our export margin by moving up the value chain to be the leading producer of high quality, safe food for the world.​

The Food Summit brought together the leading innovators, colloborators and entrepreneurs from both New Zealand and further abroad to highlight the opportunity for New Zealand to be a world leader in producing high quality, safe food. With speakers from Food Valley NL, Food HQ, Foodbowl, MBIE, Massey University and many more aspirationals New Zealand companies, the event ensured focus on the future of food in New Zealand. 

Where are the future opportunities to capitalise on the New Zealand brand? Stay tuned for the 2018 New Zealand Food Summit.



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