Social Media & Mobile Apps Forum


Social Media and Mobile Apps have revolutionised the digital world. They are two very separate concepts but they continue to complement each other to achieve common goals and objectives. Keeping this in mind, the 2012 Social Media and Mobile Apps Forum is packed with dynamic case studies to help you adapt useful practices best suited for your organisation.

Hear more on:

  • Turning attention towards the privacy issues and understanding its implications
  • Going beyond the marketing norms and exploring other potential uses of social media  
  • Improvising on existing strategies
  • Avoiding social media PR disasters
  • Using mobile apps to increase web traffic for your business
  • Harnessing the power of social media through customer engagement


Agenda: Day 1


Registration & Coffee


Opening remarks from the Chair

Mike Wilson, Digital Strategic Director, .99


Assessing the changing nature of social media

Social media has evolved into a smart and sleek platform helping businesses globally to converge their marketing activities under a single effective platform. This session foresees where the future opportunities may lie.
• The evolving face of customer engagement
• Social media practices for your business-develop it or drop it?
• Contemplate the future tools: s-Commerce and social dashboards

Max Dillon Coyle, Founder, Coyle Media Consultants


Developing an integrated social media strategy

This session will focus on helping you draft a strategic marketing plan that adapts an integrated approach towards achieving your marketing goals.
• The need to understand your customer experience, buyer behaviour and their conversation data
• Defining your purpose, goals and brand voice for each social channel
• Tactics to integrate your social channels offline
• Establishing a cohesive, consistent brand presence across all social channels

Justin Flitter, Director,


Morning break & refreshments


Case Study: Social and corporate values - making them play nicely

As one of NZ’s most well known brands, Telecom concentrates heavily on managing as opposed to branding or building an online profile. This case study discusses:
• Useful measures to structure your business online
• Who gets the social media ownership in the company?
• Identifying the right people to represent your brand
• Sharing lessons Telecom has learned along the way

Richard Irvine, Online Community Communication Manager, Telecom NZ


Case Study: Customer insights that drive digital development for financial services

With a massive fan base on social channels and an ubiquitous brand presence both on and offline, Westpac has relied mainly on customer insights to develop their social and digital strategies. This session will explore
• Key customer insights that lead to app development
• How strategic digital partnerships can help drive growth
• How customer and brand experience can be a core principle in digital development

Ian Moody, Head of Marketing, Westpac




ROI: How to convince your boss that you’re not wasting time and money on social media

Linking goals back to specific, measurable actions can be tricky. In this session we'll discuss how to approach the measuring of ROI
• Finding the sweet spot between what you can measure and what you should measure
• Drawing a benchmark in the sand
• Measuring success against your goals

Hayden Raw, Managing Director, The Common Room


When ‘It’ hits the fan: How to avoid and survive social media PR disasters

What can we learn from the recent high profile PR disasters that have been amplified by social media?
• Analysing what went wrong in high profile disasters
• Measures to avoid social media fuelled PR disasters
• Learning from a bad experience- why is it important to stay diligent and continue the social media marketing efforts consistently?

Patrick Dodd, Founder and CEO, Reson8 Consulting


Afternoon break & refreshments


Creating a culture around social media

No matter what your company’s written social media strategy is, it will eventually become a reflection of your company’s culture.
• Adding authenticity and authority to marketing
• What’s the ROI of having a good culture
• Creating collaborative content with your team

Simon Young, Principal Global Relations, SyENGAGE


How to transition from conventional marketing into the world of social media?

For many NZ brands social media is no longer the great unknown. Conversations that traditionally happened around the office cooler are just as likely to take place on Facebook or Twitter. The question is, are you willing to be involved?
• What can we learn from conventional marketing strategies
• First hand examples of how to make social media a success

Mike Wilson, Digital Strategic Director, .99


Case Study: How to make the most out of an app for your business

Mobile apps when steered in the right direction can create useful results for your business.
• How to use mobile apps to increase web traffic towards your website
• How to use mobile apps to create a buzz around your business in the media
• Tools used to monitor the campaign and performance of the app
• Top tips learned before and after the development phase

Paul McKenzie, Marketing Manager,


Networking drinks

Agenda: Day 2


Welcome back from Chair

Jennifer Duval-Smith, Executive Director, Social @ Ogilvy


In conference streams: Choose the session you want to attend


Case Study: Harnessing the power of Social Media with Customer Engagement

Social media can help global brands rebuild intimate customer relationships, focusing on communities and building eco-systems between customers, employees and shareholders.
• Using social media to rebuild a direct dialogue
• Customer Service: Stop talking and start listening
• Customer Experience: Inviting communities to participate in product development

Geri Ellis, General Manager(Online), Vodafone NZ


Mini Workshop: How to get started with location based marketing?

According to a recent article featured on, location-based sales incentives yield five to ten times the amount of business a generic ad would generate.
• Understand how location-based marketing works- the science behind the technology
• How to use social media as an effective tool for location-based services
• Mobile social media- assimilating location based services for mobile users

Jenny Wilmshurst, Social Media Strategist, Tweet Twins


Social media for social causes

This session explores various ways in which organisations could use social media as an effective channel to promote fraternalism and establish communal presence.
• How to create campaigns centred around generating social awareness
• Useful mechanisms to leverage reach-out strategies through social media
• How to establish community presence and communicate important messages on social networks?

Graeme Russell, Director, Adage Nonprofit Strategy Agency


Case Study: Mobile Technology that added value to government based organisations

Hutt City Council Trade Waste officers have recently started taking mobile devices on their premises inspections.
• Why we are doing this and how it helps us.
• Choosing the right software and kit that fits the process.
• The risks of just adding some mobile technology that looks good, but may not really bring benefits.

Wayne Thomas, Senior Trade Waste Officer, Hutt City Council
Sonali Mukherji, Web Services Team Leader, Hutt City Council


Morning break & refreshments


Case Study: Adding social media and mobile apps to an online only business

This case study explores the benefits of using multiple digital channels to enhance the digital presence of a given online only business.
• Benefits of integrating social and mobile platforms
• Technical issues encountered and resolved

Chris Maffey, Owner and CTO,


Case Study: Localist's perspective on creating strong mobile presence

In this session, you will get to hear Localist's take on adapting social and mobile cultures for businesses that provide local information and directories on the go.
• The Social and Mobile culture at Localist- how we engage and influence our customers?
• How do mobile apps enhance brand presence for businesses that provide location-specific information?
• The future of location-specific marketing: defining the terms Geo-Tagging and Hyperlocal Marketing

Rob Cooke, Chief Commercial Officer,


Analysing successful social campaigns and learning valuable lessons

What is the secret behind a successful social media campaign? Is it formulaic? Intuitive? Duncan Shand will aim to decode the answer by analysing and studying three different campaigns:
• Ice House social media campaign
• Puhoi Valley social campaign for increasing sales
• WildPoppies integrated approach for “social giving”

Duncan Shand, Director, Young & Shand


APPvertising: How effective is in-app advertising?

This session illustrates the benefits and challenges of advertising on mobile apps.
• How to create, track and optimize ads on Mobile Apps?
• Focusing on the ROI side of things and other challenges
• Top tips to derive maximum benefits and efficiency through mobile advertising

Mark Copplestone, Head of Sales, InMobi




Panel: Think outside the box

What more can you do with social media that adds value to your business?
• Facilitating internal communications through social media
• Social media as the effective employee management tool
• Capitalising on consumer insights online
• Reputation management

Jenny Wilmshurst, Social Media Strategist, Tweet Twins
Hayden Raw, Managing Director, The Common Room
Simon Young, Principal, Global Relations


Digital influence and reputation management

This session will explore the steps necessary to asses your competitive position, identify key influencers and develop an effective engagement strategy.
• Bypassing the personal message shield
• How, when and why to use social media listening
• Competitive benchmarking – defining your share of voice
• Mapping your influencer ecosystem for fun and profit
• Driving earned media via the interactive media release

Jennifer Duval-Smith, Executive Director, Social @Ogilvy


Afternoon break & refreshments


A kiwi success story about how social media globalised a local business

While traditional PR activity created plenty of exposure locally for WilliamsWarn, an ingenious Kiwi made personal brewery appliance, it was social media that took it to the rest of the world delivering tangible results.
• A comprehensive look into the strategic plan behind the campaign
• Concrete results derived out of the campaign
• Top tips to achieve tangible results

Bill Rundle, Account Manager, Porter Novelli NZ


Privacy and social media: Get it right before you get it wrong

Social media and mobile marketing practices almost always rely on collecting and using information about people - and the more targeted the marketing, the more information gets used.
• In a business where consumer participation is everything, how do you keep people’s trust?
• Are you confident that you know how to get it right before you get it wrong?

Katrine Evans, Assistant Privacy Commissioner (Legal and Policy), The Office of Privacy Commissioner


Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference


9.00 - 12.30

Updating your social media strategy and exploring new tools and tricks

Strategy makeover session
• Conversion opportunities through your social channels
• Social media management and analytics applications

Social media copywriting
• Brainstorming fresh and interesting ways to engage your audience
• Studying successful social media ads
• Storytelling - a session dedicated to illustrate copywriting tactics specifically for social media advertising and engagement
Jen Corbett, Creative Strategist, and
Justin Flitter, Director,


1.30 - 5.00

Designing the optimum business plan for your app

• What should the ideal business model for the app look like?
• How do you communicate your needs to the developer?
• The app life cycle - how often should you update your app?
• Making your app location aware and understanding the opportunities for new technologies like MVS and NFS.
• Mobile Privacy: what are the implications for your business?
Darnell Higginson
, Strategic Account Director, and
Jon Beattie
, Partner, In House Digital (a Marker company)


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