The Innovation Management Process

By Kevin Smit

I was reading idealog recently and it was talking about the recent trip to the US by 25 Kiwi business leaders and I thought it was worth sharing. The main focus of the trip was to explore how to design the innovation process better – for both employees and clients.

Amidst all of the 12 cutting-edge companies, including Facebook, Apple and Google, they visited it was interesting that Phillip Mills key takeaway came from the Stanford University Design School.

Certainly it seems that the need for 21st century mind-sets and protocols has sparked unprecedented interest in “design thinking”, a human-centered, prototype-powered and foresight-driven process that generates new ideas for business models and strategies.

Design Thinking is a great model and something well worth exploring for developing innovative business in New Zealand context. Present models of business processing are in many ways ‘static’, not allowing for creative thinking and moving business models forward as models of engagement in finding new ways of solving complex business problems.

Case in point – the present economic crises. The same financial models are still being applied to a business landscape that has dramatically changed. The days of administering a business based on “proven ways of doing business” must make way for a more integrated, collaborative design model of being able to unleash both innovation and creativity through processes of collaborative crowd sourcing that taps in to the creative power of business employees as well as the power of external social enterprise.

I am looking forward to Idris Mootee the CEO and President of Idea Couture joining us in New Zealand in March to hold a workshop on strategic innovation and applied design thinking. Idris regularly lectures at Harvard and has extensive experience. Prior to co-founding Idea Couture, Idris was Global Chief Strategist of Blast Radius (WPP), Global Head of Strategy for Organic (Omnicom), Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Live Lowe and Partners (Interpublic), Chief Strategist with CBIZ e-solutions (CBIZ) and a consultant with McKinsey & Co.

Have you explored the potential of design thinking within your organisation?

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