2017 Customer 3.1 Summit

Aligning strategy, technology, and analytics for everyday customer success

24 - 25 May 2017Skycity Convention Centre, Auckland

Experience is everything!

Proudly bringing you the 2017 Customer 3.1 Summit.



This year, we’re bringing you a carefully curated agenda full of new ideas, inspiration, and a big dose of surprise! This is the event to bring your team along to take full advantage of three dynamic stream and the opportunity to network with customer champions under one roof. 

Leading experts and surprise guests to inspire you over 2 days of learning on three major areas all to do with tomorrow's empowered customers. We'll be diving in customer experience, digital experience, and customer analytics with expert sessions and real-world case studies. 

If you’re focused on bringing your customers to the heart of your strategy, then this event is for you. 

So how does this event work? 

This event is a monster, it's one massive learning experience! Planning your Summit itinerary is key to getting the most out of it, so it's great bring your team along to have all your bases covered and take advantage of every session, and meet some amazing customer champions from across the country.

On Day 1 of the Summit, we'll be kicking off with plenary sessions, and then break into the three streams at lunch to carry through until the end topping off Day 1 with networking drinks.

Returning on Day 2, we'll jump straight back into streams, and come back together again after lunch for the closing plenary sessions to tie all the big ideas from the Summit together. 

In a nutshell, here's what each stream is about:


  • The CX stream challenges you to think strategy! Explore high level perspectives, innovation and how CX is at the backbone of leading organisations’ strategy to win customers hearts


  • Overcome the hype and dive into expert sessions and case studies showcasing how digital is a true influencer of experience for tech-savvy customers


  • Grounding strategy is data is crucial to compete in tomorrow’s world. Here we focus on analytics is driving action through AI, chatbots, big data and more.

Topics explored at the Summit: 

- Tomorrow's checklist: What's new? What's happening abroad? What are the latest trends? How is customer experience an evolving business? 

- Key challenges to keep up with and make sure stay a step ahead by delighting your customers and gaining a competitive edge

- CX company culture, customer journeys, NPS, touch points, UX design and more!

- Practical tips and tricks from leading experts on how to plan, implement and execute your customer strategy

- Real-world case studies from local heroes who live and breather all things experience

- Data-driven insights: dive into the numbers and gain a deeper understanding of how to harness the power of analytics to provide your customers with richer, personalised experiences

 And more!

Plus three interactive workshops!

1. Adopting a customer-driven framework for continuous improvement, innovation and value-creation

Facilitated by: Paul Linnell, Managing Director, CTMA

2. Insights to action: How to bring the Voice of the Customer (VOC) to life through analytics

Facilitated by: Greg Doone, Director - Digital Strategy & Data, and Andrew Jamieson, Director - Digital Strategy, PwC

3. Research toolbox: Exploring innovation opportunities, emotion and desirability 

Facilitated by: Miriam Walker, Director of Strategy and User Experience, Digital Arts Network

Who will be there? 

  • CEOs and Directors
  • Chief Customer Experience Officers
  • Head of Customer Strategy
  • Head of Digital Experience
  • Head of Customer Insights/Analytics
  • Customer/Digital/User Experience Managers
  • Customer Insights/Research Manager
  • Business Designers
  • Head of Marketing

Comments from 2016 attendees: 

- 'Really liked the ability to dip into different streams. That was a highlight for me.'

- 'Totally impressed by the calibre of the conference and the speakers. Best conference I have attended in a long time.'

- 'Excellent job on the content of the conference! Much better than expected!'


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