Strategic Fleet Management


The stakes have increased in the past 12 months for vehicle fleets. Many Managers are focusing on environment; working towards decreasing accidents, more effectively managing contracts and technology while others are purely focusing on cost.

The 2010 conference will focus on practical solutions for leading your fleet while facing the many challenges in front of you. Some of the issues to be covered include:
• Streamlining fleet operations and increasing return on investment
• Managing and maintaining supplier relationships
• A strategic approach to fleet risk management
• Your fleet’s energy consumption to deliver significant cost savings
• Modifying driver behaviour to improve your bottom line

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Agenda: Day 1


Registration & Coffee


Opening remarks from the Chair



Steering a Course to Streamline Fleet Operations and Increase Return on Investment

Five years ago Murray set upon the task of revamping and refocusing New Plymouth District Council’s fleet. In this presentation Murray will explore their journey and what they have done to date with their Fleet.
• The decision to make the change - getting executive buy-in
• Mapping the change process and key measures we put in place
• Outsourcing and deciding what to keep control of
• Highlights, key lessons learnt and what I would do differently next time

Murray Keast, Manager Procurement, NEW PLYMOUTH DISTRICT COUNCIL


University Fleet Best Practices

University fleet managers are continually required to do more with less. This interactive session will explore:
• Why dealing with academics requires different best practices for university fleet administration
• How your peers resolve those “on campus, off campus” issues
• How developing documented best practices will simplify the job of the fleet manager
• What other industries can learn

Kevin Worthington, Vehicle Fleet Officer, MASSEY UNIVERSITY

Speaker has declined permission for his material to be online


Morning tea


The Importance of Accurate Data for Fleet Tracking



Managing and Maintaining Supplier Relationships

• Trends and new approaches for strategic supplier relationships
• Real-Life experiences - an organisational strategy for developing and managing relationships
• How to balance risk and trust
• Resolving challenges and disputes

Dave Hayden, National Fleet & Facilities Manager, NORTHPOWER


Panel Discussion: Straight Talk from Fleet Leasing Executives

An interactive, up-close exchange among executives of the top fleet management companies. How do they view the key topics of the industry today? How will the industry change over the next five to 10 years? Discussions will cover purchasing, funding and accounting, legislative changes, driver and vehicle safety, new technologies, and more.
• What issues and concerns to prepare for in order to position your company/organisation for success related to its fleet management policies and operations
• How the top leaders of the industry view changes and issues facing the industry across all key areas
• Answers to your questions and concerns

Moderated by:
Charles Willmer, Managing Director, LEASEPLAN NEW ZEALAND
Dennis Kelly, Managing Director, FLEETPARTNERS
Brent Knight, Managing Director, Toyota Financial Services




The Journey to Building a World-Class Fleet

Robert has been involved in Motor industry for over 30 years and since February 2009 has been responsible for PGG Wrightson’s fleet. In this address Robert will discuss:
• A road paved with good intentions – the opportunities and challenges faced at PGW
• Choosing the right approach
• Mistakes made, lessons learnt & successes achieved - RFPs, Fraud, Environmental stance, Best Practice reporting and Fit For Purpose
• Where to from here?

Robert Janssen, Fleet Manager, PGG WRIGHTSON


A Strategic Approach to Fleet Risk Management

Dealing with uncertain events and controlling risks before they become a problem can overwhelm even the most seasoned fleet manager. It is not practical to insure or prepare for every loss, however, a good plan and strategies will help to overcome many of the issues and expenses related to loss.
• Business planning and strategies
• The role of insurance in risk management
• The elements necessary to develop and implement a fleet safety programme
• The components of driver training, crash investigations and the benefits of crash prevention
• The importance of maintaining an on-going system to track and investigate driver’s behaviour

Les Janett, Fleet Risk Manager Torque Fleet Risk Management, LUMLEY GENERAL INSURANCE


Afternoon tea


Approaches to improving your fleet’s energy consumption to deliver significant cost savings

Over the part ten years if we look at how we used our company and private vehicles we will acknowledge that 2010 was may have been a major tipping point in the change of driving habits and vehicle purchases. Prior to 2010 it is surprising to note that only a small percentage of drivers understood that large, powerful cars, speed and irresponsible attitudes were not only tragically killing hundreds of New Zealanders but also contributing to unnecessary carbon emissions and adversely effecting their organisation’s bottom-line. In this presentation this speaker will explore:
• Their Mission and focus on their environmental footprint
• How they are helping their customers and their customers customers reduce fuel use and carbon emissions

Bill Dyall, Corporate Accounts Manager, Bridgestone NZ


Modifying Driver Behaviour to Improve Your Bottom Line

• Strategies to implement changes in driver behaviour which provide proven bottom line results
• Deciding which strategies fit your organisation best
• What to expect in terms of results when implementing strategies to change driver behaviour

Linda Clarke, SQE Coastal Otago Branch, DOWNER EDI WORKS


Closing remarks


End of Day & Networking Function

Join speakers and your peers for complimentary drinks


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