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About the Conference

The proliferation of mobile devices available today is revolutionising the way we think about enterprise systems. As we become more tech savvy, IT teams must rise to the challenge presented by mobility in order to reap its rewards.

Attend for the chance to:

  • Gain insight into the complexities of the paradigm shift from a desk bound to free roaming workforce
  • Explore the role of mobility in fulfilling your business strategy
  • Enhance your knowledge of mobile strategy, governance and architecture
  • Examine the potential for Cloud and BI solutions when paired with mobile technology 

Programme features speakers from: 

  • Mobile Mentor
  • Express Couriers Ltd 
  • Alphero & Run the Red
  • Genesis 
  • HRL Morrison & Co 
  • Terralink 


Agenda: Day 1


Registration & Coffee


Opening remarks from the Chair

Owen McCall, Consultant, Viewfield Consulting


Opening Address: Navigating the Enterprise Mobility Landscape

Enterprises are dealing with several dilemmas as traditional business processes migrate from the office environment to a more diverse mobile environment. In this opening presentation Denis will address three hot topics shaping enterprise mobility today and potential implications for the future.
• Provide a practical framework for developing a mobile strategy when so much is changing
• Outline the conflicting views on BYOD, discuss best practice and establish a framework for a successful BYO program
• Describe the optimum architecture for mobilising legacy applications and business processes

Denis O’Shea, CEO, Mobile Mentor

If you wish to obtain Denis' presentation, please call our Sponsorship Manager, Aoife Herr on 09 912 7973 or alternatively please email Aoife@conferenz.co.nz


Case Study: Mobility as a tool to fulfil business strategy

Having your mobile strategy link to and support core business objectives is of great importance when bringing the enterprise into the mobile environment. Discover how ECL has gone about ensuring that mobility works in harmony with overall business goals and operation.
• The business case for mobility at ECL
• How do we advance business goals through its use?
• Working with partners: How contractors have influenced ECL’s mobile strategy

Tony Wickstead, General Manager IT, Express Couriers


Morning break & refreshments


Building mobility architecture

How do you develop the infrastructure to support enterprise mobility? This session provides helpful insights into how you can design and build your mobile network.
• The blueprints: Interpreting the strategy to meet organisational demands for effective agility
• Doing your research: How to get the information you need
• Agnostic vs. Holistic approach to mobility frameworks

Owen McCall, Consultant, Viewfield Consulting


Shaping your mobility strategy

A well crafted operation starts with a well crafted strategy. This session analyses the fundamental questions that must be asked by any IT team and its supervisors when developing its mobile strategy.
• Working with your needs and identifying opportunities
• Acknowledging consumer trends and behaviours within the enterprise
• Your IT Team: What skills are you going to need to realise your strategy?
• Verifying value: Developing the appropriate metrics and monitoring systems

Caroline Dewe, Co-Founder & Director, Alphero Ltd


Laying down the law: Establishing a mobility governance policy

A governance policy which identifies and enforces clear guidelines is essential to protecting sensitive information.
• Adhering to legal conditions: How does this affect information access?
• Individual risk profiling
• Being proactive: How combating instances of negligence and theft can minimise the impact of either incident occurring
• Monitoring compliance

Denis O’Shea, CEO, Mobile Mentor

If you wish to obtain Denis' presentation, please call our Sponsorship Manager, Aoife Herr on 09 912 7973 or alternatively please email Aoife@conferenz.co.nz




Your Enterprise Mobility toolkit: Solutions breakdown

• The latest developments in UC/Enterprise Collaboration
• Compare and contrast: What do you need and where’s the best place to get it?
• What else do you need in your toolkit?

Rhoda Phillippo, People & Technology Manager, HRL Morrison & Co Ltd


Mobility - A whole new mindset

This session looks at the movement from an economy and society built on the logical, linear, computer-like capabilities of the information age to an economy and society built on the incentive, empathic, big picture capabilities of what's rising in it's place, the conceptual age.
• Embracing consumerization
• Importance of the road map
• Choosing the right architecture
• Thinking from user's perspsctive and keeping it simple
• Right execution

Phillip Lawrence, Director, Eco Logical Strategies Pty Ltd


Afternoon tea


Securing mobile devices

In embracing mobility, end point security of mobile devices is crucial to protect data loss, either through instances of negligence or actual theft. With increasing numbers of individuals utilising mobile devices for work purposes, managing the access and security of enterprise data through the use of these devices is a top priority.
• Top security concerns related to mobile devices
• How do you manage the use of devices whilst determining access in a user friendly way?

Philip Whitmore, Director IT Advisory, KPMG Security Advisory Services


Is near-enough good enough anymore?

As mobile device and location intelligence technology matures, is near-enough still good enough? Location aware mobile devices can help increase enterprise productivity, but location intelligence is really only as useful as the location data that powers it. It doesn’t matter how clever the device is if the location data it consumes is inaccurate.
• Understand the importance and benefits of truly accurate location data.
• Real world examples including a case study on NZ emergency services.
• Next generation location intelligence (LiDAR)

Mike Donald, Managing Director, Terralink


End of conference and networking drinks


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