2013 New Zealand FMCG Conference


The changing landscape of the FMCG industry:
an exploration of the opportunities and challenges ahead

Cutting edge research coupled with numerous practical case studies delivered by leaders in the marketing and research fields – the 2013 New Zealand FMCG Conference will deliver you the insights and understanding you need to drive your business forward.


Speakers include:

  • Steve Bayliss, Group General Manager Marketing, Foodstuffs New Zealand
  • Clare Morgan, Marketing Director, DB Breweries
  • Adrian Cook, Marketing Director, Tasti Products
  • Christie McCarthy, Director, Dollop Foods
  • Peeyoosh Chandra, Digital Planning Director, Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Janene Draper, Co-Founder, Farro Fresh


Separately bookable workshop 

How to implement digital marketing within six months 
21 March 2013 - Suzanne Kendrick, The Connector
See workshop tab for more details


Agenda: Day 1


Registration, coffee and networking


Opening remarks from the Chair

Brian Meredith, CEO, The Marketing Bureau


International Keynote Address: The challenges and opportunities facing the FMCG industry

John Gerrie, Chairman, FMCG Association Australia


The retailers’ perspective

• Views on the current retail environment and how this may change over the medium to long term
• What retailers will be looking for from their suppliers as they move into the future

Steve Bayliss, Group General Manager Marketing, Foodstuffs New Zealand

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Morning break & refreshments


Recent trends in FMCG and where the opportunities for growth lie

• Insights into how shopper behaviour is changing, what is driving the change and how it will affect the FMCG category
• How to successfully identify where the opportunities lie

Clint Elsom, Group Account Director, Colmar Brunton

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When brand is king: How to create strong demand for your products

• Creating an emotional connection between brands and customers
• Standing out from the crowd: Telling a unique brand story
• Building a sense of community around your brand

James Bickford, Managing Director, Interbrand New Zealand




Digital Dominance: What you need to know to get it right – the first time round!

• Understanding the uniqueness of digital – what it can contribute to your marketing mix that you simply can’t obtain elsewhere
• How to integrate your digital strategy with your overall brand strategy
• Personalised and targeted digital experiences to drive better customer acquisition and conversion

Peeyoosh Chandra, Digital Planning Director, Saatchi & Saatchi

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Case Study: From 8,000 to 175,000 Facebook fans – the story & key learning’s of Whittaker’s digital transformation

• The importance of defining a clear social media strategy
• Adding value to your online audience through engagement
• Whittaker’s success in launching new flavours through social media
• Realising the key to integration and that digital is only one part of the overall marketing strategy

Jasmine Griffin, Brand Manager, J H Whittaker & Sons

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Afternoon break & refreshments


New media in retailing and retail advertising

• The use and psychology of apps
• Advergames and in-game advertising
• The role of reviewing and location based service sites

Dr Martin Waiguny, Senior Lecturer of Advertising, Auckland University of Technology


The evolving role of the savvy Marketer Director

Never before have Marketing Directors been faced with such a rapidly changing marketing environment. With the increasing introduction of new technologies and media channels Marketing Directors are required to generate breakthrough ideas and implement them quickly. This session will examine what top-level marketers are doing to redefine the marketing landscape.

Clare Morgan, Marketing Director, DB Breweries


Closing remarks from the Chair and end of day one


FMCG Industry Networking Function

An opportunity to relax and mingle with your peers as you discuss the day’s events over complimentary drinks

Agenda: Day 2


Welcome back from the Chair

Brian Meredith, CEO, The Marketing Bureau


The growth of boutique retailing and its impact on the grocery industry

• The rise of boutique grocery stores and why they are experiencing such phenomenal success
• How boutique grocery stores are influencing the grocery industry
• What is required from suppliers

Janene Draper, Co-Founder, Farro Fresh

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Case study: Inspiring consumers to join your cause

• Opening up, letting go, and saying goodbye to the command and control era
• From campaign setting to an always on conversation
• Creating the stimulus consumers can generate energy around
• Reaping the rewards from listening and working with consumers

Martin Yeoman, Managing Partner, Assignment Group


Morning break & refreshments


Emerging growth opportunities in the New Zealand Food and Beverage sector

• How the F&B industry is performing in NZ
• What the challenges and opportunities in the NZ F&B sectors are
• What the market opportunities for NZ F&B are

Virginia Wilkinson, Research Director, Coriolis Research


Creating attention-grabbing in-store media and off-location displays

• How to co-create value through successful off-location displays
• How to get the retailers on board – what are their key drivers and what can be done to get joint buy-in?
• Examples of successful off-location displays – how they were created, executed and what results were achieved




Reality check - 5 myths about FMCG loyalty programs - busted

• Dispelling the myths around loyalty programs in the FMCG space
• Analysing the results: which categories respond the most - and the least - to these promotional tools?
• How to increase the effectiveness of these promotional tools
• Case studies of companies who are maximising these tools to receive the most benefit from them

Rick Ferguson, Global Head of Knowledge Management, Aimia


New drivers and technologies behind premium positioning and shelf layouts

A sneak preview of technology’s influence on shelf and the quest to create outstanding shelf presence and a more exciting and interesting in-store experience. With the backdrop of an ever increasing battle for share of market and wallet, this session will focus on what is being implemented, where it is likely to land, and the conflicting needs of retailers, shoppers and manufacturers at the point of purchase.

Jean du Rand, Director, JSD Consulting


Afternoon break & refreshments


Case Study: Revolutionising your brand – how Tasti taught an old brand new tricks

To celebrate 80 years of baking, Tasti decided it was time for a change and used the occasion for a bold brand re-launch. This session will focus on how Tasti successfully re-launched this iconic kiwi brand through its new logo, new website and funky new packaging, all in one go.

Adrian Cook, Marketing Director, Tasti Products


Case Study: Getting creative with shopper interruption strategies

Hellers were facing a number of challenges to their leadership position with competitors stealing market share and mimicking their look. Dow Design’s case study will show you how to regain leadership through shopper disruption.

Donna McCort, Creative Director, Dow Design
Andrew Sparrow, Senior Designer, Dow Design


Case Study: Packaging - the most valuable billboard you could ever have

• Utilising packaging and design as a marketing vehicle to effectively deliver the brand message
• How Dollop effectively linked its brand, packaging, products and business story to create the ultimate appeal
• Phenomenal results: how 135% volume growth and 154% revenue growth were achieved in one year

Christie McCarthy, Director, Dollop Foods


Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference


2013 FMCG Workshop

How to implement digital marketing within six months

21 March, 2013  •  9am -  5pm  |  Stamford Plaza, Auckland


Digital marketing has forever changed the marketing landscape; impacting both customer behaviour as well as changing fundamental marketing strategies.

This one day, in-depth training session will develop your understanding of the role of digital marketing within your FMCG marketing strategy, and its potential to change the way your customers view and work with your brand.


Learn how to

  • Plan and implement Digital Marketing in your organisation
  • Build and engage a social media community
  • Capture leads and convert to sales
  • Analyse results and ROI


Course Contents

  • Digital marketing
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand reputation and customer retention
  • Lead generation and conversion
  • Lower cost per lead with digital marketing
  • Digital marketing costs
  • In-house team or outsource?
  • Digital marketing return on investment
  • Digital marketing ideas
  • Social media strategy and policies
  • The Plan
    • Building your team
    • Month 1 – Set up you strategy, team, website and blog
    • Month 2 – Attract visitors with great content
    • Month 3 – Get found on the search engines
    • Month 4 – Build and engage a social media community
    • Month 5 – Capture leads and convert to sales
    • Month 6 – Analyse results and ROI
  • Next steps


Suzanne Kendrick, Online Marketing and Lead Generation, The Connector

Suzanne Kendrick is The Connector. She provides outsourced, online lead generation, sales, and marketing services. The Connector looks after your online marketing so you can focus on your core business.


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