Dealing with Difficult and Different Personalities



Dealing with Difficult and Different Personalities has been specifically designed to equip people with practical strategies and insights into dealing with challenging personality types.

The course will help you to gain the skills and confidence to positively coach your employees and turn around people with negative and destructive behaviours, attitudes and performance - so that you are in control.



  • A sound understanding of different personality types
  • Enhance your personal power in managing difficult people 
  • Essential tools for successfully addressing challenging behaviours



*2 DAY TRAINING ONLY. Registrations must be from the same company, made at the same time & the same course.



“I really enjoyed this training course – it brought everything together for me” 

Raewyn McKnight, Service Manager, West Coast DHB 




What is a ‘Challenging Person’

  • Exploring difficult behaviours and how we react
  • A brief look at the more extreme forms of difficult behaviour
  • Knowing when to seek outside support
  • The ultimate definition of a difficult person  


Understanding and managing the emotions

  • Understanding their stress and reducing your own 
  • Avoiding becoming locked into anxiety and worry loops
  • Four questions to minimise or eliminate anger
  • Remaining calm and focused regardless of the situation


Communication techniques to gain cooperation 

  • Simple tools to analyse personal interactions 
  • Assessing your own and others communication styles
  • Knowing which communication tactic works best for different personalities
  • Developing a communication strategy to ‘get through’ to difficult people


Mind management skills

  • Understanding how the conscious and subconscious mind shape behaviour
  • Recognising how we accidently programme ourselves and others to fail  
  • Mobilising the full power of the subconscious mind to solve complex problems
  • Using communication techniques to ‘reprogram’ challenging behaviours


The Laws of Behaviour

  • How difficult people manage us instead of us managing them 
  • How our efforts to resolve problems can actually increase them
  • Using behaviour management to motivate poor performers
  • The praise and punishment traps

Ensuring that people genuinely listen to you

  • Using the LEAP listening model
  • Achieving results through the skilled use of questions
  • Assessing which mind set is right for which people
  • Q-Storming to develop innovative solutions 


Using assertiveness skills to address difficult behaviours 

  • Eliminating sarcastic remarks
  • Responding to constructive and destructive criticism  
  • Using the Broken Record technique to deal with unreasonable demands
  • Achieving a win-win outcome


Constructively managing complaints and aggression

  • Turning complaints into commitments
  • Knowing how to respond to aggressive behaviour
  • Using the Reasonable Person Test
  • Writing your way to a peaceful outcome


Using ‘Psychological Judo’ to overcome resistance to change

  • Understanding the power of ‘reverse psychology’ 
  • Recognising the difference between pseudo and authentic resistance
  • Creating psychological space to allow people to change with dignity
  • Creating permanent behaviour change without having to confront  


Calmly and safely addressing even the most difficult performance issues 

  • Clearly defining and describing the problem to be addressed
  • Avoiding being sidetracked by excuses, arguments and denials
  • Gaining constructive solutions and commitment to change 
  • Establishing a follow-up process to ensure a successful outcome 


Keith McGregor

After completing his psychology degree in 1974 Keith joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force as an industrial psychologist. During 12 years in the RNZAF, Keith was involved in a wide range of organisational and personnel psychology including such areas as selection test development, interviewing, training development, selection validation, personal counselling, large scale survey work and statistical analysis. Also during this time Keith represented the New Zealand Defence Forces in behavioural sciences projects with psychologists and researchers from the British, Canadian, Australian and American armed forces.

In 1986 Keith became a director of Gilmour McGregor & Associates, a psychological consultancy employing registered psychologists of various disciplines: clinical, forensic and industrial. Among the numerous organisations he has worked with, both national and international, Keith is recognised for his executive assessment work and in particular for his extensive knowledge of interview techniques, testing and test development. Large scale survey research work also remains a focus, as does staff training, organisational development, career related counselling. He is also the developer of Selector-PA, E-Profiler and Career-Step computer programs for employee selection and management.

While remaining a director of Gilmour McGregor and Associates, in 2003 Keith established Personnel Psychology NZ Ltd to enable him to focus on providing personnel assessment, training and support to managers and staff. Keith is a registered psychologist and coordinator of the industrial/organisational special interest group for the Occupational Division for the New Zealand Psychological Society and Human Resource Institute of New Zealand.


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