2017 Content & Communities Summit

Activate your content strategy through the power of communities, automation, and analytics



Registration and coffee
Welcome from the Chair
Shawn Moodie, Digital Communications Specialist, New Zealand Human Rights Commission
Opening keynote: Think global, be local: Emerging trends and predictions for the future of content marketing

•    Where is the content marketing world heading
•    How will content marketing dovetail with evolving customer experiences
•    Breaking down silos: Taking content marketing across the organisation

Cassie Roma, General Manager - Content, NZME.
International case study: From start-up to global business: Behind the scenes of Skyscanner's content and communities strategy to pump up growth

•    Bursting onto the world stage with content and tying it back to ROI
•    Integrating data and analytics to gain a competitive edge in our content strategy and drive business growth
•    Harnessing the power of intelligence: Engaging with communities, extracting emotions, driving traffic, and connecting with audiences in the right context
•    Lessons learned from the journey we've taken and what's on the horizon

Lisa Venter, Content Strategist and Growth Manager - Central Growth, Skyscanner
Morning break and refreshments
Panel discussion: Let’s get real, how has our overall marketing strategy evolved?

•    What role does content marketing and community management play, and how is it best leveraged through the marketing mix?
•    How does content cater to the needs of communities and developing authentic interactions with niche audiences?
•    Allocating budget, time, and investing in talent: Best approaches and best practice
•    Gaining senior level buy-in and support

Chirag Ahuja, Head of Growth, Tradify
Simon Pound, Marketing Director - Brand and Communications, Vend
Lisa Venter, Content Strategist and Growth Manager - Central Growth, Skyscanner
Hitting the sweet spot with effective Content and Marketing team integration
  • Kill the politics! Cultivating a successfully partnership between these powerhouse teams 
  • Redefining the core focus of both teams to be collaborative and customer-facing
  • Practical techniques, tools, and tricks to heighten engagement across the board and deliver effective results for other departments as well
Max Johns, Director, Content Strategy Simplified
Brand amplifiers: Engaging communities to take the lead!

Empowering our communities with a voice and letting them share their experiences with others has been where we’ve had huge success. Hear how we nurture, build, and engage directly with communities to form loyal relationships through a dynamic content marketing strategy. 

Wendy Thompson, CEO, Socialites NZ
Case study: Taking Xero to the world stage through customer-centric video strategy!
  • Why video? Developing a video strategy that adds real value to customers’ experiences and delivers on business objectives
  • Intent-driven video: Using video content to drive brand awareness, create communities, and build customer knowledge  
  • Managing SEO and analytics to compete in a video cluttered environment: How our numbers stack up 
Patrick MacFie, Global Head of Video, Xero
Case study: Go Auto-pilot! Enhancing our customer strategy through the power of automation and analytics
  • How data and insights are changing how our customers engage with our brands
  • Strategically using tools and platforms to identify customer pain points, build up the customer pipeline, and optimise ROI
  • Oiling the machine: Ensuring that our automation tools provide the best experience
Andy Schick, Head of Marketing Automation, Krunch.co
Case study: Leveraging brand ambassadors: Taking care of our communities
  • Feeding the sense of community through content and making your customers feel special
  • Applying analytics to create dynamic campaigns that channel the community connection
  • Getting over content shock: How do communities allow us to create content that is specifically designed to engage with them as brand ambassadors
Amanda Jeffs, Digital Community Manager, Auckland University of Technology
Afternoon break and refreshments
Case study: Putting content at the heart of the campaign
  • From concept to execution: Driving content-led campaign to boost engagement, increase traffic, and pump up ROI
  • Integrating content across multiple digital channels
  • Getting more mileage from owned, earned, and native advertising channels
  • Expanding communities and the lessons learned along the way
Ian Howard, Chief Strategy Officer, Little Giant
Case study: Taking content to primetime TV: Helping Kiwis get their Minds over their Money

Kiwibank recently launched a primetime TV series Mind Over Money with Nigel Latta – they pitched the show to TVNZ; fully-funded the production; and gave the show’s producers the freedom to do their best work. Working with TVNZ and Ruckus, Kiwibank has generated a national conversation around money, starting with the show, extending to an online engagement platform and ultimately linking into Kiwibank’s frontline teams across NZ. Find out why, how and what Kiwibank learned on the way through.

Regan Savage, GM Marketing Communications, Kiwibank
Closing remarks from the Chair and Networking drinks
Shawn Moodie, Digital Communications Specialist, New Zealand Human Rights Commission
Welcome back from the Chair
Shawn Moodie, Digital Communications Specialist, New Zealand Human Rights Commission
Christine Arden, General Manager, Annabel Langbein Media
From the expert: Getting more juice out of content starts with strategy!
  • Pump up the returns reaped from each piece of content and making the most out of your investment
  • Nail down the basics of your strategy with a plan! Get answers to what kind of story to tell, what type of content to create, and how to best achieve your marketing goals
  • Maximising your budget effectively and measuring the success of your content
Colin Kennedy, Head of Content, Espire Media
Inform, engage, and entertain! Mastering the art of storytelling
  • Activate the artist within: Developing your storytelling skills further
  • Why your current content isn’t attracting the traffic you’d like and what to do about it
  • Fast-tracking content creation: Tips and tricks to get the creative juices flowing
Kirsty Weir, Brand Strategy Consultant
Morning tea
INTERACTIVE MASTERCLASS: Developing personas for a 360° view of your customers

Step 1: Create a persona. Step 2: Now what? Going beyond the first step presents a whole set of challenges. This session looks at how to effectively create personas to generate leads. We’ll dive into how to better understanding the behaviour patterns, define customer goals and how to utilise insights for your content campaign

Kat Hardisty, Design Lead, Optimal Workshop
INTERACTIVE MASTERCLASS: Aligning automation with strategy and boosting customer engagement!
  • Setting an action plan for automation and platform success by choosing the right software
  • Streamlining the checklist: understanding the content operations needs and factoring in growth
  • Stakeholder management from vendors to leadership to customer engagement team
Ivor Whibley, Head of CRM Solutions, Theta
Case study: Our evolving content strategy: How we’re creating content for our diverse audience


  • Mass reduction of content: understand how we plan to go from 20,000 pages and publications to just a few hundred
  • Methods and techniques to ensure fast sign-off of content for our new website
  • UX-led content: Explaining how our strategy evolves as we learn through testing and iteration?  
Katie Brown, Digital Content Manager, ACC
Tania Hockings, Digital Content Advisor, ACC
Case Study: Delivering campaigns with relevance and efficiency backed by automation
  • Leveraging marketing automation to get the most out of your content
  • Delivering top content experiences to prospects when they need it, not when we can get to it
  • Competing on the world stage to drive growth and ROI 
Jessica Medforth, Marketing Manager, Promapp Solutions
Community-led initiatives: From Product marketing to Content Marketing strategy
  • Putting in the hard yards: Transitioning from product to content focus to connect with our communities
  • How we went about designing a tangible results-driven content strategy
  • Striking a balance in the grey areas to utilise both tactics in our strategy to smash ROI
Yvonne Brill, Senior Community Manager, Bank of New Zealand
Panel discussion: Bigger, better, faster! How to transform your marketing machine through automation
  • Strategy first: What are the core functions you need to consider when choosing an automation solution?
  • What are the challenges in the implementation phase and how to tackle the unexpected obstacles along the way?
  • How to get the most out of your automation to increase engagement, maximise leads, and enhance conversion rates?
  • How to ensure that your marketing automation does not fail
Moderated by: Andy Schick, Head of Automation, Krunch.co
How to win customers through the micro-moments
  • An incredibly short history of the micro-moment followed by an infinitesimally small review of the masters of the art.
  • An absurdly minimalist look at owning your brand story through micro-content and scaling it for large audiences.
  • A little bit about harnessing lots of voices as a micro-moment content strategy.
Robert Moritz, Head of Content, Krunch.co
Dive into SEO! Discover why SEO is one of the most important forms of content marketing and how to leverage it for online success
  • Building a solid presence in organic search results: Understanding what people are interested in
  • Link Building: Creating interesting and topical content that is share-worthy and drives traffic
  • Tools to measure the effectiveness of SEO efforts and how to compare to your past results and to competitors efforts
Brad Guthrie, General Manager, Search Republic
Isreal Hartley, SEO & Analytics, Search Republic
Case study: Tomorrow’s marketing is all about Personalisation
  • Customising our content strategy to meet unique customer and community needs
  • How we’re crafting content that wins’ attention to surprise and delight our customers
  • Personalising content without being creepy! Treading the fine line between personalisation and privacy 
Alex Spence, Digital Communications Manager, New Zealand Olympic Committee
Case study: Optimising insights and analytics to generate leads and convert
  • Translating the data to develop digital content at different levels of the funnel and generate leads
  • Filling the pipeline: Using the data to target audiences and effectively interact with communities at peak times  
  • Creating seamless transitions by enhancing calls to action and conversion events 
Ed Bell, Head of Marketing, Harmoney
Glen MacKellaig, Head of Digital Marketing, Harmoney
Case study: Building communities by showcasing the JUCY spirit via authentic content
  • Breaking away from generic: Tailoring content to our community by recognising what brings them together
  • Responding to community demand to develop content that positions JUCY as a travel and adventure expert
  • Making it relevant and local! How we keep our content unique and genuine
Alisha Palin, PR & Social Media Manager, JUCY Group
Case study: How we weaponized our content marketing and built an ever-lasting unfair competitive advantage
  • Creating unique, evergreen, data-driven content to acquire new customers and engage existing ones
  • Building a holistic view of community and customer challenges and use it as an opportunity to increase customer lifetime value 
  • Step-by-step guide to measuring the ROI of your content marketing
Chirag Ahuja, Head of Growth, Tradify
Former Head of Marketing, WorkflowMax
Closing remarks from the Chair
Shawn Moodie, Digital Communications Specialist, New Zealand Human Rights Commission
Christine Arden, General Manager, Annabel Langbein Media

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