Business Intelligence (BI) Summit 2016


Business Intelligence is rapidly accelerating the New Zealand business landscape into a data driven future. With experts forecasting double digit growth in BI investment by 2018 in New Zealand and Australian markets, it is time to start planning now. Taking a business focused approach, this event is designed to focus on increasing ROI and delivering added value to the customer. This summit looks into how BI impacts the wider organisational strategies and structure, and the power of using BI in decision making. Working in collaboration with industry leaders, we recognize the challenges BI programmes bring to leadership, legacy systems, company culture and the difficulties in communicating meaningful stories from the analytics at hand. Now is the time be inspired by how companies are taking the leap into BI and revolutionising their business for the future.

Hear from a wide range of industry leaders, experts, and practitioners on where Business Intelligence has taken their business and get ideas on how to design your own BI roadmap to derive value.   

2016 Business Intelligence Summit brings you:
• Up to speed with what’s on everyone’s mind - how to successfully implement Business Intelligence strategies and make money
• Lessons from Business Intelligence projects from initiation through to implementation and the best strategies to fit your business model
• The opportunity to network and interact face to face with speakers, experts, peers, and vendors to kick start your BI project

This event gets you into a space where you can be inspired by what your peers in the BI field are doing, here’s who will be in the room with you:
• Team Lead Business Intelligence
• Business Intelligence Managers
• Business Analysts and Consultants
• Business Intelligence Architects
• Business Intelligence Developers
• People Performance and Insight Specialists
• Financial Analysts
• Sales Operations Managers
• Customer Insight Managers
• Directors, CTOs, CIOs and CFOs

Expert insights and case studies from:
• 2 Degrees Mobile
• Cigna
• Gameloft
• GeoOp
• Mazda Motors NZ
• Microsoft
• Russell McVeagh
• SimplHealth
• Suncorp Group
• The Warehouse Group
• Theta
• Trade Me
• Twenty
• Wintec 


Agenda: Day 1


Registration & Coffee


Opening remarks from the Chair

Anton Desi, Manager Business Intelligence, Cigna


Exploring the latest Business Intelligence trends – where to from here?

• Key emerging trends that will shape your BI strategy for the future
• The evolving definition of BI and reinforcing BI methodology
• Keeping up with new technologies and solutions
• Redefining governance: opening up barriers to data within the organisation

Gary Blumgart, Head of BI, Theta


Case study: Delivering exceptional Business Intelligence

• Strong leadership and a clear vision is crucial to the success of your BI project
• Using agile methodology to ensure best results for our business partners
• Enabling decision makers to obtain the right information at the right time from analytical BI tools to drive the business forward

Anton Desi, Manager Business Intelligence, Cigna


Morning break and refreshments


Panel discussion: Thriving in a data driven future

• Where is BI taking New Zealand businesses?
• Differentiating between major BI strategies and their potential advantages and disadvantages
• How to approach integrating BI projects into the wider organisational strategy
• Why do customers want companies to engage in BI programmes?

Amanda Parkes, Business Intelligence Manager, The Warehouse Group
Sean Barry, Business Intelligence Manager, 2degrees Mobile


Case study: Business Intelligence Roadtrip – The JUCY guide to year one

• Alignment of BI with JUCY’s strategic vision
• The benefits of asking questions before trying to answer them
• Strategic development vs ROI lead development

Tristin King, Head of Technology, JUCY Group


Case study: Embarking into unknown territory - our BI story

• Exploring our BI options to draw accurate, precise, and meaningful insights that add to our strategic operations
• Assessing the current situation and processes in play that could be enhanced using BI
• Lessons learnt along the way from trial and error to a future focused on data

Philip Seamark, Senior Business Intelligence Architect, Trade Me




Quick fire round – highlighting key BI challenges

1. Overcoming challenges to encourage people and culture to be BI focused
Sean Barry, Business Intelligence Manager, 2 Degrees Mobile

2. Power up your business with Governed Agility
David White, Business Intelligence Manager, Endeavour

Extended 10min Q&A session


Case Study: Enabling BI by Stealth –The Wintec Strategy and Approach to rolling out BI

• The role of IT and business in our approach
• Moving from Excel to Power BI: Adopting a minimalist Governance model
• Aligning with organisational culture: The Wintec Digital Workplace Strategy
• Successes and Lessons learned along the journey

Brad Abbott, Digital Information Manager, Wintec


Case study: Agile in a BI transformation project

• What is the value surrounding Agile strategy for the business?
• How to support and achieve high performing Agile teams
• Using Agile in BI projects effectively and how this has shaped our BI journey

Nicola De Bezancon-Ballaigues, Iteration Manager, Suncorp Group
Roger Rutherford, Executive Manager Business Intelligence, Suncorp Group


Afternoon break and refreshments


Capitalising on BI - The million dollar question

• How to increase ROI by employing BI insights into the business model
• Investigating how BI yields key value add for the business and the customer
• Experiences in our BI journey and keeping a long term view ahead

Alex Gray, Country Manager NZ, Altis Consulting
John Gubbins, Consulting Services, Altis Consulting


Panel discussion: Not dead yet! Why legacy systems are still useful

• How to effectively leverage information assets within the business
• How to go about bolstering existing legacy systems with efficient BI tools
• How the migration of data from analytics teams through to wider organisational use will make an impact on ROI

Fiona Thomson, BI Practice Lead, Datacom
Anna Tarasoff, Business Intelligence Practice Manager, Intergen
Phillip Higgins, Independent Consultant, Phillip Higgins Consulting
Peter McCallum, Head of Data & Insights, Qrious


Summary remarks from the Chair


Networking drinks

Agenda: Day 2


Welcome back from the Chair


Telling Stories with Data and BI

In this session, Jeff will share the techniques he uses to go from raw data to business storytelling to uncover the key information to draw value and impacting the course of business. Jeff has spent fifteen years at Microsoft exploring ways of driving change through data visualization. He combines this with a passion for narrative born of a love for literature. Gain insights into how BI tools are a key component in building a business narrative.

Jeff Lumpkin, Director of Sales Finance, Microsoft


Case study: Getting the troops on board – Stakeholder Management

• A people-centric approach to conceptualising, planning, and strategising a holistic BI journey
• Overcoming end user apathy by easing transition to new data driven processes

Wendy Gilbert, Lead Project Manager – Business Intelligence, ANZ
Mark Topham, Programme Manager for Data and Insights, ANZ


Morning break and refreshments


Panel discussion: What to think about when implementing self-service BI models?

• Defining the aims of a self-service BI model that best fit the business model
• What are the top 5 things to tick off the checklist to find the right fit?
• You’ve implemented self-service, what’s the next step? How to enable teams to use self-service BI in their decision making
• How self-service will future-proof the business by modernising reporting and enhancing end user performance

Anna Tarasoff, Business Intelligence Practice Manager, Intergen
Phillip Higgins, Independent Consultant, Phillip Higgins Consulting
Jeff Lumpkin, Director of Sales Finance, Microsoft


Strengthening trust in Data Integrity

• Cultivating trust in the system and focusing on the long term benefits
• Emphasising the significance of data accuracy and data consistency
• Educating staff to contribute to upholding data integrity standards

Natasha Wilson, IT Governance Manager, Russell McVeagh




Case study: Revolutionising the system – getting the security framework right

• Analysing the business model to generate key value add activities for end users
• Convergence of data and intuitive user interface for increased collaboration
• Security implications surrounding data accessibility and information assets
• The future of eHealth SaaS solutions and how to protect yourself as technology evolves

David Frazer, GM Engineering and Service, SimplHealth


Panel discussion: Contextualising BI & Big Data – what is the big picture?

Going beyond the hype and looking into new business opportunities on the horizon by using BI and Big Data in your business strategy.
• What are the correlations between BI and Big Data?
• Why you need to include BI and Big Data in your long-term data strategy
• How to do it right – Examining the use of BI as the first port of call before engaging in more advanced Big Data analytics

Chandan Ohri, ASPAC Regional Leader and Head of IT, KPMG
Evelyn Wareham, GM of Customer Support and Development, Statistics New Zealand
Darryl Wolfaardt, Managing Director, Mettle


Closing remarks from the Chair


End of conference


Generating value add by engaging with BI tools

17 February 2016
9.00 – 4.30

Bringing together the concepts, strategies and lessons learned from the conference, this workshop aims to take the next step by providing practical knowledge by using BI tools on your own data sets. Holding true to a ‘business focus’, the use of the technology is rooted in maintaining a value driven motive for doing BI to ensure the success of your BI programme for the future.

• Defining start-points for building a BI business case and outlining the key objectives for your BI programme

• Conceptualising BI strategy frameworks to potentially pursue by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of different BI routes to take

• Path to value – Building a vision of where BI initiatives will take your company future and enforcing a strong ‘business first’ mind-set

• Using BI tools and applications to derive insights by working with your own dataset to produce a functional, shareable dashboard

• Taking it a step further – Analysing the results from the dashboard and identifying value

• Learning presentation techniques to create compelling narratives to and easily translate outcomes meaningfully to put into action in the business model

• Key takeaways of simple tricks and tools keep top-of-mind in your BI journey

Workshop facilitator - Myles Matheson, Solutions specialist - Application Platform, Microsoft


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