30th One Stop Update for the Accountant in Business


The theme of the November One Stop Update for the Accountant in Business is “Pushing the Boundaries of Finance While Navigating through Adversity”. We recognise that our on-going natural disasters have created a sense that we are living with unpredictability bordering on the precarious. Combined with shifting global and local market demands and the slow recovery of businesses and economies worldwide it is clear that now is a crucial time requiring inspirational business leadership.

This two-day conference recognises that a finance team is key in planning for contingency and in steering an organisation through uncertainty. You will hear from leaders who have been brilliant at the helm and learn from case studies which demonstrate how to navigate effectively through the shoals of adversity while generating competitive advantage.

The conference continues to offer you comprehensive One Stop Updates on key finance and technical accounting topics as well as practical tools and techniques which can serve as your compass in steering your organisation through.

I look forward to meeting you in November.

Mark Hucklesby
National Technical Director, GRANT THORNTON


MASTERCLASS A                
9th November 2011, Wellington

Communicating with influence across, down and up the organisation for Finance and Accounting Professionals

Understanding your Audience
Identifying your audience and what their requirements are.
• User groups:
• Management
• Shareholders
• Suppliers
• Front Line employees
• What information is most relevant to each group?
• Finding out what information the audience really wants to know

Presenting Financial Information
• Intent of financial information – informative or persuasive
• Deciding on your key message
• Tailoring financial information to the decisions to be made
• Choosing your graph/chart and visual style
• Preparing intelligible displays
• Anticipating questions and preparing answers

Using Financial Information to Identify Wider Performance Issues
• Identifying areas where financial risks can be improved
• Monitoring trends and mitigating risk
• How to present financial information within the wider context of the companies performance
• Integrating financial information with performance information
• Identifying key financial drivers of the business
• Providing the framework for exercising accountability
• Use of ratio calculations to report on performance

Understanding your Communicative Style
• Building awareness of your communicative style
• Delivering a compelling message
• Improving your communication skills e.g. awareness and listening

Bill Butler, Director, Academy of Training


Agenda: Day 1


Registration & Coffee


Opening remarks from the Chair

Mark Hucklesby, National Technical Director, Grant Thornton


Keynote CEO Address: Providing inspirational leadership to navigate through adverse events

A company’s ability to navigate complexity, unpredictability, and shifting global and local market demands is determining the success of businesses worldwide. A leader’s ability to navigate through adverse events such as those that have plagued Christchurch sets apart a business from the rest in this highly competitive environment. Craig will share with you aspects on how he and Jade Software have successfully been navigating through this new economic environment
• What are the right leadership skills for the new economic environment?
• The impact that Christchurch has had on Jade’s business environment
• Creating a corporate culture that inherently generates real, sustainable competitive advantage

Craig Richardson, CEO, Jade Software


Case Study: Adecco New Zealand project initiative

Transforming the finance function to provide increased added value is one of the ways that Adecco New Zealand earned a place as a finalist at the CFO Awards 2011. Adecco New Zealand put together key initiatives that made a great impact on their organisation. This session will focus on the initiatives that made a difference.
· Providing added value with a difference
· Enhanced reporting for clearer communication
· Communicating to the organisation

Emilie Grillo, Country Finance Manager, Adecco New Zealand


Morning tea


The One Stop Update on Tax

The team from Deloitte will provide you with a practical update on the key tax developments in the last twelve months. Topics include:
• The tax policies of the major political parties in the run up to the election and what this means for you and your business.
• The very latest on this year’s tax cases, plus where the tax avoidance boundary lies following the Supreme Court decision in Penny & Hooper
• The latest rulings and policy developments that you need to know
• Employee allowances are under review again, so what does this mean for you?
• What is the cost of the latest KiwiSaver changes for your business?
• Tax governance and risk management – the control features a business should have
• GST update, including the operational issues with the new zero rating of commercial land provisions and the new GST apportionment regime

In Auckland:
Annalie Hampton, Partner, Deloitte
Allan Bullot, Partner, Deloitte
Bill Hale, Partner, Deloitte
In Wellington:
Andrew Babbage, Partner, Deloitte
Allan Bullot, Partner, Deloitte
Ian Fay, Client Service Director, Deloitte


Keynote CFO Address: Overcoming challenges in the Wool Industry

In any economic environment, it is critical for companies to create and maintain competitive advantages in order to attract customers and create lasting value. The New Zealand Merino Company is now an integrated marketer and seller of New Zealand merino wool into high-end markets, and is a leader in the differentiation and the de-commoditisation of New Zealand primary products. This keynote address will cover the strategies that The New Zealand Merino Company has used to bring about its success. Peter will draw on his experience to discuss what it takes to create a corporate culture that inherently generates real, sustainable competitive advantage.

Peter Floris, CFO, The New Zealand Merino Company

Speaker has declined permission for his material to be online




Integrated Reporting - The story so far

Mark Hucklesby, National Technical Director, Grant Thornton


Stream 1: Speaking like a CEO: Keys to commanding attention and getting results

To become successful, hard work and experience are vital, but they can only take you so far. To lead in an industry you must be ready to take on a more vocal role.
• Developing a compelling speaking style
• This tools you need to take your leadership to the next level
• The ability to take your audience with you
• Story telling and the use of examples makes messages come alive

Janine Gould, Consultant, Communicate


Stream 2: One Stop Update on Accounting Standards and IFRS

The world of accounting standards is continually changing. At this session, you will hear about:
• Recent standards and exposure drafts
• Other developments in the pipeline

In Auckland:
Kimberley Crook, Partner, Ernst & Young
David Pacey, Executive Director, Ernst & Young
In Wellington:
Kimberley Crook, Partner, Ernst & Young
Ravi Kumar, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young


Afternoon tea


Stream 1: Treasury & FX Risk management One Stop Update

Global uncertainties due to currency fluctuations means that controlled FX Risk management is still crucial
• Review and outlook of global currency market for the next 6-12 months
• Outlook for NZ dollar against global currencies
• Outlook for commodities
• What are the general risks and trends ahead?

Mike Houlahan, Director, Tuatara Management


Stream 2: Leasing exposure draft update

The leasing exposure draft brings in significant changes for entities when accounting for assets in the statement of financial position. This session gives the breakdown of the Exposure Daft and examines what it will imply for your organization.
• Implications for lessees with operating leases
• Implications for lessees with finance leases
• Implications for leasors
• What you need to do to prepare for the changes ahead

In Auckland:
Mariann Trieber, Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers New Zealand
In Wellington:
Clive Brodie, Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers New Zealand


Developing greater confidence in your ability to make a strategic input

In order to contribute to your organisation in a more strategic sense it is important that you gain greater confidence in your ability to make a strategic input. This can only be achieved by having sound knowledge of strategy development and execution.
• The insights necessary for you to add strategic value to your organisation
• Bridging the gap between adding value as a technical expert and adding value through strategic input
• Up skilling to manage today’s demands

Hamish Edwards, Co-Founder, Xero


A roadmap to fraud prevention

The 21st century global economy may have opened up new markets and cheaper sources of supply, but it has also exposed companies to greater risks of fraud. This session focuses on the latest insight into fraud risk management affiliated with financial statement fraud, asset misappropriation, and corruption.
• Types of corporate fraud
• Measures to prevent fraud
• How to detect fraud
• Conducting an investigation

In Auckland:
Nick Paterson, GM Fraud & Corruption, Serious Fraud Office
In Wellington:
Adam Feeley, Director, Serious Fraud Office


End of Day One

Agenda: Day 2


Stream 1: Generating an effective business case

As budgets are tightened, generating an effective business case has never been more important. Financial professionals must be able to stand by their analysis to ensure projects produce real and measurable ROI’s.
• What the CFO’s and board are looking for in a business case
• Identifying key business needs
• Measuring ROI – quantifiable and unquantifiable characteristics

Hamish Stevens, Director, Business Governance and Advisory


Stream 2: Tools for managing risk

Today’s economic outlook is as complex and dynamic as we have ever seen. To be successful organisations must determine its risk appetite in order to make sound decisions and reflect good performance management.
• Defining a risk appetite framework
• Getting stakeholders engaged so the risk appetite statement is relevant to the organization
• How to capture data to assess performance against the organisation’s risk appetite

Jeremy Bendall, Managing Director, Bendall Advisory


Stream 1: Stop letting stress rule you

You are a skilled accountant that can manage the big picture and pay attention to detail, right? Learn how to apply those same skills to help you simply surviving and thriving. Examine how to cope with deadlines, the ebb-and-flow or pressure and shifts in your workload. Learn why stress is so dangerous to you and what you can do to lessen the impact it has on your life. Be engaged and walk away with practical ideas that will not add more to your to-do-list. Apply your skills and save yourself.

Kelly Davis Martin, Director, Achieve Wellness


Stream 2: Case study: How Beca deals with compliance issues across borders

Changes in regulations or changes in the way a business operates can often mean a whole new plan for the organisation, where they must reconfigure themselves to ensure they are compliant and competitive. Include this to the complexity of operating across international borders; the compliance challenge becomes even more demanding.
• Build and maintain a strong compliance culture
• Undertake appropriate due diligence as it begins trading in a new jurisdiction
• Develop and maintain programmes and establish responsibilities for compliance
• Keep up to date with subsequent regulatory changes

Joanne Wright, Accounting Controller, International


Morning tea


Stream 1

With a looming global critical skills shortage and shocking employee engagement statistics, employee recruitment and retention are quickly becoming THE issue that will make or break your business. Take away valuable tips and apply them immediately to:
• Hire Correctly
• Classify and Manage Appropriately
• Compensate Fairly
• Use “Currencies of Choice” to structure a highly engaging work environment
• Communicate with FOCUS for enhanced productivity

Kim Seeling Smith, International Speaker, trainer and coach on staff retention and career management


Stream 2: The future role of business analytics for performance management

Conventional financial planning is filled with obstacles. With advancements in both processes and technology organisations are gaining results. This session will provide an overview of effective financial modeling and key components to consider when preparing financial models.
• A framework for integrated performance management, including financial planning and reporting/analytics
• Advanced solutions to enable organisation-wide reporting
• Practical examples from the New Zealand Police point of view

Justin Bangma, Senior Financial Analyst, New Zealand Police




One Stop economic update

The events of Christchurch of have placed an even bigger burden on the New Zealand economy. The question of where the economy will go to from here is something everyone is asking. There is no doubt that New Zealand is in a recession, the longer term risk of inflation growing which could prompt a rise of inflation rates is keeping organisations facing a future of uncertainty.
• The key global economic indicators and outlook
• Interest rates
• Exchange rates
• Areas of possible growth and future opportunities

In Auckland:
Tony Alexander, Chief Economist, Bank of New Zealand
In Wellington:
Shamubeel Eaqub, Principal Economist, New Zealand Institute of Economic Research


Keynote Address: Directors as professionals: Why directors need high skills and global perspectives

Having a skilled director with the right qualifications provide a sound perspective and guidance for company executive is vital in this globalised world. There are various ways that a board can deliver additional value and offer a comparative advantage in an increasing globalised world. In particular, Janine will discuss the following:
• Making a successful shift from management to governance. – What are the differences? What is the board’s role?
• What qualities does a director need?
• What are the characteristics that lead to an effective board?
• What are the key influences for a board to add value to an organisation?
Janine will draw upon her research from interviews with directors, chairs and CEOs of New Zealand publicly listed companies (PLCs) and state owned enterprises, as well as her own experience over the last 12 years as a director of both PLCs and SOEs.

Janine Smith, Principal, The Boardroom Practice Ltd


Afternoon tea


One Stop Update on Employment Law

New Zealand has undergone one of the largest transformations in years in employment law with changes to the Employment Relations Act and Holiday Act. This vital One Stop Update will provide you with all the latest developments.
• Latest employment legislation
• Changes to the Holiday Act & Employment Relations Act
• Practical case law examples

In Auckland:
Kathryn Beck, Partner, Swarbrick Beck Mackinnon
In Wellington:
Michael Quigg, Partner, Quigg Partners


Closing Inspirational Key Note Address from Irene Van Dyk

Irene Van Dyk has gone from strength to strength since joining the Silver Ferns squad in 2000. Irene was named Sportswoman of the Year at the 2004 Halberg Awards, and holds the world record for international test caps while also holding the record as the most capped Silver Fern of all time. Irene will share with us her reflections from an amazing career to date.
• The driving force
• Lessons on life learned along the way
• The secrets of personal resilience

Irene Van Dyk, Silver Fern


Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference


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