NZ Cloud Computing Summit 2013


“The cloud landscape is shifting to cover a broader range of enterprise needs. Why? Cloud is curing the lack of responsiveness and economic flexibility that ails on-premises IT.”
Forrester Research, Dec 2012

Why should you be there?

• Gain insight into Cloud trends and trajectories and the relationship with Big Data
• Latest international research from Forrester Research
• User’s panel gives you the opportunity to ask your questions about cloud adoption stories
• Insights into security, data tracking and legal issues

Introducing Keynote speaker:

John Brand, Forrester Research
John has 25 years’ experience and is a well-regarded IT analyst across Asia Pacific. He serves CIOs with research and advisory particularly in Australia and New Zealand, focused on enterprise adoption of new software and Internet technologies. He has produced world leading research in Business Intelligence, data centre transformation, Cloud and other technology and business related topics.


Agenda: Day 1


Registration & Coffee


Opening remarks from the Chair

Hazel Jennings, Owner & Principal, Dale Jennings Associates; Trustee, 2020 Communications Trust


NZ CloudCode - one year on

Looking back to the release of the NZ CloudCode at the 2012 NZ Cloud Summit, we will follow the CloudCode’s journey and maturity to a fully operational code of practice for cloud providers in New Zealand.
• How the compliance process works
• Industry response to the CloudCode - has there been change?
• International reaction
• What comes next?

Joy Cottle, Operations Manager, Institute of IT Professionals


Trends, fads and transformations: The future directions for Cloud

Hear Dr. Michael Snowden discuss the latest directions for Cloud in 2013 and the effect this will have on businesses within NZ.
• Have attitudes to Cloud changed?
• Emerging trends - what is the relationship between Cloud, Big Data and competing on analytics?
• What business innovations are enabled by Cloud?

Dr. Michael Snowden, CEO, OneNet Ltd

**Presenter has declined permission for presentation to be uploaded**


Morning break and refreshments


International Keynote: Big numbers and analytics - Examining the role of Cloud in Big Data

Two enterprise trends have the ability to significantly alter the way we collect, organise, review and analyse company data. In this session hear about the intersection of these two trends and how they are being used in today’s business environment.
• What are the drivers for adoption of Big Data in the Cloud?
• What business and architectural models exist today?
• How can Cloud help reduce architectural complexity yet deliver even greater insights for organisations?

John Brand, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research (Australia)


Users Panel: From security & beyond - our experiences with Cloud adoption

Why was the decision made to turn to Cloud solutions? In this panel discussion, hear from users at the coal face as they take us through why Cloud was the best option for them and their experiences with the Cloud project, while giving you the opportunity to ask them your questions.
• Utilising in-house infrastructure more effectively
• Creating platforms for future growth
• Productivity, innovation and growth - How has implementing Cloud affected the workforce?

Ian Apperley, Director, Isis Group Ltd
Richard Adlard, Group Enterprise Architect, Beca
Dale Monk, Experienced Technologist
Dale has significant experience with Cloud, hosted services, system and software architecture, information security, and closed and open source technologies.


How to think more Cloud-like

The organisations that get the best results out of the cloud paradigm shift have been the ones that have been able to change their thinking the most. The presentation explores some of the more radical ideas like “chaos monkey” from Netflix and whether your servers are “pets or cattle” from CERN. We also look at what has changed and how this might influence our thinking in our own use of public clouds and cloud provider selection.

Neil Webster, Sales Manager, Web Drive




Case Study: Taking advantage of Cloud opportunities

Jucy Group is a market leader in the vehicle rentals industry with a growing global workforce who took advantage of an opportunity to move to the Cloud during a relocation of their head office. Hear from Dan Alpe about how Cloud has influenced their growing business.
• Expanding the growth capability of Jucy Group
• Managing strategic vendor partnerships for Cloud success
• Experiences with the change over and lessons learnt

Dan Alpe, COO, Jucy Group


Fractilised working: How the Cloud is changing the way that we work

• The social impact of the smartphone powered by the Cloud
• Changing the way that staff interact to support fractilised working using BYOD and BYOA (bring your own application)
• The benefits of fractilised working
• What happens if you don’t adopt it

Ian Apperley, Director, Isis Group


Case Study: Creating infrastructure to support a global business

Replacing ad hoc solutions and a strained wireless network with a Cloud based remote office made sense for BCS Group. Learn about how they have integrated their Cloud programme into their infrastructure and how it has made global business more efficient.
• Creating a solution that was available 24/7 and able to be accessed globally
• Expanding the technical capability of BCS Group to ensure business continuity
• Lessons learnt and experiences gained from the Cloud rollout

Brett Hobbs, Group Information Technology Manager, BCS Group


Security and reliability in the Cloud - What should you be really worried about?

Have there been any changes to the fear and uncertainty around Cloud? Is employee interaction the new security threat frontier? This session will uncover some of the common and not so common security problems companies worry about, and also what they should really be concerned with.
• What should you be asking your cloud provider?
• Reliability in the Cloud - what does it mean and why does it matter
• Stealth Cloud and shadow IT - why Cloud applications can heighten security risks

Philip Whitmore, Director - Security Advisory Services, KPMG New Zealand


Afternoon break and refreshments


Where is my Cloud data? Who has touched it? - The case for tracking Cloud data provenance

When we use Cloud computing environments, there are inherent risks associated with the transfer of data into the Cloud. This also means that there is a relinquishing of some degree of ‘control’ and the concerns around this are rarely addressed.
• Viewpoint wars: systems-centric vs. data-centric
• Providing on-demand information about your stored data
• What are the challenges of managing the data in this environment and the latest developments

Dr Ryan Ko, Asia Pacific Research Advisor, Cloud Security Alliance; Senior Lecturer - Computer Science, University of Waikato


Legal implications of Cloud for NZ

As Cloud becomes increasingly popular and more businesses adopt cloud solutions, it is important to have an understanding of the potential legal risks that can arise and know how to manage them. In this session hear from Karen as she discusses some key legal issues for cloud solutions in NZ and how best to mitigate, or at least minimise, them. Some matters that will be addressed include:
• Privacy obligations
• What happens If there is a security breach
• Offshore data-centres – why does it matter where your data is stored?
• How do you manage the risk?

Karen Ngan, Partner, Simpson Grierson


Closing remarks from the Chair and end of Conference


Networking Drinks Function


Workshop A:

Migration of legacy systems to the Cloud

15 August 2013, 9.00am – 12.30pm

Successful legacy migration is as much about strategy and execution as it is about the technology. In this workshop gain insights, tips and tricks about how you can manage the migration of legacy systems into the Cloud and mitigate associated risks.

• Modernisation vs. migration: examining the opportunities for Cloud adoption
• Choosing the right service models
• Security, privacy and reliability: Making sure you have completed due diligence
• Strategies for migration of legacy technology
• Troubleshooting: Common mistakes and pitfalls to look out for
Ian Apperley, Director, Isis Group

Ian Apperley is an independent consultant with over twenty years in the ICT industry, primarily in the Infrastructure area. He has worked with many Government agencies over the years and most recently has been working with central government on options for Government Cloud as well as advising private companies on Cloud strategy and adoption.

Workshop B:

Business continuity in the Cloud

15 August 2013, 1.30pm – 5.00pm

Many organisations worldwide are moving toward the cloud to prepare for the inevitable and minimise the investment cost of technical infrastructure. They no longer need to be too much worried on that, as ‘cloud computing’ has emerged as a dependable solution.

Could organisations leverage on ‘cloud computing’ and craft effective Business Continuity strategies? Understanding the risks and strategies involved in this decision is critical to ensure your plans stand up under the strain. In this workshop learn how to harness the flexibility, resiliency and reliability of cloud based solutions.

• What should be kept in the Cloud
• Governance issues – ensuring the detail isn’t overlooked
• Private vs public vs hybrid – what is the best solution
• Overcoming security concerns
• Keeping an eye on your cloud solution: understanding the surrounding regulations
Francesco Micarelli, Associate Director, KPMG NZ

Francesco leads KPMG NZ’s Business Continuity practice. He is ISO 22301 certified Lead Auditor and has been managing Business Continuity reviews and implementations in New Zealand and overseas. In New Zealand Francesco has worked with organisations in the public and private sector, providing support about efficient and effective protection of the business’ critical assets. He has supported clients in setting up incident and crisis management processes to detect, assess and recover promptly from business disruptions of any nature. Francesco’s profile is completed by more than 13 years experience in Risk Management, external and internal audit, including IT security and financial business process controls audit, providing an all-round, holistic approach to Business Continuity Management System.



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