Content Marketing Summit


We have some new exciting news in the pipeline for the 2016 edition of the Content Marketing conference. The programme will include some of the best companies in New Zealand sharing their knowledge about how to build and leverage great content marketing strategies. 

With the help of social and mobile, content marketing not only offers a more efficient and affordable way to acquire good leads with long-term value, but it can also increase loyalty of current customers. This is particularly important in an age where customers have many choices, have a lot of information (and hence power) and they don’t want to be sold to.



Including Presentation from:

Hubspot | Waikato Regional Council | Kiwibank | NZME | Done by Friday | NZ on Screen | Xero | Colenso BBDO | Qrious | NZ Filmaster Podcast | 90 Seconds | Pure SEO | Brand Machine

3 reasons you will not want to miss out on the 2016 Content Marketing Conference

• Get inspired from real life case studies, successful content marketing campaigns and smart tips from top agencies
• Connect and collaborate with other content marketers from leading companies in New Zealand
• Be updated on the latest trends to take your content marketing strategy to the next level


Conference Highlights

“Creating compelling content that aligns with your brand to make your content truly unique and valuable is half the story. The other half is finding and publishing to audiences who appreciate what you have to say, offer and do. Join us and learn how to create and publish unique, valuable content marketing that engages, inspires and moves your customers to action.”
Colin Kennedy, Group Editor & Head of Content, Espire Media


“Video is the future of content marketing. But you’ll have to do more than just make one to realise its full potential! I love being guided by the audience and I’m always up for a good helping of heckling. Join me for a journey down the rabbit hole into the world of video - you will be amazed at where it might take you!”
Marcus Wild, General Manager, 90 Seconds 





Agenda: Day 1


Registration & Coffee


Opening remarks from the Chair

Boyd Wason, Director, Done by Friday


Our top 5 Content Marketing trends for 2016

• Exploring fresh trends big brands are adopting to build bigger audience
• Budgets and projects - Are companies devoting more money to content?
• Get inspired - Looking at great content examples

Ryan Bonnici, Marketing Director, Hubspot


Content and customers - From selling products to keeping brand promises

• What “content success” looks like to our customers?
• Bringing brands to life – Generating the demand for your content
• Satisfying your audience – Good content vs good enough content

Dallas Gurney, GM Group Content Marketing, NZME


Morning break & refreshments


Case Study: Developing personas to target the right consumers

• Understanding what your audience want and how they want it
• Matching content strategy to buyer journeys
• Identifying and solving personas’ pain points

Sonia Slattery, Head of Digital, Done by Friday


Case Study: Exploring the path towards successful content strategies

• A not for profit perspective - How we made it work
• Approaching content curation – Be smart and innovative!  
• The key lessons learnt during our journey

Irene Gardiner, Content Director, NZ On Screen


Case Study: Great content on small budget. Fact or myth?

Do you really need huge investments to create successful campaigns? Hear from Phill about their journey through content creation on a shoestring budget. Learn some shareable tips from a small team who is doing great things in New Zealand.

Phill Claxton, Chief Operating Officer, IT Glue




Building a relationship between sales & marketing that drives revenue

• What is the actual purpose of marketing in relation to sales?
• Understanding what sales truly needs to enable the best working relationship between the two
• How to use technology to provide your sales team with insights & improve efficiency


An agency perspective – Generating rich and delightful content

• Applying content to advertising – Techniques we can borrow from Ad campaigns
• What to do and what to avoid when talking to your customers
• Looking at examples of powerful campaigns

Wayne Pick, Executive Creative Director, Colenso BBDO


Keep it plain, simple and engaging

• Techniques content marketers should know about effective writing
• Writing for different audiences – choosing the right words ​to make a connection​
• Avoiding the common mistakes content producers make

Shelly Davies, Director,


Afternoon break & refreshments


Translating analytics into marketing insights

• Enabling better decision-making through analytics
• Improving message relevancy to drive conversion
• The importance of linking people and technology

Micah Gabriels, Head of Product and Marketing, Qrious


Panel Discussion: From content to revenue - Where should my budget be spent?

• Measuring the effectiveness of content campaigns
• Understanding the bigger picture - What is your ROI telling you?
• Optimising investments - Validating the wider effects of good content campaigns

Dallas Gurney, GM Group Content Marketing, NZME
Chirag Ahuja,  Head of Marketing, Xero


Summary remarks from the Chair and Networking Drinks

Agenda: Day 2


Welcome back from the Chair


10 ways science can help your blog not suck

Most blogs are full of lightweight fluff and fail to deliver any sort of ROI. The good news is this is your competition. With a little science and some real world examples we’ll show you how to build a blog that gets results for your business.

Adam Barber, Director, Castleford


The Content Marketer’s challenge - How well do you sell vs spell?

• Aligning your brand with a content positioning to create truly unique messages
• How to never run out of ideas for great content
• Discussing thought leadership that is sticky, memorable and moves people to action

Colin Kennedy, Group Editor & Head of Content, Espire Media


Morning break & refreshments


Snackable Quick-Fires – Videos and storytelling: Using videos to engage your customers

Snack 1: Creating story-driven brand experiences
• Hear from Chris about his long journey through podcasts and movie production.
• What can we learn from storytelling in the movie industry? Learn smart tips and tricks to create juicy stories and engage your customers.
Chris Hanlon, Co- Producer, The NZ Filmmakers Podcast

Snack 2: Videos and Content – 5 steps to a successful video strategy
Video is no longer a nice to have, it is a must have. Get the basics to create a killer video strategy. The end goal is to get the right video in front of the right person, at the right time, but the question that burns in everyones mind is - what should I make?
Marcus Wild, General Manager, 90 Seconds

Snack 1: Chris Hanlon, Co- Producer, The NZ Filmmakers Podcast

Snack 2: Marcus Wild, General Manager,  90 Seconds


Extended Q&A




Search Optimisation – Driving traffic to your campaigns

• Barnacle SEO – Leveraging large audiences
• Using content to improve website rankings
• Techniques to reach your target audience and stand out from the crowd

Richard Conway, CEO, Pure SEO


Case Study: Today’s Waikato weather - Keeping people safe through smart content

• Ensuring the right kind of information is available
• Making emergency messages “more digestible” to the general public
• Getting people engaged in case of an emergency

Matthew Pryor, Emergency Management Coordinator, Waikato Regional Council


Content or chaos?

• Acknowledging content as a business asset - Extracting maximum value out of every piece of content
• Looking at effective content management techniques - Technology becoming content marketer’s best friend
• Sharing real life experiences of best practice content management

Andrew Mitchell, Director, Brand Machine


Afternoon break & refreshments


Case Study: Inspire and get inspired

• Looking at the secrets behind the success of Kiwibank content campaign
• Providing value, stories and exceptional experience people want to share
• Going beyond content – Inspiring your customers

Craig Osborne, Data Driven and Digital Marketing Lead, Kiwibank
Clayton Foster, Online Content Manager, Kiwibank


Effective email content strategy

• Integrating content marketing with existing email marketing efforts
• Segmenting your marketing messages to generate the necessary click through and open rates
• Be fresh & smart - Strategies to take your email campaigns to the next level

Boyd Wason, Director, Done by Friday


Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference


WORKSHOP 1: Enhancing the power of storytelling by creating emotion in your content

9:00am - 12:30pm 

Why is it that you will choose not to watch this movie from your collection today, but next week it might be the perfect movie for you? We watch movies because we want to feel something and this applies to books, television even the bars and restaurants we frequent. Content used in marketing often lacks this emotional hit, but those that nail it reap the rewards.

This workshop will cover:
• An adaptable framework that can help you build stories and emotion into your content
• The essential do’s and don’ts of using emotion in written, audio, or video content
• A look at the external elements of emotion to increase the impact of your storytelling
• The Acid test -How to quickly test your content to see if it has the right appeal to your audience

Facilitator:  Chris Hanlon, Co- Producer, The NZ Filmmakers Podcast 

Chris’ passion for learning led him to an equivalent passion for teaching and coaching. Chris is a professional coach, host and co-producer of podcasts for NZ Filmmakers. Chris uses stories instinctively since he got into Sales in the early ‘90s, and he loves to find the right story to communicate the “Why?” of our actions and goals. In this workshop he will share with you the secrets of effective storytelling by borrowing techniques from the filming industry. 


WORKSHOP 2: Content Marketing planning: How to develop great content strategies

1:30pm - 5:00pm 

Content planning will undoubtedly have a major impact on the success of both your digital marketing campaigns and the effectiveness of your content marketing overall. In this workshop we will cover the four steps and templates that will help you put together an effective Content Marketing plan for your business.

The workshop will cover:
• Complete a SWOT analysis on your content marketing efforts and develop a plan to improve them
• Define the right objectives and KPI’s for the plan
• Brainstorm content ideas and map these across your funnel
• Create a timeline for your content plans

Facilitator: Boyd Wason, Director, Done by Friday

With more 20 years experience in digital and marketing communications, Boyd has worked with large multi-national corporates, mid sized businesses and small start-ups across New Zealand and Australia. His focus is on helping businesses attract more visitors, create more leads and convert more sales through the use of strategically developed, placed and managed content.


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