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Big Data requires equally big strategies.

Think about it - what will you do with all that data without the action plan or a strategy to tackle it?

The rapidly increasing digital universe has given rise to sheer volumes of information- a so-called ‘data tsunami’- through the likes of search engine networks and social media. Big Data has matured and gone on to become more than just a buzz word. At the 2013 Big Data conference, we will be taking a step forward by discussing business value and practical means to realise it.

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NZ Post

Russell McVeagh


Agenda: Day 1


Registration & Coffee


Opening remarks from the Chair

Dale De Luca, Director- Enterprise Intelligence, Ernst & Young


Redefining data in the Big Data age

The advent of mobile, social media, search engines and other applications has completely changed the very definition of “data”. Businesses are becoming increasingly data driven in their decisions, relying on numbers and reports to make important future decisions - making it even more important for them to get a clear understanding of what constitutes Big Data.
• What does Big Data comprise of?
• Beyond social and mobile data - where else can Big Data originate from?
• The changing nature of data - from information to opportunity

James Foster, Product Marketing Manager - High-Performance Analytics & Information Management, SAS Australia & New Zealand


Developing a convincing business case for the executive team: Why Big Data, why now?

• Are we there yet: assessing your business data to see whether there is immediate potential for implementation
• Demonstrating examples of Big Data potential
• Making a strong business case: demonstrating the requirement and the urgency

Chris LaGrange, Business Information Manager, Kiwibank


What is your action plan or approach to tackle Big Data?

It is important to set up a strategic plan to effectively tackle Big Data implementation; there isn’t much you can do with just data without a strategy. But where do you start?
• Developing a Big Data strategy - where do you start?
• What needs to be considered during strategy development?
• Developing a comprehensive and realistic view of what Big Data can offer to your business - an up-front checklist
• Planning resources accordingly: technology, people and infrastructure

Gary Blumgart, Head of Business Intelligence, Theta

**Presenter has declined permission for presentation to be made available**


Morning break and refreshments


Architecting the Big Data Refinery

The digital universe expanded by almost half in 2012, 90% of that data is unstructured. The speed of the Information flow, the increasing size of datasets and increasing variety of data types is putting business under increasing pressure to remain relevant. Big Data business challenges are both the opportunity and vexation faced by traditional IT to provide solutions. Legacy approaches are limited in their abilities to scale cost effectively, manage the variety of data types, or produce meaningful insights in relevant timescales.“Architecting the Big Data Refinery” will cover HP's perspective on planning for Big Data with a focus on the Big Data Refinery functional model. Tim will describe the unique and holistic approach HP take in meeting the Big Data challenge. Discuss why the Big Data solutions must be architected to meet data lifecycle management requirements and the importance of architecting flexible solutions that can address not only the questions being asked today but also those as yet not thought of. Tim will relate drawing on his experience in architecting Big Data solutions and present an open, extensible and standards based reference architecture which describes a next-generation, Big Data-ready platform.

Tim Van Der Werff, IT Strategist and Transformation Consultant – Technology Services Consulting, Hewlett- Packard New Zealand


Privacy Issues with Big Data usage and applications

Before using information present in the big data sets to leverage targeted marketing, customer analytics and various other useful applications of Big Data, It is important to understand data privacy and other legal issues. This legal update session will cover:
- Data privacy: What is private and what is public, including in the social media context
- Your legal rights as a business to use Big Data, including information available in the public domain and your legal obligations when doing so

Renee Stiles, Senior Solicitor, Russell McVeagh




Big Data: Your top 5 opportunities

From customer insights to predictive modelling and data visualisation, Big Data seems to be presenting opportunity for new insights with every byte of data. The upcoming presentations will examine the practicalities of these opportunities.


Opportunity 1: Big Data: A location perspective

There is increasing recognition of the role location information has to play in our everyday lives – whether it be a personal or business aspect.
The emergence of Big Data combined with location data enables us to create powerful “Location Business Intelligence”. However, in the process, the increasing demand for this insight and information drives the need for more and more accurate location (spatial) data.
This presentation explores some of these concepts:
• Vision: 3D virtual worlds
• StreetCam3D – real case study examples of visualisation within a location context
• 2 ½ D location addressing data

Mike Donald, Managing Director, Terralink International


Opportunity 2: Predictive modelling - the business oracle

Predictive modelling and predictive analytics are being increasingly used by several businesses as effective tools to stay ahead of the curve and achieve competitive edge in the markets. How can Big Data add value to these processes and what are some of the challenges that it also brings to predictive analytics with massive volume, velocity and variety?

Roberto Garrido, Senior Data Insight & Modelling Analyst, NZ Post

**Presenter has declined permission for presentation to be made available**


Opportunity 3: Informed decision-making - Business Intelligence, meet Big Data

Business Intelligence has become synonymous with the term ‘informed decision-making’. As organisations move towards adapting a data-driven culture and are increasingly using customised BI tools to achieve better transparency, what might Big Data hold for them in the future? Will Big Data make informed decision making better or harder? And how does it affect the way BI processes and reporting are carried out traditionally?

Ram Narasimhan, Manager-Advisory, KPMG


Afternoon break and refreshments


Opportunity 4: Hitting the bull’s eye - targeted marketing

Location-based marketing, mobile marketing and social media marketing are some of the marketing practices that have gone beyond being just industry buzz words. These practices yield a lot of data for businesses which in turn can be used to generate targeted campaigns based on demographic and geographic segmentation. Here is a session that focuses on what Big Data can offer to all marketers out there, looking to hit the bullseye.

David Inggs, Chief Technology Officer, VMob

**Presenter has declined permission for presentation to be made available**


Opportunity 5: Data visualisation - seeing is believing

A consistent and unified view of data is one of the main reasons why businesses that deal with large volumes of information, prefer data visualisation and data dashboards. Here is an overview of creating all those numbers into pictures that tell a story- and what kind of tools, analytical talent and strategy need to be put in place to make Big Data visualisation both successful and insightful.

Stuart Nisbet, Vice President - Business Intelligence Research & Development, SAS Global Headquarters


Closing remarks from the Chair


NZ Big Data networking drinks function


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