Mobile Payments & NFC Forum


NFC and mobile payment solutions have begun to gain wide acceptance globally. Experts have declared that the world will see a massive shift towards “contactless payments” by 2025. But is this possible in reality? What does this mean for New Zealand? What are the challenges that need to be addressed during and after NFC implementation?

The 2013 Mobile Payments and NFC Forum will feature topics around:
Interoperability: Legacy systems v/s NFC systems
The impact of NFC and mobile payments on the retail industry
The NFC consortium panelists and their take on payments and standardization in the New Zealand landscape
TSM ( Trusted Service Manager) update
Key lessons from implementing NFC in retail settings

Join us in this unique event to experience the “value-add” of NFC and mobile payments and understand how to apply them in your business.


*Please note venue change: this conference will now take place at Amora Hotel, Auckland*


Agenda: Day 1


Registration & Coffee


Opening remarks from the Chair

Russell Briant, Strategy Principal Payments & E-Commerce, Bank of New Zealand


CEO Address: Is New Zealand headed towards “cashless” payments?

• The impact of NFC and mobile payments on citizens and businesses combined
• Smartphone adoption statistics and trends in New Zealand: Digital Immigrants vs. Digital Natives
• Factors that will influence the success of NFC and mobile payments in NZ

Steve Nichols, Chief Executive, Payments NZ


The NFC Consortium panel: Changes ahead

• The impact of mobile payments and m-commerce on legacy systems
• What steps are being taken towards standardisation?
• The role of telcos, banks and financial service companies

Russell Briant, Strategy Principal Payments and E-Commerce
Bank of New Zealand
Albert Naffah, Country Manager, MasterCard New Zealand
Philip Deason, Head of Products and Partners, Paymark


Morning break & refreshments


CEO Address: The digital shopper and the role of mobile in the retail industry

Everything today is mobile. Consumers are looking to transfer bank statements and credit cards into a mobile device in a digital format. What does this massive shift imply for the retail industry and what are some of the changes the industry should be looking to implement in the future?

John Albertson, Chief Executive Officer, New Zealand Retailers’ Association


CEO Address: Challenges in achieving interoperability with NFC and mobile payments

Learn from experience and examples regarding the biggest challenges that businesses will face in terms of interoperability and learn the key to achieving smooth and seamless transition from existing payments models towards NFC enabled, contactless payment solutions.

Miki Szikszai, Chief Executive Officer, Snapper

*Presentation to come. Please check back next week*


Lunch Break


NFC and Mobile Payments: Concept vs. implementation from a Telco perspective

• Telecom Proof of Concept
• Factors which will influence customer adoption: Single tap, pins, value added services, devices, etc
• Global standards, wallets, local standards and processes
• New opportunities: What does the future hold for NFC?

Roxanne Salton, Senior Product Manager - MCommerce and Advertising, Telecom NZ


Trusted Service Manager (TSM) Update: The future of mobile payments and standardisation in New Zealand

• A collaborative effort to develop the NFC ecosystem in NZ
• A look at the TSM framework and the infrastructure
• What is in it for your business?
• What’s down the pipeline for NFC from the TSM consortium?
• Extended Q&A by Paymark

Philip Deason, Head of Products and Partners, Paymark


Afternoon break and refreshments


How digital technology will drive change in the payment landscape and consumer behaviour

• Westpac’s payment and mobile strategies
• Key developments in the global payments industry
• Likely impacts for New Zealand and key developments underway

Chris Irvine, Senior Manager Corporate Strategy and Development, Westpac

*Speaker has declined permission for their presentation to be upload*


Case Study: YQ - Building an over the top mobile payments platform for Small Medium Enterprise’s

Hear about a new start-up’s journey into creating a Mobile Payment platform in NZ
Understand YQ’s Payment Gateway choices now and in the future
YQ’s view on achieving greater consumer adoption of mobile payment solutions

Mike Paranihi, Managing Director, YQ New Zealand


End of Day One and Networking Drinks

Agenda: Day 2


Welcome back from the Chair

Russell Briant, Strategy Principal Payments & E-Commerce, Bank of New Zealand


Case Study: Achieving real results through NFC and mobile-based customer loyalty programmes

• The business case: Why we chose NFC
• How do the intended outcomes compare to the actual outcomes?
• Challenges faced during implementation and how they were resolved
• Key learning experiences gathered from the implementation

Bob Drummond, Chief Operating Officer, VMob


Data privacy for mobile contactless payment applications

Moving the consumer payment application from cards to mobile phones offers a huge opportunity to collect and use information at the point of sale to the benefit of consumers and retailers in various ways like customer analytics, data analytics, marketing, targeted advertising and so on. Engage in this session to understand why ensuring the privacy rights become ever more critical as payments migrate to mobile contactless.

Paul Brisk, Director and Founder, Cotignac Consultancy Services


Morning break and refreshments


Looking beyond NFC: Making the most of the opportunity

• International best practice and learning for New Zealand
• How companies drive value out of NFC
• The fully integrated customer experience

Caroline Ada, CEO, Visa New Zealand

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Case Study: Leveraging sales through mobile payment tools

Join Campbell to get GrabOne’s perspective on how they are leveraging existing mobile tools such as apps and mobile sites to influence sales through mobile devices. Campbell will touch upon:
• The strategies down their pipeline to stay in the mobile payments game
• Key lessons learned while implementing mobile payments
• Leveraging email to drive mobile
• Top tips on making mobile payments work for your business

James Kemp, Marketing Manager, GrabOne


Lunch break


The pros and cons of implementing NFC enabled smart posters

“Smart posters” are making waves internationally but is the kiwi consumer ready for it yet?
• The pros and cons of implementing smart posters in New Zealand
• Key technical lessons gathered from smart poster implementation
• What are the chances of “smart posters” performing effectively, given that conservative advertising methods are still ruling?

Max Flanigan, Founder, Nearby Sky
John Mellows, Founder,


Growing your mobile wallet strategy

Based on UL TS international experience this session provides insight in various Mobile Wallet strategies. We will look at the Mobile Network Operators interest, the Banks key drivers, the Retailers incentives and the international payments schemes interest.

Pier Aldershof, Principal Consultant Pacific, UL Transaction Security

*Speaker has declined permission for their presentation to be upload*


Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference

Russell Briant, Strategy Principal Payments & E-Commerce, Bank of New Zealand


Held pre-conference on 25 February 2013, 9.00 am- 4.00 pm.

Mobile 101: What you absolutely need to know about mobile payments

Engage in this comprehensive full-day workshop to expand your knowledge around latest developments in the mobile payments arena. You will be studying the many changes that are shaping the mobile industry and understand their implications on your business model.
• Mobile in retrospect: An overview of the way mobile payments and social technology has evolved over the last 5 years and how it is predicted to change in the future
• What is NFC, cloud based payments, m-commerce, mobile banking and wallets - and what do they offer my business?
• Why does the industry believe now is the time for mobile payments?
• What are the opportunities, and what are the challenges?
• Disruption and fragmentation – will it be NFC or cloud based payments or a combination of both?
• Some examples of what is happening around the world
Paul Brisk, Director and Founder, Cotignac Consultancy Services

Paul Brisk has over 17 years of experience in payment systems of which he has spent the last fourteen years concentrating on payment security including new technology areas such as EMV chip and secure payments over mobile and internet. Before spearheading Cotignac Consultancy Services, Paul had worked in the Visa Europe regional office alongside individual banks to introduce, implement and roll-out new technology and products in the payments arena. His specialties include contactless chip cards, PCI PIN Security and PCI Data Security.


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