2017 Customer 3.1 Summit

Aligning strategy, technology, and analytics for everyday customer success

24 - 25 May 2017Skycity Convention Centre, Auckland


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Welcome from the Chair
International Keynote: "How You See Is What You Get": Harnessing the Power of Left-Brain and Right-Brain Thinking to Optimize Marketing and Customer Experience
  • Wisdom from a McKinsey consultant and 3-time multinational CMO: how to solve today’s marketing and customer experience challenges leveraging both analytical and creative techniques
  • Cigna’s journey to Customer Centricity: qualitative tools and quantitive techniques we used to improve NPS and measure the financial impact of improvements
  • Revlon's shift to the CHOOSE LOVE positioning, and how a powerful creative idea created quantifiable value
Benjamin Karsch, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Revlon
Trend watch: Experiences that excite and delight us! Evolving and adapting to the next customer trends in an experience economy
  • Defining the CX value: The sum of each interaction, touchpoint, and micro-moment on the full experience 
  • Creating the next best customer experience through streamlining CX with better technology integration
  • Avoiding the plateau effect: Managing customer experiences in an age of constant start-ups and novelty brands
Morning break
International case study: MYER's vision to transform customer experiences through innovation and technology
  • Driving transformation through customer-centric strategies
  • Living in a fast-paced world our customers expect low effort and efficient experiences, how we’re delivering on this and keeping the customers' voice top of mind
  • Insights to action: Navigating data to gain a better understanding of customer pain points and developing deeper relationships with our customers
Louise Christopher, General Manager - Transformation Office (Customer Experience) , MYER
Panel discussion: We’re living in an Experience Economy, it’s time we acted on it
  • With the rise of tech-savvy customers, how is the business landscape changing to reflect this?
  • What are the key strategic objectives that all business leaders need to know to achieve top CX programmes?
  • In a data-driven age, how will analytics influence experiences and add value to the customer?
  • As more industries undergo their digital transformation, how will digitised process changes allow better customer success? 

Moderator: Kat Hardisty, Design Lead, Optimal Workshop

Further panellists to be announced

Benjamin Karsch, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Revlon
Louise Christopher, General Manager - Transformation Office (Customer Experience) , MYER
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE People, process, and technology: How CX is driving business strategy
  • Putting CX at the core: Championing a robust customer strategy and winning leadership support 
  • Adapting to fluid customer expectations and supporting strategic objectives
  • Tackling operational silos by breaking down barriers to allow transparency across the organisation

Representative from Zendesk

DIGITAL EXPERIENCE The power of human-centred design and collaborative teams
  • Transparency and convenience at the touch of a button: Why human-centred design gives emphasis to low effort experiences enabled by technology 
  • The best designs are simple: Concentrating on the needs, wants, and limitations customers face to create success
  • Interweaving disciplines across the organisation to drive customer-centricity via design
CUSTOMER ANALYTICS Getting into the crunch of AI and machine learning to better understand your customers
  • Overcoming the hype and diving into the value businesses: How AI and machine learning are taking predictive modelling to the next level to understand user data
  • How does AI inform experiences and the overall customer strategy? 
  • Creating real success for customers through linking our data with meaningful action
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Unicorns versus specialists: The different faces of CX and where they fit in organisations
  • Differentiating between types of CX roles 
  • The CX Powerhouse: Effective in-house team structures for a Customer Experience focus
  • Delivering on customer success: Empowering and engaging teams to improve processes and journeys
Kat Hardisty, Design Lead, Optimal Workshop
DIGITAL EXPERIENCE Case study: Self-service and digital innovation
  • Putting the power into the customers’ hands with self-service capabilities 
  • Built-in intuition: Creating efficient experiences for customer success through effective UX 
  • Their time is valuable: Understanding changing customer expectations and implementing low latency
Fiona Murphy, Head of Digital and Self Service Channels, Kiwibank
CUSTOMER ANALYTICS The new normal: Utilising real time insights generated from chatbots and where it’s taking customer experience
  • How chatbots have already begun influencing customer behaviour with conversational UI to deliver better experiences
  • Conversing with bots: How chatbots are creating customer efficiencies and harnessing the insights for continued improvement
  • Evaluating the maturity of chatbots and voice biometrics
Ben Lynch, Founder, jude.io
Afternoon break
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Inspiring empathy and improving engagement: Why invest in personas
  • It’s not a cookie cutter approach: How can personas add an extra dimension to get into the mind of customers 
  • Bringing context to customer behaviour by developing a holistic user-centred perspective
  • Utilising empathy maps to gain sense of customer emotions and how this shapes experiences
Miriam Walker, Director of User Experience and Strategy, Digital Arts Network
DIGITAL EXPERIENCE Case study: Tomorrow’s UX is Agile
  • Driving an Agile culture for rapid UX development and how it’s influencing customer journeys and experiences
  • Evaluating the pain points, testing out our MVP, and measuring success on new digital interfaces
  • Accelerating growth through design: How our UX strategy is aligned with our vision
Natalie Kerschner, Senior User Experience Specialist, BNZ Digital
CUSTOMER ANALYTICS Case study: A New Perspective on Retention: Customer Maturity
  • The surprise: Customer churn despite high CSAT and NPS ratings. What happened?
  • The idea: Link retention to factors influencing the customer maturity
  • The solution: Go beyond simple QBR, develop dimensions of a maturity model which works for customers
Ralf Wittgen, Chief Customer Officer, Promapp Solutions
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Case study: There’s more than one path: Letting customers take us on the journey
  • Exploring our customer journey map and reviewing our business goals
  • So many questions! Diving into the various touchpoints from initial contact to continued engagement and interactions
  • Discovering strategic insights through feedback loops to influence iterations and improve experiences
DIGITAL EXPERIENCE Case study: Be immersed by hybrid-realities and how we’re reshaping our strategy
  • Extended experiences and blurring boundaries: How customer digital journeys are being affected by AR and VR technologies
  • Leveraging AR and VR to increase customer engagement with our brand 
  • Creating digital experiences that are complementary, not conflicting: Finding the balance between AR/VR and our customer-facing teams
Melanie Langlotz, CEO
Amie Wolken, CTO, Geo AR Games
CUSTOMER ANALYTICS Case study: Harnessing the voice of the customer (VOC) to deliver personalised experiences
  • Open up a world of choice to show your customers that they are unique 
  • Creating richer experiences that target customers and understand their needs and wants
  • Combining quantitative and qualitative insights to uncover customer preferences 
Summary remarks from the Chair and networking drinks
Welcome back from the Chair
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Case study: Customer innovation through reimagining our service design
  • Understanding customer problems first before designing end-to-end experiences 
  • Shifting our mind-sets to focus on natural customer flows and collaborating with multiple stakeholders
  • Bringing it back down to the dollar value and overarching strategy
DIGITAL EXPERIENCE Mobile is still influential: More than just a channel in your strategy
  • Smartphones have changed our lives: Uncovering a step change in how our customers view and interact with their mobile
  • Deep dive into 8 key personal relationships customers have with their smartphones
  • Where is mobile heading and what does this mean for our digital strategies to drive customer success
Ruth Brown, Head of User Experience, Trade Me
CUSTOMER ANALYTICS Don’t just ‘wing it’: Strategically executing analytics to unlock insights to drive action
  • With data becoming increasingly ubiquitous, how will analytics become the foundation of decision making to best interact with customers
  • Building the ‘customer hub’ infra-structure: The journey to integrating a single view of the customer
  • How analytics and data-driven insights can assist in creating better outcomes for the customer and the business
Ratneesh Suri, Head of Customer Insights, ANZ
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Case study: Improve service and reduce costs: The public sector panacea
  • Addressing the service management challenge in the public sector
  • A customer-driven framework for continuous improvement and innovation
  • How to use actionable customer feedback to manage performance
Paul Linnell, Managing Director, CTMA NZ
DIGITAL EXPERIENCE Case study: Seamlessly aligning omni-channel experiences to drive effortless customer action
  • Whether it’s a social, digital, app, or an offline touchpoint, ensure each channel interaction delivers high quality customer experiences
  • Creating a household name for NakedBus: Nurturing customer relationships to optimise long-term loyalty
  • Driving customer engagement through effective innovation and integrating cross-channels
Hamish Nuttall, Virtual Chief Digital Officer, Digile.io & Founder, NakedBus
CUSTOMER ANALYTICS Optimising engagement and customer loyalty by modernising your marketing machine
  • Harnessing customer insights through tracking and monitoring digital activity and touchpoints
  • Understanding the customer journey: How automation allows us to deliver the right content at the right time
  • Driving customer success: Utilising metrics to measure loyalty and customer experience 
Ivor Whibley, Head of CRM Solutions, Theta
Morning break
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Case study: 24/7, always-on customers: Staying accessible in our customers’ micro-moments
  • Understanding our customer journeys and how to engage with them in micro-moments
  • Recognising shifting needs of customers: How we work to create success in their world
  • Creating pathways for customers to discover and the lessons learnt
DIGITAL EXPERIENCE How IoT will shape experiences and where they are taking our business capabilities
  • The power of the internet: why IoT is the next big thing
  • Low effort and no fuss integration: Placing customer centricity at the heart of IoT design
  • How will different industries take up IoT adoption to improve internal processes to better align with external customer expectations
Michael Dutton, Director of User Experience, Orion Health
CUSTOMER ANALYTICS Case study: How we’re enhancing customer relationships through big data and analytics
  • Providing the right information at the right time to teams to manage customer issues/complaints efficiently
  • Not just another number: Delivering personalised support and keeping customers happy through harnessing insights
  • Improving processes to deliver answers to customers and reducing abandonment rate
Phillip Higgins, Business Consultant, Higgins Consulting
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Case study: ‘Would you recommend Powershop to a friend?’ How our scores stack up against big competition
  • Translating the scores to meaningful action: Leveraging the metrics to improve customer journeys and retail ops
  • How we drive high customer satisfaction through, and building customer support teams to champion our brand
  • Rewarding engagement and showing customers we’re listening and that we care
Stephen Griffin, Head of Retail Operations, Powershop
DIGITAL EXPERIENCE Case study: Traversing between digital and physical experiences without disruption
  • At the heart of our digital strategy is to complement our physical stores for holistic experiences
  • Filling experience gaps and creating multi-sensory experiences that reflect evolving customer expectations
  • Ensuring that digital experiences add true value to the customer journey and increase engagement 
Juanita Neville Te-Rito, Founder and Retail Consultant, The Retail Collective
CUSTOMER ANALYTICS Case study: Talk like a human: How text analytics and natural language processing (NLP) is changing the game
  • How real-time speech analytics and NLP are allowing us to better connect with customers
  • Detecting emotions in text and drawing valuable insights back to the business 
  • How we’re providing excellent customer service and improving satisfaction levels
Lunch - end of stream sessions
Case study: Auckland Airport's customer-led transformation through redefining strategy, culture, and innovation
  • Aligning our strategy with changing customer expectations to continue delivering world-class experiences
  • Taking customer journeys to the next level by simplifying UX for better interaction
  • Data-driven culture: The importance of utilising insights and analytics as the backbone of our strategic decision-making
Jason Delamore, General Manager Marketing & Technology, Auckland International Airport
Closing keynote: Exceptional experiences that disrupt the norm and delight customers!
  • Creating low effort experiences that connect seamlessly across multiple channels and allow customer success 
  • Accelerating customer innovation by keeping eyes and ears on changing expectations to stay ahead of the curve
  • Benchmarking best practice CX: How to drive the whole organisation to create world-class customer experiences at every touchpoint
Closing remarks from the Chair

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