13 Excellent Reasons to work for Conferenz

1. Nimble, young and entrepreneurial
We are a nimble, young and entrepreneurial company. We pride ourselves on providing a creative outlet for your professional skills. And, as such, we value the contributions our staff make. We operate a strict meritocracy - in other words, the most deserving succeed.

2. Warm, friendly environment
When at work, we're focused on the tasks at hand. Yet, it's a relaxed atmosphere that is informal, social and pleasant.

3. Proudly New Zealand
Owned by me, we are 100% NZ owned and operated. This means 100% commitment to NZ, our customers and our staff. What's more, there's no big, international company politics to contend with.

4. Our Commitment to You - Career Development
Okay, we're not a large organisation. We only have around 50 staff. But we work hard to ensure that you have maximum job satisfaction by placing appropriate challenges in front of you. We seek to challenge and shape our professional staff to be the best they can be. Our training policy assists with this.

5. Our Commitment to the Community – Social Responsibility
Being 100% locally owned gives us the drive to give back to the community in which we operate. We are a long term supporter of KidsCan Charity. We are also a key sponsor of Whakaangi Landcare Trust, a Kiwi Recovery programme in the Far North.

6. Communication
We communicate lots. It helps. You'll be involved in employee-led monthly company meetings, department meetings and informals.

7. Performance management
We operate six monthly performance reviews. This allows us to work with you to set regular goals, helping you to grow.

8. Social
We're a very social workplace. Our social club aims to create a major event every 8 weeks. Regular features are the mid-winter christmas do, charity bake-offs and other fundraisers, the christmas party as well as other events such as bowling and quiz nights.

9. Diversity
You'll be hard pressed to work with a more diverse bunch of characters. We don't hire out of the mould. So, you could find yourself working next to a lawyer, an engineer, or a new graduate. We have a very open approach to employing new immigrants to NZ. This diversity is a direct result of our interest in hiring talent. It also means we’re a very international bunch – so much so, we enjoy celebrating these differences through our regular “international lunches”.

10. Balanced Lifestyle
We know that its vital to our staff to enjoy a balanced lifestyle. What we do is important and so it's vital that we work diligently during standard business hours but we don’t encourage long nights in the office. Weekends are for you and your family. We think this makes you more productive, creative and more fun to be around.

11. Flexible work environment
We hire professionals and expect professional behaviour. While core work hours are important, flexibility is permitted to go to the gym, pick up the kids etc. We have worked hard to be flexible to ensure valued staff returning from parental leave continue to work with us.

12. Guaranteed Summer Holiday
We close our offices from Christmas to New Year. When you take your annual leave is flexible and negotiable.

13. Excellence
To be us requires nothing less than excellence in everything we do. You'll be called upon and supported to deliver excellence. Nothing less will do. That's why Conferenz is an employer of choice.
Hi. I am incredibly lucky to be working with such a talented group of people. Their energy and zing makes the day go fast. We achieve such great things together for our customers. If you’re thinking of working with us, here’s an insight into what we think is important.

Steve Scott, Managing Director/Owner

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