Are you in my tribe?

We are all buying in tribes now apparently. We also want to know who’s in our tribe.

I’ve been reading a number of marketing books lately and have thoroughly enjoyed two in particular. Tribes – we need you by Seth Godin is a great little read. He argues persuasively that whilst tribes have always been part of the basic human instinct, now more than ever tribes are an instinctual part of our purchasing decisions. We not only want to know what we’re getting but who we’re getting it with. This is particularly resonant with services industries such as our own. Our customers want to know who else will be attending that event they are interested in, because there is greater intrinsic value if the right people are there. This has got us thinking about just how closer we can bring this phenomenon into the heart of what we do and how we present the benefits of our events. Social media is certainly a powerful ingredient.

The other book I’ve enjoyed is Zag – the number one strategy of high performance brands by Marty Neumeier. This book is designed as a 2 hour read. And it packs some succinct, powerful messages. Marty advocates Zagging, instead of Zigging with the rest of your competitors. Find the white space in the marketspace. He links the tribal messages of Seth Godin superbly in Rule #7 of his top tips for business: Find a parade and get in front of it. Knowing as we do, that people prefer to buy in tribes, and that tribes are forming all the time, he advocates finding a new tribe (parade) as it is forming and get in front it. Be the leader and not the follower – because follow the leader is a game for kids.

We’ll be looking at many forward-thinking marketing concepts and experts as we form ideas for a great marketing event later in the year. We’ll keep you posted.


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