NZ Coatings & Corrosion Conference & Exhibition


The 2014 inaugural Coatings & Corrosions event was an enormous success – with close to 200 people in attendance.  Speakers received high rating from delegate feedback. Conferenz are thankful to the sponsors & exhibitors and look forward to providing another Confex in this area in the future.

“The most motivating thing for me in a conference is 1) the experience of the speakers (ie. content) and 2) the passion of the presenters.  Both of these rated very high at this conference – well done!”

Jim Mestyanek, Senior Project Engineer, Manawatu District Council

“I gained a lot of information.  I can put this to practical use.”
Steve Lowe, Network Development Engineer, Northpower

It was nice to meet you as well and I congratulate you on a fantastic event. We were overwhelmed with the positive response we received from the attendees and really have our work cut out for us this summer. There was such a good mix or the right people from all the industries we deal with. If you hold another of these next year, make sure we are on the list!!
David King, Director, Modern Maintenance Products Ltd

“I have attended many conferences over the past 40 + years and yours would be up there with the best of them. The entire show was very professionally presented and from feedback received from delegates, they were very pleased with the information they received from the presenters.” 
Wayne Burns, Managing Director, Anode Engineering Pty Ltd

The audience attracted the following industries and job functions:

2014 Agenda

Agenda: Day 1


Registration & Coffee


Opening remarks from the Chair

Mike Boardman, Principal Consultant, LineTech Consulting


INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: Promoting awareness of corrosion and corrosion control for the socioeconomic benefit of society, preservation of resources and protection of the environment

In 2013 the total cost of corrosion in the US exceeded $1 trillion annually for the first time. Corrosion cost in New Zealand is higher each year as well. Corrosion also produces significant safety and environmental consequences and its control is therefore essential.
• The importance of public awareness of corrosion and corrosion control
• Identifying world best practices in corrosion management
• The provision of corrosion control expertise to governments, industries, and communities: together we can achieve more
• Harmonising corrosion-related standards worldwide

Wayne Burns, Past President, World Corrosion Organisation


Experts panel

Hear New Zealand experts discuss the cost of corrosion to the New Zealand economy, and possible solutions to minimising the problems associated with corrosion.

Les Boulton, Principal Consultant, Les Boulton & Associates
Ron Berry, Principle Protective Coatings Consultant - Certified Inspector, RB Corrosion Services
Raed El Sarraf, Structural / Material Engineer, Opus International Consultants


Morning tea


CASE STUDY: Asset preservation and asset management

Many if not most heavy industrial sites in New Zealand are of middle age or older. They are at the point in their investment life cycle where asset preservation is a significant issue for many. Innovative ways of asset management are necessary in order to provide lower costs and hence extend economic life.
• Possible ways of asset preservation
• Immediate cost vs. economic life cycle of structures

Joe Pavia, Market Development Manager, International Paint

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Large infrastructure owners panel

Hear New Zealand large infrastructure owners and operators discussing their point of view on corrosion and the problems it causes and what challenges are they expecting to deal with in the future.

Barry Wright, National Structures Manager, New Zealand Transport Agency
Fraser Johns, Civil Team Leader, RefiningNZ
More panellists to be confirmed




INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER: An insight into new or updated corrosion and coating standards

Following the development of technology and awareness about corrosion and coating, standards, guidelines and other legal requirements need to be renewed or updated. Hear about the latest update of corrosion and coating standards and how will they affect your business (e.g., NZTA: new Protective Coating Guide for steel structures).

Peter Golding, CEO, Galvanizers Association of Australia


Getting more out of our existing concrete structures in coastal and other aggressive environments

• Protecting existing concrete structures from chloride and other forms of attack by utilising the internal matrix
• Penetrating hydrogels prevent deterioration of concrete structures by targeting the cause … internal moisture and chlorides/sulphates
• Findings from a wharf field study and why penetrating hydrogels have become an essential “tool” for asset managers

Murray Gilbertson, Managing Director, G-Group Consulting


Afternoon tea and refreshments


Detailing for optimum durability performance

When designing any structure, detailing to minimise durability-related issues is often an overlooked and under-appreciated aspect of the design process. Engineers not only need to recognise the different environments the structure will be exposed to, but they also need to determine the optimum cost effective corrosion protection system to be used in that environment. This presentation highlights common detailing errors seen in steel structures and provides guidance on how to design a structure to avoid those problems.

Raed El Sarraf, Structural / Material Engineer, Opus International Consultants


CASE STUDY: Thermoplastic coatings for corrosion protection

This session will offer an understanding of the reasons why thermoplastic coatings are used in tough environments throughout the world and how these coatings can prolong the longevity of assets in New Zealand.

Andrew Allan, Business Sector Manager, Dulux Powder & Industrial Coatings


Summary remarks from the Chair


Networking Drinks

Agenda: Day 2


Welcome back from the chair


Nanostructured coatings and their applications

Various processing techniques have been used to produce nanocoatings, including electroplating, electroless deposition, magnetron sputtering, chemical vapour deposition, sol-gel methods, and the combinations of several methods. Special properties have been achieved by microstructural control. The emphasis now has been put in the industrial applications including surface protection and environmental technology.

Wei Gao, Professor, School of Engineering


Theoretical concepts of cathodic protection and its practical application

Cathodic protection prevents corrosion of metals and alloys when they are exposed to aggressive environments. Hear about different types of cathodic protection and their effect on assets.
• Types of cathodic protection and which one to choose
• Identifying interference mitigation techniques
• Challenges of using cathodic protection

Sean Ryder, Principal Consultant and Director, Phoenix Solutions


Morning break & refreshments


CASE STUDY: Managing integrity of pipework: corrosion under pipe supports

Vector are replacing pipe supports that are causing corrosion of pipework. The presentation outlines the process followed to identify the at-risk supports, the new designs used and improvements planned for the ongoing identification and prioritisation process.

Mark Sigley, Corrosion Engineer, Vector


Recent developments in stainless steel applications

Sustainable development around the world is heavily dependent upon employing materials that demonstrate good life cycle cost characteristics. This characteristic is either directly or indirectly related to the corrosion performance of engineering materials. In this session, Les will discuss how the excellent corrosion resistance and long service life and durability of stainless steel can maximise the life of other materials preventing corrosion failures of infrastructure.

Les Boulton, Principal Consultant, Les Boulton & Associates




CASE STUDY: The benefits of hot dip galvanising

The most common method of applying a metal coating to structural steel is by hot-dip galvanising.
• The importance of good surface preparation
• Assessing the key benefits of hot dip galvanising and examples

Duane Baguley, General Manager, Perry Metal Protection


CASE STUDY: Key issues when dealing with intumescent coatings

In the event of a fire, structures are required to maintain their stability for a reasonable period of time to enable occupants to evacuate and to provide safety to firefighters. Understanding passive fire protection technology and the impact of legislation is important to ensure compliance with standards for fire and life safety. In this session, hear about intumescent coatings and how to deal with them in order to assure cost effective and environmentally friendly method to protect structural steelwork.

Chris Partington, PFP Project Manager, International Paint


Afternoon break


Weathering steel – where, when and how?

This presentation provides an outline on the correct use of weathering steel, how it protects itself through the formation of the protective rust patina, and examples of successful and not-so-successful use of it around New Zealand. Different design, fabrication and erection aspects will also be discussed, including the maintenance requirements throughout the design of the structure.

Raed El Sarraf, Structural / Material Engineer, Opus International Consultants


CASE STUDY: Condition assessment of transmission towers using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Historically, transmission towers were only climbed to repair or replace hardware or light members. In recent decades the amount of tower climbing increased considerably, especially when tower painting of the galvanised lattice steel towers started. In this session, hear about how some transmission towers inspections could be carried out using UAVs and what that means for the industry.

Mike Boardman, Principal Consultant, LineTech Consulting


Summary remarks from the chair and end of conference


Industry access to the EXPO was free.

The exhibition gathered key suppliers from the industry to showcase the latest products, innovations and technology used in the coatings & corrosion industry.

Many thanks to International Paint for being the Diamond Sponsor, and helping drive the event.


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