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Louise Windleborn

Maori Consumer Advisor

Hutt Valley DHB

Louise has been employed in the mental health sector as a Consumer Advisor and systemic advocate for service users of District Health Board clinical mental health services for over 10 years. Louise has personal experience of mental health and addiction issues which was the start of her journey into this work and is part of what she uses to inform her perspective. Now she is very comfortable with discussing the challenges and opportunities of this work despite knowing the reality that a diagnosis can attract stigma and discrimination, assumptions and misunderstandings even today. Louise has experience in strategic and service planning locally, regionally and nationally for mental health and addiction services and has been the chair of a 100% Consumer run organisation for 7 years. Louise currently Chairs the National Association of Mental Health Services Consumer Advisors and has done so for many years. This involvement and her work has given Louise a large amount of knowledge about these positions and the delivery of services as well as introduced her to some of the most passionate, inspirational Leaders that have shown her the of the value of listening to the service user voice anywhere and her own. For the purpose of this event Louise would like to talk about how a person in this role navigates being active in the consumer movement and being the voice of the service user experience while being an employee of a health service that can use force to treat people for their mental health. She will talk about the legal considerations that people need to consider when working in these roles or employing someone to do advisory work from a service user perspective
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