2013 CFO Summit


The 2012 New Zealand CFO Summit was an enormous success, so be sure to join us at New Zealand’s premier CFO event in 2013. Ernst & Young are the Foundation Sponsor again for 2013.

Designed with the CFO and senior finance executive in mind, the New Zealand CFO Summit is the key opportunity for finance leaders across all industry sectors to examine issues and share insights and best practice. Our 2012 Summit was attended by 275 finance industry leaders who enjoyed a day of insightful, high-level presentations from some of New Zealand’s most well-respected business leaders. The event was then capped off by a sell-out CFO Awards dinner for over 380 people, making it New Zealand’s premier CFO event.



The one-day event will provide you with thought-provoking discussions, keynote presentations and unmissable networking opportunities. The CFO Awards dinner at the end of the day will again round off the superb networking aspects of the event.  



CFOs, CEOs, COOs, Finance Directors and Chief Risk Officers.



The CFO Summit provides information on current challenges and future opportunities impacting the CFO role.  With a focus on driving your business into the future with innovation and performance strategy, Conferenz and Fairfax Media will engage expert international and national speakers to ensure high level learning.

The Summit programme is developed in consultation with the CFO Summit Advisory Council, which has been appointed by Fairfax Media and Conferenz.



  • Digitisation of business and the impact of advancing technology
  • Innovative strategy implementation and planning
  • CFO leadership and strategy for driving business success
  • Building strong CFO relationships with the Board, CEO and stakeholders


CEO Panel
Albert Brantley, Chief Executive, Genesis Energy
Greg Lowe, Chief Executive, Beca Group
David Prentice, Chief Executive, Opus International Consultants
Brian Roche, Chief Executive, New Zealand Post 
Allen Williams, Chief Executive, Fairfax Media 

Directors' Panel
Michael Stiassny, Independent Director
Don Huse, Independent Director 
Maury Leyland, Group Director Strategy, Fonterra 

Stakeholder Perception Panel
Matt Whineray, General Manager Investments, NZ Superannuation Fund 
Andrew Bascand, Chief Executive, Harbour Asset Mgmt
Ari Sargent, Chief Executive, Powershop New Zealand Limited 



  • Allan Hickford, CFO, Ngāi Tahu Holdings Corp 
  • Andrew Donaldson, CFO, Genesis Energy
  • Brent Penrose, Partner, Ernst & Young
  • Bruce Simpson, CFO, Wellington City Council
  • Carole Bellette, CFO, Landcare Research
  • Chye Heng, CFO, Beca
  • David Anderson, CFO, Icebreaker
  • Fiona Rotherham, Managing Editor, Business Day
  • Grant Ellis, CFO, Restaurant Brands
  • Rod De Spong, CFO, Douglas Pharmaceuticals
  • Ross Chirnside, CFO, HealthAlliance



Registration and coffee


Opening remarks from the Chair


Opening keynote address: Leading your business into the future

The key objectives which your business should be considering to drive it to a successful future.
• The role and impact of technology in future business
• The significant relationships between CFO, CEO and CIO
• Aligning your organisation with an objective of customer satisfaction
• Managing costs effectively in changing times
• Facing the intricacies of expanding into Australia

Sir Ralph Norris, Former Chief Executive, Commonwealth Bank of Australia


International keynote: The role of the CFO in leading innovation and business strategy

Explore the achievements of Adidas and the part Robin Stalker has played in its success. Encouraging innovation and developing leadership, examine how Robin has planned and implemented forward-focused financial strategies, and enabled a culture of high performance.
• Accessing capital and setting business up for growth
• Enabling cultures of innovation and performance
• Key growth strategies and the role of finance teams in implementation
• Rewarding and acknowledging shareholders to secure future buy-in

Robin Stalker, Chief Financial Officer, Adidas (Germany)


CEO panel: Driving business culture and strategy in collaboration with the CFO

Engage with a panel of leading CEOs on the significance of the CEO-CFO relationship. Explore how a strong partnership can drive business strategy and culture.
• What the CEO expects from their CFO
• Determining value drivers and working together to achieve growth
• Providing the CFO critical control of financial management
• Engaging effectively with the wider leadership team

Albert Brantley, Chief Executive, Genesis Energy
Greg Lowe, Chief Executive, Beca Group
David Prentice, Chief Executive, Opus International Consultants
Brian Roche, Chief Executive, New Zealand Post
Allen Williams, Chief Executive, Fairfax Media


Morning break


International keynote: The technology vision and where your business is going

Examine what your business will look like in the future and why your business model should be aligned with advancing technology now. Explore when, how and what New Zealand businesses will need to stay competitive and how the CFO needs to get involved.
• International technology trends and the vision towards a digitised business
• New business models and tools for communication
• Being on speed with UFB and the opportunities this will offer
• Driving business decisions with Big Data and implementing new infrastructure

Andre Mendes, Chief Information Officer, Broadcasting Board of Directors (USA)


Case study: Social media & digital strategy – The key to integration

As the winner of June 2012’s ‘Best Use of Social Media Award’, learn how Whittaker’s has successfully implemented its social media strategy and why it has gone digital. Consider the many ways in which social media can impact business and how it should not necessarily be all about calculating return on investment.
• The importance of defining a clear social media strategy
• Adding value to your online audience through engagement and achieving growth with digitisation
• Realising the key to integration; digital is only one part of the overall marketing strategy
• Calculating the return and recognising that it isn’t always financial

Jasmine Griffin, Brand Manager, and
Ross Pritchard, Chief Financial Officer, J H Whittaker & Sons


Insights from the FMA CE: Developing open, transparent and efficient capital markets for effective national productivity

Engage with the Chief Executive from FMA on boosting productivity and promoting efficiency in the capital markets. Review the impact of centralising regulatory services and achieving optimal efficiency for market participants and the public.
• Challenges and benefits of integrating trans-Tasman market processes
• Consolidating New Zealand’s regulators and introducing self-regulatory initiatives
• Implementing high professional standards and keeping aligned with international markets
• Current and future priorities and challenges for the FMA

Sean Hughes, Chief Executive, Financial Markets Authority


Lunch break


Breakout sessions: Select the topic of your choice and learn in an informal interactive environment


Navigating the Euro: Will pigs fly or dive? An economic update

Europe remains in recession, America struggles, and China is slowing. What is the impact of these tumultuous financial times on international markets and what are the future prospects for New Zealand businesses?
• The near and medium term future of the EU, US and Asia
• International policy impacting growth and debt restructure
• Following international trends to tighten the reins on fiscal policy
• Emerging markets and opportunities for New Zealand businesses

Nick Tuffley, Chief Economist, ASB Bank


Panel discussion: Enterprise Risk Management and re-focusing your risk management strategy

Demystify the ERM concept and explore the challenges and benefits of implementing ERM as part of your risk management strategy. Engage on managing risk holistically and focusing on identification and communication as a basis for decision-making.
• Looking beyond risk registers and strengthening risk accountability with stronger identification and communication
• Preparing and communicating with the Board to promote risk awareness
• Increasing stakeholder awareness with regulatory compliance and transparency
• Creating strategic compliance and monitoring for sustainable results

Kate Beddoe, Chief Risk Officer, Vector
Paul Roberts, Partner Head of Advisory, Ernst & Young
Stuart Bilbrough, Chief Financial Officer, Radius Residential Care
Catherine Drayton, Director, Ngāi Tahu Holdings Group
Rod Oram, Business Journalist


Leading change management for strategic success: Practical learnings from a transformational CFO

Throwing away the “we’ve always done it this way” approach, actively manage change and take action towards success. Drawing on transformational insights, explore key issues especially relevant to a CFO during change, including:
• Creating urgency and buy-in for change and removing obstacles
• Building an influential change management team with the right blend of power, expertise, and credibility
• Setting and communicating the vision creating and gaining acceptance
• Embedding continuous change – reinvigoration

Sean Kam, Chief Financial Officer, PartnersLife


Case study: Managing the growing challenges of exporting

Many exporting businesses have been forced to review their business models in an effort to address the recent challenges stemming from a high New Zealand dollar. Explore the challenges which Synlait has been facing and how it has been working to re-assess its business structure to adapt to the volatility of the exporting climate.

Nigel Greenwood, Chief Financial Officer, Synlait


Breakout sessions: Select the topic of your choice and learn in an informal interactive environment


Case study: From calculating the ROI to allocating resources, explore how the value of enterprise technology can be measured for your business performance

SAP rolled out an APJ award winning Shared Services program across the Asia-Pacific and Japan region and has continued to extend the benefits of this approach throughout the business results while SAP’s overall results accelerated forward. Richard will outline what was required to successfully implement new technology into SAP and how costs and resources were justified. Richard will discuss the challenges and the successes, covering strategy, executive support, rollout and value calculations.
• Increasing productivity and business revenue with technology
• Allocating resources and calculating financial and non-financial return
• Challenges and benefits of applying technology across the whole business
• Implementation and making the necessary changes

Richard McLean, Chief Financial Officer, SAP


Panel discussion: Effective Board reporting “The devil really is in the detail”

Often too wordy, Board reports are suffering from old-school rules. Discuss what makes an effective report and how you can ensure a strong message to your reader, and strike a balance with detail.
• The significance of simple: Keeping the reader interested
• Transferring text into graphics
• Taking it digital? The benefits of technology in reporting
• Maintaining good governance

Tim May, Chief Financial Officer, Christchurch International Airport
Sarah Haydon, Associate, The Boardroom Practice Ltd
Ralph Chivers, Chief Executive, Institute of Directors


Implementing an efficient cost-saving and restructure strategy

Examine best practice in cost-efficiency, considering the methodology and how it can be strategically applied. Also, analyse how to set up a forward-focused framework for restructure as a means to cost-saving, including the decision-making process and implementation.
• Frameworks for restructure
• Making decisions to remove sections of business: When to do it and how
• Driving efficiency with business strategy
• Effective cost-saving frameworks and business models
• Achieving successful implementation and obtaining buy-in for change

David Fincher, Partner, Ernst & Young (Australia)


Managing your banking relationship to achieve a competitive edge

Does money make the world go round? Possibly not. But your business relationship with your bank is as important as if it did. Achieving an open professional relationship allows the bank important insight into your organisation’s visions and risks, and subsequently grants you a competitive edge by ensuring a tailored financial service.
• Skills for communicating effectively with your bank
• Balancing too little and too much information sharing
• Utilising strategic relationships to earn loyalty and preferred service

Allan Hickford, Chief Financial Officer, Ngāi Tahu Holdings Corporation


Afternoon break


Directors’ Panel: Moving forward with your Board

Gain insight into what the Board expects of the CFO and discover the best ways to communicate business objectives, risks, and other and other matters of relevance.
• Opening the business relationship through visibility of risk and strategy
• Communicating investor or business interests to the Board
• Working in an environment with different governing parties

Michael Stiassney, Independent Director
Don Huse, Independent Director
Maury Leyland, Group Director Strategy, Fonterra Co-operative Group
Ralph Chivers, Chief Executive, Institute of Directors


Panel discussion: Outside-in evaluation - Connecting stakeholder perceptions with your business strategy

Determine what investors, customers and other stakeholders see as your organisation’s value drivers and how realising potential can be incorporated into your business strategy. Review the CFO’s role in stakeholder engagement and how the can be maximised.
• The influence of stakeholders on driving strategy including brand equity, communications and market opportunities
• What investors look for in any business and what you gain by listening
• Methods for external evaluation and linking findings to the business strategy

Matt Whineray, General Manager Investments, NZ Superannuation Fund
Andrew Bascand, Chief Executive, Harbour Asset Management
Ari Sargent, Chief Executive, Powershop New Zealand
Rod Oram, Business Journalist


Closing keynote: The Long Haul - Essential qualities for a successful career in Finance and CFO roles

Reflecting on a 30 year career that has included senior finance and CFO roles in iconic international businesses such as Exxon, International Paper, Carter Holt Harvey and Fonterra Co-operative Group, Jonathan Mason identifies the qualities needed for an enduring career in CFO roles. Spanning the harder skills of venture capital and risk management to the intangibles of instilling confidence with stakeholders, Jonathan dips into his decades of experience to back up the case for finance excellence.

Jonathan Mason, Chief Financial Officer, Fonterra Co-operative Group


Closing remarks from the Chair


2013 CFO Summit Networking Function


2013 New Zealand CFO Awards Gala Dinner


  • Sir Ralph Norris

    Sir Ralph Norris

    Former Chief Executive of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia

    Sir Ralph was appointed to the University of Auckland Council in 2012 by the Minister for Tertiary Education for a period of four years. Before retiring in 2011, Sir Ralph was CEO and Managing Director of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) for six years. His career started at ASB as a computer programmer, where he then became its CIO, CEO and Managing Director. Following his time with ASB, he went on to become CEO and Managing Director of Air New Zealand before joining CBA in 2005. Sir Ralph received the inaugural 2012 CIO Lifetime Contribution Award for his significant contribution to the information technology sector. He was knighted in 2009 and named Outstanding Māori Business Leader for 2010.

  • Robin Stalker

    Robin Stalker

    Chief Financial Officer, Adidas

    Joining us from Germany, Robin joined Adidas in 1996. Since February 2000, he has been Chief Financial Officer of Adidas and was appointed to the executive board, responsible for finance, in 2001. In 2005, he assumed additional responsibility as Labour Director. Robin was born in Palmerston North, and in 1982, following his degree in business studies, he began his professional career and qualified as a chartered accountant. He worked for Arthur Young in New Zealand and London and subsequently held financial and controlling positions in the entertainment industry, including United International Pictures and Warner Bros International as well as working as an independent consultant, before joining Adidas.

  • Andre Mendes

    Andre Mendes

    Chief Information Officer / Chief Technology Officer, Broadcasting Board of Governors

    Andre is currently Director of Engineering and Technical Services for the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB). Andre is responsible for overseeing the management of the Agency’s complex network of engineering and technical systems used to distribute programming worldwide and will lead the development and enhancement of delivery strategies for BBG transmitting stations, digital satellite systems, and information technology functions, to meet the fast-changing needs of BBG’s global audience. Most recently Andre served as Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning and Global CIO, for Special Olympics International. Andre is also an accomplished international speaker on technology trends, who previously delivered an outstanding Keynote Address at the 2010 New Zealand CIO Summit.

  • Allen Williams

    Allen Williams

    Chief Executive, Fairfax Media

    Allen leads Fairfax Media, New Zealand’s leading media company. He has extensive experience in media and management across Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Prior to joining the New Zealand operation in 2009, Allen led a number of the company’s operations across rural, regional and metropolitan markets in Australia and the United States.

  • Ari Sargent

    Ari Sargent

    Chief Executive, Powershop

    Ari leads Powershop, a company wholly owned by Meridian Energy with a simple and clear mandate to radically transform the service experience for electricity customers. Prior to this role, Ari was Strategy Director for Meridian Energy, and has held other senior roles within the electricity sector.

  • Brian Roche

    Brian Roche

    Chief Executive, New Zealand Post Group

    Brian is Chairman of Rugby New Zealand 2011 Ltd, and is a New Zealand Government representative on the Board. He was the project manager for the successful bid to secure the hosting rights to RWC 2011. He is currently Chief Executive of New Zealand Post Group and serves on the Board of Kiwibank, Express Couriers Limited, and Datacom. Prior to that he was a Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for over 20 years and was Managing Partner of the Wellington office of PwC for a number of years.

  • Dr David Prentice

    Dr David Prentice

    Chief Executive and Managing Director, Opus International Consultants

    In David’s early career, he worked for Blyth and Blyth Consulting in the UK before returning to Edinburgh University to undertake his PhD. On completion, he joined Keith Borer Forensic Consultants as a Forensic Engineer before he emigrated to New Zealand in 1997 to join Opus as a Senior Structural Engineer. In 1999 David joined Working Knowledge in Wellington as an Information Technology Project Manager and Business Analyst. After four years David returned to Opus and was appointed Manager of the Business Solutions Group in Wellington. In 2006, David was appointed General Manager for Business Development and in 2009 was appointed Director of Opus’ UK operations. David commenced his role of Chief Executive and Managing Director in October 2010.

  • Don Huse

    Don Huse

    Independent Director

    Don is a director of AMP NZ Office, OTPP New Zealand Forest Investments, Sydney Airport Corporation and Transpower New Zealand. He is a trustee of the Karori Sanctuary Trust. He previously held roles as CEO of Auckland International Airport, CFO of Sydney Airport Corporation, and CE of Wellington International Airport. In 1990, Don was appointed to the Hutt Valley Energy Board where he then became an independent director of its successor companies EnergyDirect Corporation and TransAlta New Zealand. He has worked in chartered accounting and financial services in New Zealand and in the United Kingdom, and retired as a director in 1999.

  • Greg Lowe

    Greg Lowe

    Chief Executive Officer, Beca Group

    Greg was appointed as Chief Executive in April this year. He previously managed Beca’s Australian operations, after a career with the Royal New Zealand Navy and private sector consulting. Greg has recently been invited to become a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers Australia (IEAust), and is a Fellow of the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ), serving on the Board from 2000 – 2001 and as past Chairman of the Wellington Branch. Greg was made an ONZM (Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit) in 1998, and in 2012 was recognised by Engineers Australia in the top 100 most influential engineers in Australia.

  • Richard McLean

    Richard McLean

    Chief Financial Officer, SAP Australia & New Zealand

    Richard is currently the Chief Financial Officer of SAP Australia and New Zealand, leading an organization of approximately 40 staff across Core Finance, Legal & Contracts, Facilities, Purchasing and IT. Before joining SAP in May 2008, Richard held a number of senior Finance positions in the APJ IT sector, initially with Peoplesoft and more recently, Microsoft. Richard was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and studied in Dundee, Scotland. He then spent 12 years working in the UK in the Investment Banking (Merrill Lynch) and the Automotive (Unipart) industries, before relocating to Australia in 2003.

  • Kate Beddoe

    Kate Beddoe

    Chief Risk Officer, Vector

    Kate leads Vector’s Risk & Assurance activity, and is responsible for enterprise risk management, business continuity management, internal audit and internal control and strategic insurance. Kate’s background includes strategic and operational risk management, business continuity planning and crisis communications, sustainability strategy and communications, global insurance programs, loss prevention, OHSE management and commercial law. Prior to joining Vector in July 2012, Kate was with Amcor Limited where she held the global position of Vice President, Risk & Sustainability.

  • Matt Whineray

    Matt Whineray

    General Manager, Investments, NZ Superannuation Fund

    Matt is responsible for the Fund’s investment activity in listed and unlisted markets through investment managers and the Fund’s direct investment activity. Matt joined the Guardians in May 2008 from Credit Suisse (Hong Kong) where he was Head of Financial Sponsor Coverage for non-Japan Asia. Prior to this, Matt was Managing Director of First NZ Capital and Vice President at Credit Suisse First Boston (New York). Matt began his career as a Barrister and Solicitor with Russell McVeagh.

  • Michael Stiassny

    Michael Stiassny

    Independent Director

    Michael has been the senior partner of KordaMentha since 1990. A Chartered Accountant and Lawyer, Michael has over 30 years experience in insolvency, investigating accountant work, company restructuring, due diligence and the provision of strategic financial and management consulting advice. Michael was the Receiver in some of New Zealand’s largest insolvencies, including Tasman Pacific Airlines of New Zealand and the joint venture companies of the Central North Island Forest Partnership, and is a director of a number of private and public companies including Chairman of Vector.

  • Nick Tuffley

    Nick Tuffley

    Chief Economist, ASB Bank

    Nick was appointed as ASB’s Chief Economist in January 2007. Prior to joining ASB, Nick was the Senior Economist at Westpac for seven years, having spent three years at the Reserve Bank before that. Much of Nick’s career has been spent analysing and forecasting the New Zealand economy, with a particular focus on monetary policy issues. Nick and the Economics Team provide regular commentary on developments in the New Zealand economy through publications and media interviews.

  • Sean Hughes

    Sean Hughes

    Chief Executive, Financial Markets Authority

    Sean Hughes has been Chief Executive of the FMA since it was established in May 2011. Prior to returning to New Zealand, Sean’s international career included over 20 years work experience in Australia, Hong Kong, and the UK. During Sean’s time overseas, he held senior executive roles in two Australian banks and, most recently, was a senior executive at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).


2013 CFO Awards

Capping off the 2013 NZ CFO Summit will be our Gala Dinner and CFO Awards ceremony. A highly distinguished function, the 2013 CFO Awards celebrates and recognises individuals and teams who have made a difference to the financial and business community. 

The 2013 CFO Awards are now open; please visit www.cfoawards.co.nz to download an entry or nomination form and for full information about each of the Award categories.


The Award categories for 2013 are as follows:

Please note: Only recruiters and technology vendors that are sponsoring or exhibiting at the 2013 CFO Summit are permitted to book corporate tables at the CFO Summit Dinner and Awards function.

2012 CFO Awards

Telecom, Air New Zealand, Auckland Council and Bank of New Zealand celebrated wins after the 2012 New Zealand CFO Awards dinner in Auckland on 15 March.

Telecom CFO Nick Olson took out 2012 CFO of the Year for leading one of the most complex demergers in New Zealand corporate history.
“We were hugely impressed by the scope of change and process improvement introduced by Nick,” said the judges. “He is widely regarded as bringing the fun back into the team thanks to his down-to-earth and approachable demeanour. Nick was also instrumental in developing and implementing Telecom’s three year strategic plan.”
Scott Scoullar, CFO, Inland Revenue was given a special commendation. 

Bank of New Zealand’s youngest-ever Divisional CFO Martin Gaskell won the Young Financial Manager of the Year award.
“Martin’s strong technical skills have helped him develop an incredibly committed and high-achieving team. He was also one of 20 people, out of 40,000 employees across New Zealand and Australia, to be selected for the bank’s Accelerate leadership programme,” said the judges.

The Finance Team of the Year award went to Air New Zealand for having a culture of excellence focusing on employee engagement and outstanding interaction with the wider business. 

Auckland Council picked up Financial Innovation Project of the Year for its Annual Plan, which was put together in eight months during a time of uncertainty and change..

Congratulations to the 2012 CFO Awards finalists:

CFO of the Year: 
Julian Cook, Summerset Group
Kathy Meads, Lyttelton Port Company
Nick Olson, Telecom 
Scott Scoullar, Inland Revenue 

Finance Team of the Year: 
Air New Zealand 

Young Financial Manager of the Year: 
Vicki Bryson, Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
Martin Gaskell, BNZ
Leanne Walker, Summerset Group

Financial Innovation Project of the Year: 
Auckland Council
Meridian Energy 

Prize Draw

Audi Driving Experience

All attendees are eligible to enter the business card draw at the Summit to be into win an Audi experience. 
Audi driving experience is the ultimate programme of white knuckle driving. In fact, it’s your chance to put both yourself and our latest Audi models to the test. 
Combining some of New Zealand’s finest driving locations, quality tracks and awe-inspiring landscapes, with sporty Audi models and a professional and motivated driving team and you’ve got yourself the driving experience of a lifetime. 
The winner can pick from selected days in September, October and November 2013. 
Terms & Conditions: 
Driver must be over 21 and hold a current full New Zealand driver’s licence.
For full T’s & C’s and further details please visit the Audi Experience website


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