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We are NZ's largest conference & training company.

Our Conferenz brand conferences provide neutral arenas for sharing of relevant, topical and timely business information.

Our Bright*Star brand training courses provide your staff with high level, skill-based training, helping you to develop world class performance and best practice.

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Conferenz Conferences

We create conferences designed to be neutral arenas that provide relevant, topical and timely business information and knowledge to specific target markets.

Quality information you need, when you need it, from experts in the market. Each year we originate, research and host 100 of NZ's most well-regarded business conferences and summits.

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Bright*Star Training

We provide your staff with high level, skill-based training to help your organisation develop world class performance, using best practice methodologies.

We have NZ's widest range of management and technical training. We offer a comprehensive calendar of public and in-house courses.

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In-house Training

With in-house training, you choose the timing and location of the course, and can customise the course content to meet your organisation's own training needs.

In-house ensures that only your team are present at the course, ensuring privacy which facilitates open and frank discussions. All of our public courses may be run as in-house.

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